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Grimlock is a Dinobot and former Decepticon prisoner in Transformers: Robots in Disguise. He was one Alchemor's inmates, but when he helped Bumblebee, Strongarm and Sideswipe to stop the Underbite he became a member of the Bumblebee's team. Later when he took Underbite's Stasis Cell to Steeljaw and he free Minitron's management Fixit changed his Decepticon mark to Autobot mark. He won battles against Hammerstrike, Bisk, Terrashock, Octopunch, Groundpounder, Scowl and one eyeless Decepticon.


Grimlock is shown to be jovial, mature, friendly, and likes to break things or use violence as a way of getting things across, which gender does not matter in a punching situation for him. He stated in episode True Colors, that he is "not a bad guy", something which is genuine due to his good-hearted nature. However, he is still shown to be easily angered on some occasions.

Despite his aggressive side, Grimlock is very helpful and a real appealing Dinobot. He likes to hang out with his friends, show off his fighting skills and mostly punch bad guys. His preferred method of attack is charging in and beating the lugnuts out of his enemies.


  • Bumblebee's Team - Allies
  • Rescue Bot Recruits - Allies
  • Scowl - Friend turned enemy.
  • Steeljaw's Pack - Enemies
  • Simacore - Archenemy
  • Stunticons - Enemies
  • Cyclonus' armada - Enemies
  • Sludge - Friend
  • Snarl - Friend
  • Slash - Friend


  • How Grimlock incarcerated in Alchemor later revealed to be severe property damage due to his hobby in smashing some stuff, in which the said crime record can be compared with Scowl's. Unlike Scowl however, whom have no compunction in harming innocent lives during his rampage, Grimlock has learned that smashing some stuff is not always good (especially if it would against rules or the other's consent) and would try to avoid harming innocent people when dealing his enemies, which he also surprisingly capable as much as when he destroys things.


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