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Grover Underwood is one of the main characters in Rick Riordan's series novel Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Chris Columbus film adaption Percy Jackson and the Olympions: the Lightning Thief and it's sequel Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. He is Percy Jackson's best friend and guardian. He also served as protector to Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace and Luke Castellan when taking them to Camp Half-Blood.

In the film adaptions, he is portrayed by Brandon T. Jackson and Bjorn Yearwood young. George Salazar and Jorrel Javier portrayed the character Off-Broadway and the National Tour.


Grover is a satyr as well as Percy's best friend. He is the Searcher sent to Yancy Academy to keep an eye on Percy. He leads Percy to Camp Half-Blood and joins him on each book's quest (except the second, where the object is to rescue him). His dream is to find the lost god of the wild, Pan. Grover later joined Camp Half-Blood, and was assigned to find demigods and bring them safely to the camp.


Early Life

Grover's life before finding Annabeth, Luke and Thalia is unknown, but he is son of unnamed Satyrs, and is the nephew of Ferdinand Underwood. Since Grover recognizes his uncle in The Lightning Thief, it can be assumed that he knew and met his uncle in his youth before Ferdinand was turned into stone by Medusa.

Thalia's "Death"

Grover came across Annabeth Chase, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace, and tried to get them safely to Camp Half-Blood. The group were forced to avoid Hades' forces, as the God of the Dead learned that a child of Zeus' was born, and sent his monsters after Thalia. While trying to get them to safety, Grover led them into danger with a Cyclops, and Grover stated that it was his fault for taking them into wrong turns. However, Thalia later told Percy that Luke was the reason, as he kept looking to fight monsters, as he mad with his father, Hermes.

As they were making it to the camp, Thalia stayed behind to fight the monsters, and told the others to get there. Grover did as he was told, and Thalia was at the brink of death, but was saved by her father, taking pity on his child, and turned her into a tree. The group didn't know of this, however, and Grover felt guilt for years over his failure to protect Thalia.

Finding Percy

Five years after the incident, Grover was assigned to Yancy Academy and met Percy Jackson, whom Grover realized was a demigod. Grover eventually called in Chiron, and he took the form of Percy's Latin teacher to protect him from monsters. During this time, Grover befriended Percy, and the two consider each other best friends, but Percy was oblivious to the fact that the former was his guardian.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Heroes of Olympus

The Trials of Apollo



  • Due to being a satyr, Grover matures and grows half as fast as a human which is why he has the appearance of a teenager but is in fact in his late twenties to early thirties.
  • Grover has found and was assigned to protect all known Greek half-blood children of the Big Three - Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson, and Bianca and Nico di Angelo.
  • Grover has many fears, as he is afraid underground places and Cyclopes, leporiphobia (fear of rabbits), and is terrified of Dionysus, Juniper's anger, and ghosts.
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