It's been about 5000 years since humans left Earth. We struggled to maintain galactic peace.
~ Groye during the intro of Season 4

Groye known as Groye-Pavionalon (when he fuses with Pavionalon), is the overall main protagonist of Void Viper's Alternate Future of Europe. He was originally a nation who declared independence from Poland, but ended up being the nation every one needs. He is also second in command of The Spaceship Group.



He started up declaring independence from Poland in the late 2010's. Until Casetaira arrived, he had been relative stabile, but was almost killed by Casetaira. 

Space Colonization

After the Casetairan invasion, he and his friends had escaped from Earth and into space. When the second generation of humans arrived, he and his friends helped them against enemies such as Casetaira, Denletion, and ZOM. When they got trapped on Neterra, he did not give up, and helped the others escape. 


After they escaped, they were confronted with Xiphos, the president of Rijtella. He told Groye he wanted to save the world by destroying it. Groye tried to stop him, but failed, and was killed along with 99,9 percent of the Galaxy.


  • He have loved flowers ever since he found one in space
  • While he is presumed to have died when Xiphos destroyed the Galaxy, he may be alive, due to him being seen in Void Viper's Alternate Future of the Three Worlds, a follow-up to Void Viper's Three series, Alternate Future of Europe, Alternate Future of the World, and Alternate Future of Asia.
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