Grundo 2

A Grundo

Grundo is an alien-like Neopet and an extraterrestial pet who appeared on Neopets. The Grundos are turned into slave mutants by the evil Dr. Frank Sloth, but they were saved by Space Faerie and appeared on Neopia.

In the game Gormball, a mutant Grundo named Gargarox is a chef Grundo who used a Gormball ball.

The Grundos can be found on a Spatial Station on Neopets, they can be male or female, and the player can also adopt a Grundo and give a name to these extraterrestrial creatures.

In a Gormball game, a blue Grundo named Zangrold wears glasses.

The Grundos are raised by Space Faerie who protects them from Dr. Frank Sloth, who plots to turn these creatures into Mutants for evil purposes.

The Grundos appear in the Space Station, adopt a Grundo, depending of the player choice, the Grundos are portrayed as the cutest creatures on Neopia.

All plushie versions of these creatures appear in McDonald's, Burger King and in certain stores with the Keyquest game conceining the codes.

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