You said it yourself, bitch! We're the Guardians of the Galaxy!
~ Star-Lord before defeating Ronan the Accuser.
You're right. We're family. We leave no one behind. Except maybe you.
~ Drax to Neubla.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is a band of intergalactic former outlaws and heroes who have teamed together to protect the Galaxy from catastrophic threats. They managed to save the planet of Xandar from the Kree warlord Ronan and have been recognized under the Nova Empire.

They are the eponymous titular main protagonists of Guardians of the Galaxy film series and the deuteragonists of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.


Guardians of the Galaxy

When Peter Quill, known as Star-Lord stole the Orb, Ronan the Accuser's Sakaarans forced hunted for the Ravager. He used the Milano to escape. Yondu Udonta and the Ravagers went to Morag after the Orb but discovered Quill's treachery and set a bounty on him.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, Thanos, The Mad Titan, his lieutenant The Other, and his daughter Nebula met with Ronan the Accuser. Ronan argued with the Other about the Orb, then killed him with his hammer and sent Gamora to retrieve it. On Xandar, Quill tried to sell the Orb to a Xandarian Barterer but he refused after hearing of Ronan. Gamora then launched a sneak attack on Quill but was intercepted by bounty hunters Rocket Raccoon and Groot. The Nova Corps then arrested them.

The group was sentenced to Kyln Prison Facility where Gamora was endangered by inmates whose families were victims of Ronan. As they tried to kill Gamora, Drax the Destroyer stopped them, scaring the other prisoners away. Drax desired to kill Gamora himself for the death of his family. Quill convinced Drax that by letting Gamora live he would get the chance to exact his vengeance on Ronan as Gamora reveals she had betrayed him. Rocket plotted an escape plan, but Groot initiated it earlier than planned. They were forced to use a makeshift plan to escape from the Kyln with the Orb. They managed to do so successfully.

After their escape, Gamora realized that the Collector knew something about the Orb. So the group traveled to Knowhere, a city inside the severed head of a Celestial. In the city, the Collector said the Orb was one of the Infinity Stones, capable of destroying worlds. The Collector's distraught servant unleashed a blast from the Orb destroying the Collector's Museum. Ronan's forced invade Knowhere thanks to Drax sending a message challenging Ronan. Nebula went after Gamora escaping in an industrial pod with the orb. Rocket and Star-Lord gave chase but Gamora was blown into space and lost the orb to Nebula.

Quill sent his coordinates to Yondu Udonta and gave Gamora his helmet until they were saved by the Ravagers. Quill promised the Orb to Yondu if they would help kill Ronan. As the group was reunited, Quill encouraged the group to join him saving Xandar from extinction. The team and the Ravagers planed an ambush on the Kree and the Dark Aster.

The Ravagers were outnumbered by the Kree until the Nova Corps helped to build a force field to contain the Dark Aster. Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and Groot infiltrated the Dark Aster and fought through the Sakaarans soldiers, killing Korath the Pursuer in the process. Nebula dueled Gamora but was thrown off the ship; she hijacks a Ravager's ship and escaped. The group arrived and attacked Ronan the Accuser with the Hadron Enforcer; he was unphased, however, and easily overpowered the group until Rocket Raccoon crashed into the ship. As the ship crash landed, Groot sacrificed himself to shield the team.

Ronan raised and mocked them calling them failed guardians. Rocket rebuilt the cannon while Quill distracted Ronan allowing Rocket and Drax to destroy the hammer. Quill grabbed the Orb causing a cosmic storm. Before its power could kill him the others joined hands with him allowing Quill to withstand its power and blasted Ronan killing him and declaring themselves "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Quill gave Yondu a fake Orb container and gave the real one to the Nova Corps. With their slates cleaned, Nova Corps gave them a rebuilt Milano and told Quill he was only half-human and his other ethnicity was currently unknown. A twig retrieved by Rocket began to grow into a new Groot and the Guardians left Xandar.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The Guardians then argued with Rocket about his actions as they tried to evade the attacks. To make it to the nearest Jump Point to escape, the Guardians then flew through a Quantum Asteroid Field, where Peter Quill and Rocket argued over who was the better pilot. However, this petty rivalry caused the Milano to take serious damage, disabling their weapons. Drax went to take care of the remaining Omnicraft from outside the ship, as the Guardians got closer to the jump point.

However, after destroying the last drone and clearing the asteroid field, the Guardians found themselves surrounded by hundreds of Omnicrafts. The Milano proceeded to take even more damage by the Omnicrafts, and were going to be destroyed, when out of nowhere, all the Omnicrafts blew up. As they headed towards the jump point, Rocket noticed mysterious figure on another spacecraft.

The Guardians flew through the jump point, arriving at the planet Berhert, but due to the damage the Milano took, they crash-landed. The Guardians then argued over Rocket Raccoon's actions and fight with Peter Quill, which caused the Milano to now be destroyed.

Rocket informed them of how they were saved by a man on a ship, when suddenly the very ship that saved them, landed on the planet, causing the Guardians to stop their fighting and be prepared for any unknown danger that could arise. When two figures stepped out of the ship, one of them introduced themselves as Ego, and revealed himself to be Quill's father, much to their surprise.

Ego informed Quill of how he hired Yondu Udonta to deliver him from Earth, which Quill filled in that Udonta kept him to help with his thieving. Ego told him that he had been searching for him ever since, and was able to find them due to the reputation of "Star-Lord. Ego then invited the Guardians to accompany him to his planet, where he could explain Quill's heritage to him. Quill discussed Ego with Gamora, not believing he was telling the truth, but she convinced him to give him a chance.

The next day, Peter Quill, Gamora and Drax decided to go with Ego while Rocket Raccoon and Groot stayed on Berhert to fix the "Milano", and watch Nebula. The departing Guardians said their goodbyes and boarded Ego's Ship to visit his planet.

During the flight to Ego's Planet, the Guardians got to know Mantis, learning about her powers, which she used on the Guardians, reading their emotions. When they arrived at the planet, Ego explained to them that he was a Celestial and also the planet, in which he created. Ego then spent time with Quill, telling him of his origins and abilities, which Quill also possessed, while Drax bonded with Mantis.

Meanwhile, Udonta and his Ravager clan arrived at Berhert to capture the Guardians and to hand them over the Sovereign. However, Rocket had prepared for any threats that may come after them and ambushed the Ravagers with multiple traps. However, Rocket soon found himself surrounded by the Ravagers, defeated. When Groot freed Nebula, she helped the Ravagers capture the two Guardians, along with Udonta, who they turned against.

Rocket and Groot were brought onto the Eclector, where the Ravagers planned on handing them over to Ayesha, as well as Udonta to the Kree. While Rocket and Udonta were locked up, they devised an escape plan, being assisted by Groot, as well as Kraglin Obfonteri, who decided to help them. As Rocket, Groot and Udonta made their escape, they decided to kill every Ravager that betrayed Udonta as well as destroy the Eclector, escaping in the Quadrant, where they headed for Ego's Planet.

Back on Ego's Planet, Nebula arrived to kill Gamora, but they resolved their issues and discovered thousands of skeletons in a cave. Mantis revealed to the Guardians that the skeletons were Ego's children, causing them to plan to escape from the planet. Meanwhile, Ego revealed to Quill his true purpose was to be the universe, but Quill turned against him when he revealed he killed Meredith Quill. The Guardians were reunited with Rocket, Groot and Udonta as they saved Quill from Ego, who was executing his plan.

The reunited Guardians all boarded the Laser Drill, where Peter Quill informed them that to kill Ego, they had to go to his core and destroy it. They then flew below the planet's surface, where Rocket Raccoon noted that they could raise their prices if they've saved the galaxy twice.

When the Guardians reached the core, they began to drill into it, but were interrupted when the Sovereign fleet arrived, attacking them. Trying to evade the Sovereign's barrage, Gamora, Drax and Mantis fell out of the ship, landing on the ground. Due to the lasers being disabled, Rocket crafted a bomb out of the Anulax Batteries, and he, Quill and Groot headed towards the core to destroy it.

Back on the ground, to help keep Ego at bay, Drax motivated Mantis to use her abilities to put the Celestial to sleep. Mantis was able to hold Ego back, but it would not be permanent due to his strength. Meanwhile, Rocket was attempting to instruct Groot how to correctly plant the bomb, with much frustration. To help Rocket, Quill asked each Guardian if they had tape, but Groot had run away with the bomb.

Yondu Udonta and Nebula were able to destroy all Omnicrafts, but it resulted in their ship to be destroyed as well. With all the Guardians on the ground, absent of Groot, they then made a plan to escape off the planet before it would be blown up by the bomb. After Drax took an unconscious Mantis to the surface, Gamora and Nebula were separated from Quill, Rocket and Udonta, who battled the awakened Ego.

The Guardians all then attempted to make their way to the surface, where Kraglin Obfonteri was waiting for them in the Quadrant. However, all the Guardians were incapacitated by Ego, allowing him to continue using Quill to achieve his goal. But, Quill was able to break free from Ego, freeing the other Guardians, and proceeded to fight him with his Celestial powers. While Quill kept Ego distracted, Groot successfully activated the bomb and regrouped with Rocket, as the other Guardians boarded the Quadrant to escape.

When Rocket and Groot returned to the Quadrant, the other Guardians discovered that Quill was still on the planet, but Rocket stopped Gamora from saving him, having already left Udonta down there. When the bomb exploded, Ego was killed, causing the planet to disintegrate. Quill was saved by Udonta, who sacrificed himself, giving his son the last Space Suit.

The Guardians retrieved Peter Quill with Yondu Udonta's lifeless body from space and brought them onboard. The Guardians then held a funeral for Udonta where Quill gave a eulogy. After the funeral, Nebula departed from the Guardians.

When they cremated the body, the Guardians witnessed the Ravagers arrive to give Udonta a Ravager Funeral. As the Guardians watched, they each had deep conversations: Rocket Raccoon reflecting upon himself, Gamora accepting her feelings for Peter Quill, and Drax admitting to Mantis' beauty. After the recent battle, Mantis permanently joined the Guardians, while Kraglin Obfonteri stayed onboard temporarily.

Avengers: Infinity War

Four years later, the Guardians decided to respond to a distress call, although the team's intentions for doing so were mixed. As they traveled to the location of the distress call, they listened to "The Rubberband Man" and discussed why the reason why they were helping.

When they arrived, the Guardians were greeted by the shocking aftermath of a massacre that had occurred. After discovering Thor to still be alive, the Guardians brought him onboard, discussing the Asgardian amongst themselves. When Mantis woke up Thor, he explained to the Guardians that Thanos had destroyed his ship and killed his people. Gamora then told the group about Thanos' mission to bring balance to the universe.

When Thor attempted to take their space pod, he informed the Guardians that Thanos was heading to Knowhere to collect the Reality Stone, as he already obtained the Power and Space Stone. Thor stated that he was going to go to Nidavellir to create a weapon to kill Thanos. The Guardians decided to split up, with Rocket Raccoon and Groot joining Thor as Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax and Mantis raced to Knowhere to stop Thanos from retrieving the Reality Stone.

When the Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax and Mantis arrived on Knowhere, and entered the Collector's Museum, they found Thanos interrogating the Collector, asking the whereabouts of the Reality Stone. Angered over the deaths of his wife and daughter, Drax went to attack, but was put to sleep by Mantis.

However, the sound alerted Thanos of their presence, so the Guardians hid as Star-Lord created a plan of attack. Gamora decided to act and ambushed her father, managing to kill him, much to the other Guardians' surprise. However, Thanos revealed that it was all just an illusion, having already obtained the Reality Stone, and decided to trick the Guardians. Thanos then captured Gamora and incapacitated Drax and Mantis with the Reality Stone.

Star-Lord then threatened Thanos to release Gamora, but she reminded him of the promise to kill her if Thanos was able to capture her. Although reluctant to do so, Star-Lord shot at Gamora, but Thanos turned the blaster into bubbles. Having obtained the Reality Stone and Gamora, Thanos teleported away, leaving the Guardians defeated. While they sat in the Benatar, the Guardians received several messages from Nebula informing them to go to Titan, where Thanos would be going with Gamora.

Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon flew Groot and Thor to Nidavellir, as the Asgardian explained its history. After having a deep conversation with Thor and providing him with a prosthetic eye, the three arrived at Nidavellir. However, upon their arrival, they discovered that the star forge had gone out.

As the three explored the place, they were suddenly attacked by Eitri until he recognized Thor. Eitri then explained how Thanos killed all the Dwarves and cut off his hands after forcing him to forge the Infinity Gauntlet. Thor was able to convince Eitri to help them forge the weapon, which was revealed to be Asgard's greatest weapon. However, to do so, they were required to restart the forge.

Rocket piloted the space pod and flew Thor out to the mechanism, where they were able to reignite the star. After Thor held open the iris doors, in which he was nearly killed by the power, they were able to forge Stormbreaker. Unfortunately, the handle was misplaced, so Groot used his arm as a customized handle. With Stormbreaker completed, Thor was revived and they proceeded to go fight Thanos.

Star-Lord, Drax and Mantis arrived on Titan to rescue Gamora from Thanos, where they infiltrated the Q-Ship that had just landed. Believing Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man to be working with Thanos, they ambushed them, resulted in a heated fight. Star-Lord demanded to know where Gamora was, but they discovered that the other party was also enemies of Thanos and they decided to work together.

Exiting the ship, Iron Man began to create a plan but became annoyed by the unprofessional attitudes of the Guardians. As the two leaders bickered, Mantis alerted them of Doctor Strange, who was using the Time Stone, which he revealed that he looked into fourteen million, six hundred and five possible timelines, only seeing one in which they win. After they formulated a plan, they all got into position and waited for Thanos to ambush him.

When Thanos arrived, after talking to Doctor Strange, the Guardians and the Avengers attacked the Mad Titan. An intense battle then proceeded, where Thanos proved himself too strong for the heroes, as he easily overwhelmed them with the Infinity Stones he had already obtained. Nebula soon joined the battle, and with their combined efforts, they were able to restrain Thanos, trying to steal the Infinity Gauntlet.

Although seeming victorious, with the gauntlet almost removed, Mantis' hold on Thanos was disrupted when Star-Lord learned that he had killed Gamora, attacking the Mad Titan. Now free, Thanos fought back, throwing Mantis and using the Soul Stone to remove the other Guardians' souls from their bodies. Thanos then threw a moon at the heroes, so Spider-Man saved the unconscious Guardians as they fell.

When Mantis and Spider-Man got to safety, Doctor Strange informed them of the other Guardians' status, telling Mantis that she needs to save them. As the fight with Thanos continued, Mantis was able to restore the Drax, Star-Lord and Nebula's souls to their bodies. When the Guardians attempted to rejoin the battle, Thanos had received what he came for and teleported to Earth to obtain the Mind Stone. The Guardians and the Avengers were then left on Titan, defeated.

Wanting to face down Thanos, Thor summoned the Bifrost Bridge to transport him, Rocket Raccoon and Groot to Wakanda, joining the ongoing battle. Rocket and Groot helped fight off hordes of Outriders, until Thanos arrived seeking the Mind Stone, and effortlessly defeated them.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Wakanda, Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet and snapped his fingers, initiating his genocide. As a result of the Snap, Mantis, Drax, Star-Lord and Groot were killed, leaving Rocket Raccoon and Nebula as the only Guardians to survive.

Avengers: Endgame

Three weeks later after the blip, Rocket was reunited with Nebula, and the two mourned over the loss of the other Guardians. When the two located Thanos, they, along with the Avengers and Captain Marvel, decided to ambush Thanos, using the Benatar to travel to the Garden. However, when they confronted Thanos, they discovered that he had destroyed the Infinity Stones, forcing them to accept the devastating loss brought on by the Mad Titan. With everyone they loved gone, Rocket and Nebula decided to join the Avengers, led by Natasha Romanoff, although still operating in space.

Five years later, the Avengers were able to steal the Infinity Stones from the past and used them to bring back the half of the universe that perished in the Snap. The resurrected Guardians found themselves on Titan, where Doctor Strange used an Inter-Dimensional Portal to transport them to Earth to help fight Thanos and his army.

The Guardians were all reunited on the battlefield as they joined the epic lineup of heroes led by Captain America, and proceeded to charge at Thanos' entire army. During the battle, Star-Lord encountered Gamora, who had traveled from 2014. Confused by her presence, Star-Lord went to reunite with her, only to be kicked to the ground by Gamora, having never met him before. Nebula joined them, informing her sister that Star-Lord was with who she had a romantic relationship. Thanos' army was eventually defeated when Iron Man used the Infinity Stones to snap them out of existence, sacrificing his own life. To honor the fallen hero, the Guardians joined everyone else in kneeling before him.

After the Battle of Earth and the victory over Thanos and his army, the Guardians mourned and attended Tony Stark's funeral. After the service, the Guardians decided to depart from Earth to continue their lives, also letting Thor join them as he searched for a path.

The Guardians flew to New Asgard and began their search for 2014 Gamora while waiting to pick up Thor. When Thor boarded the Benatar, he dubbed them the "Asgardians of the Galaxy" and asked about their next destination. Peter Quill and Thor then began to argue about who was the leader, with Thor subtly challenging Quill's role. The other Guardians suggested that they fight for the role, but they both shut the idea down, leaving the role of leader unknown.

Thor: Love and Thunder


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3



  • Star-Lord


  • Gamora †
  • Rocket Raccoon
  • Groot
  • Drax the Destroyer
  • Mantis
  • Nebula
  • Thor
  • Yondu Udonta †



  • Nova Corps
    • Irani Rael
    • Rhomann Dey
    • Garthan Saal †
  • The Collector
  • Avengers
    • Iron Man †
    • Captain America
    • Hawkeye
    • Hulk
    • Black Widow †
    • Vision †
    • Captain Marvel
    • Spider-Man
    • Ant-Man
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    • Scarlet Witch
  • Doctor Strange
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  • Black Panther
  • Shuri
  • M'Baku
  • Wong
  • Pepper Potts
  • Bucky Barnes
  • Valkyrie
  • Korg
  • Miek
  • Howard the Duck


  • Kree Empire
    • Ronan the Accuser †
    • Korath the Pursuer †
  • Sakaarans
  • Sovereign
    • Ayesha
    • Zylak
  • Ego the Living Planet
  • Thanos
  • Outriders
  • Black Order
    • Ebony Maw †
    • Cull Obsidian †
    • Proxima Midnight †
    • Corvus Glaive †
  • Chitauri
    • Leviathans
    • Chitauri Gorillas


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