The Guiding Hand are a Chinese secret society of Buddhist monks fighting the Chi War in the martial arts / cyberpunk / fantasy setting of the Feng Shui roleplaying game.


The Guiding Hand is a secret society that was established in 1810 by a group of Buddhist monks who had foreseen the degradation of China and therefore made the decision to fight to reverse what the future would bring. Their goal is to restore China to its greatness.

They attempted to inculcate men and women in China from all walks of life with the spiritual strength to resist the Europeans. Through them they waged a covert war against the colonial powers, started diplomatic initiatives, and put pressure on the Emperor. Unfortunately they were getting nowhere.

Chi War

It was under the new leadership of Perfect Master Quan Lo that things began to change. They investigated the Feng Shui locations and in the process learned about the Ascended, the Netherworld, and the future of Earth. Not liking what they discovered they now fight to change the future and replace it with an orderly world in which respect for elders and the virtues of scholars dominate, a world of self-restraint and wisdom.

They began to develop a multi-generational structure, recruiting from those families that in the future would become important (business, government, etc). One of their objectives is to remove all trace of Western influence, both in the 20th century and in the past. They are against personal pleasure and independent thinking, uncompromising moralists to the bone.

Guiding Hand (Feng Shui 2, Core Rulebook)

Guiding Hand (Feng Shui 2, Core Rulebook)

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