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It's bad luck to choose from one to four!
~ Guido Mista

Guido Mista is a major and core ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

He is a member of Passione and by extension Bucciarati's team, who follows Giorno and Bucciarati in their mission to bodyguard Trish Una. He is a gunslinger and Stand User who shoots down his opponents with the help of his Sex Pistols.

In the video game of Ultra Jump, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, he was voiced by Kenji Akabane, in the video game of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo, he was voiced by Kentarō Itō, and in the anime series, he was voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi in the Japanese version, and by Sean Chiplock in the English version.



In his early childhood, one of Mista's neighbors adopted a kitten out of four and later learned that kitten clawed one of the said neighbor's eyes out. This resulted in Mista's tetraphobia or fear of the number 4. In his teenage years, Mista had been living on his own. He enjoyed a carefree life despite living in poverty most of the time. He enjoyed sleeping, gazing at the sunset and sunrise as well as trees or passing clouds, and the taste of wine and cheeses. When he saw pretty girls he would greet them warmly regardless of rejection, and since he had no money he would stay by the movie theater and beat up passersby that insulted Clint Eastwood for their money. Occasionally, he would get caught by police officers and spend nights at the police station. Nonetheless, Mista generally enjoyed a pleasant life.

One night, when he was 17 years old, he was walking along and saw a man beating up a woman in a car. It didn't appear to be a simple robbery and the woman was in bad condition, so Mista felt obliged to interfere and took immediate action. He twisted the man's arm and pulled him out of the car, slamming his knee into his chest. The man looked like a normal bum, but there were two of the man's friends in the car as well. The injured man didn't want his friends to see him in such a pathetic state, and so he pulled a gun from his pocket and fired twice, but no matter how close he got to Mista, all of his bullets would miss.

The man began to panic and fired his gun even more rapidly, but still, the bullets missed. In his panic, the two other men took out their guns and shot at Mista as well. Yet again, the teenager was not hit once, even surprised at his own calm focus while being shot at. It was at this moment that Mista somehow became aware of his unique ability. Amongst the gunfire, Mista casually picked up one of the men's guns, slowly picked up the bullets, and reloaded it. Then, with the attitude of a skilled sharpshooter, he shot all three of the men in the face with perfect accuracy using four shots.

Mista was captured by the police and given a sentence of fifteen to thirty years in prison. Though he nearly lost his life and only killed the men in self-defense, no one believed that he could pick up and reload a gun during a crossfire without getting injured, not to mention his reloading the gun showed his intention to kill the men. Mista, who had embraced life, began to wonder whether he would really spend thirty years of his youth in jail. However, the news of Mista's incident caught Bruno Bucciarati's attention. He believed that Mista had a strong spirit and a proficiency with guns, but knew Mista would not last two years in prison. Using the gang's influence to change Mista's verdict, Bucciarati had Mista take Polpo's Arrow test, and he passed, being granted a Stand fit for a gunman like him, Sex Pistols!!.

Investigating Scolippi

On the day Bruno and Giorno met, Mista and the rest of the gang are visited in a restaurant by a florist who begs Bruno to kill a sculptor who allegedly killed his daughter. Moved, Bruno tasks Mista with investigating the case. However, at the same time, Mista begins to notice a strange rock stalking him. Having no concrete proof, Mista stays silent about the rock and heads to the sculptor's apartment.

In the lift, Mista meets with the sculptor, named Scolippi, and proceeds to brutally interrogate him about the rock. Scolippi explains that the rock is his Stand, Rolling Stones, which stalks a target fated to die soon to grant them a premature, but peaceful death. The target is revealed to be Bruno, prompting Mista to desperately try to keep it away from the latter. When Scolippi explains that one possible hope would be breaking the rock, Mista devotes himself toward that objective, going as far as throwing himself from the 6th floor to break Rolling Stones. Although the Stand stops chasing after Bruno, it still takes the form of Bruno and reveals the forms of Narancia and Abbacchio.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Mista's first appearance in the part was with Team Bucciarati where he ranted about how his cheesecake was served as 4 slices. This problem was solved by Abbachio taking the fourth slice. Mista joined most of the team as they commented on Giorno's introduction up until he drank urine. After Giorno succeeded his initiation, the team decided to go and find Polpo's treasure due to the owner's death. On their way, Mista was attacked by an enemy stand and was incapacitated until the stand user, a man named Mario Zucchero was defeated. After kicking the man's body, Mista decided to torture Zucchero even more by hooking the man's eyelid to a fish hook and hanging him in the sun with convex glasses. He then joins Narrancia's dance as Zucchero is tortured.

Mista's first fight took place while he was hunting down Zucchero's partner, a man named Sale. Mista followed his target up until he boarded a truck. After several seemingly ineffective shots, Sale reveals that his stand is able to remove and apply kinetic energy which allowed him to stop bullets from piercing important organs. Even after kicking Sale off the truck, Mista was later taken down by a redirected bullet. Before he was shot one last time, Mista decided to shoot a bullet which his stand sliced in half, confusing Sale and pushing a previous bullet deeper into his brain, knocking him out.

After the team retrieved the treasure, they were tasked in guarding their boss' daughter, a teenage girl named Trish Una. A few days into the task, Narrancia was attacked and their location was compromised, forcing the team to board a locomotive. The team were soon under the effects of an enemy stand except for Mista who was told to lower his body temperature to combat the stand's ability. On his way to find the stand user, Mista was attacked by another assassin. After a brief struggle, he was able to shoot off 2 of the assassin's fingers and was able to apprehend him. Before Mista could gain any information from the assassin, he was ambushed by the stand user and then shot. Luckily the two assassins were defeated and the team along with Mista took another form of transport.

While hiding in a truck, Mista's stand ate a sandwich which belonged to the driver, forcing him to knock the driver out. He was then tasked with finding other means of transport. Some time later, he and Giorno were asked to retrieve an important disk. While driving to the location, they were attacked by another assassin who uses ice as means of attack. Due to the enemy stand's ability, Mista lost a finger and had his eyelids frozen. Despite this he was able to escape the situation by shooting the air, giving enough heat to allow Giorno's stand to punch the car into the river. He then floats to shore and takes on the assassin himself, exploiting a weak spot in his opponent's stand. Unfortunately the assassin creates a barrier out of frozen air, resulting in a bullet being redirected towards Mista's head. Giorno manages to save him just in time and he was later healed in a, suggestive position.

After Bucciarati's fight against Diavolo, Mista was given a choice to join the former in a quest to kill the latter. Mista is among the majority who agree and join. The team later arrive at a restaurant where they accidentally mistaken a civilian for an assassin. Narrancia was subsequently tricked into telling Mista that it was safe to shoot, in a kitchen filled with flammable gas. This results in the team being injured except Narrancia. The team eventually went to an airport where they are followed by a suspicious man. Mista shoots the man without hesitation upon realizing that the man has a stand. This proves to be a mistake when the team was in the air as the stand only activates once its user is dead. Mista was later incapacitated by the stand due to his bullets being faster than everyone else's movement.

Later after Abbachio's death, the team continued their travel on boat only to find that the city they arrive in was under the effects of a stand ability. Mista was able to deduce that the stand could only infect those who go to lower ground and quickly shoots a gas tank on the boat, launching the entire team upward. He and Giorno were tasked at dealing with the stand user and they were soon able to catch up. Unfortunately most of his stand was ambushed, resulting in him being injured for the rest of the fight. After the enemy stand user was killed off, Mista joins the team on their way to meet with the hacker which is revealed to be Polnareff who was fighting off Diavolo. The Frenchman was forced to stab his own stand with the arrow, causing it to turn into a requiem stand with the ability to switch souls. Mista ended up in Trish's body, much to her dismay. Unfortunately, Mista's body was also inhabited by Diavolo which the team did not discover until Narrancia's death.

The team eventually began chasing down Diavolo with Mista almost catching the arrow. Unfortunately his body was punched straight towards the arrow. Eventually though, Giorno defeats Diavolo and Mista remains as one of the few members of the team who survived. He is later seen in the ending with Giorno and based on Purple Haze Feedback, he was hired as Giorno's third in command


Mista is a teenager of average height and medium build. He wears a uniquely shaped headgear with a diagonal grid pattern and the front shaped like an arrow pointing downward. He is known to keep a lot of things inside his hat, particularly ammunition, as he typically prefers to keep his hands free. Mista's attire consists of a turtleneck crop top cashmere sweater with a design similar to his hat, tiger striped-leather pants that he uses to store his gun, a thick belt, and boots. In his first appearance, the pants lacked the tiger stripes and belt and had a loincloth. Due to the quality of the material, he spends the most money on clothing out of Team Bucciarati.

Mista carries with him a short-barreled revolver essential to his fighting ability. The revolver contains six bullets in the swing-out style cylinder and is used with hollow-point bullets. The revolver is consistently portrayed as being purple across adaptations.

Trish Una has commented that Mista has a significant amount of body hair, including hair on his fingers. She also mentions that he smells hideous.


Sex Pistols are by themselves very weak Stands and rely on the gun bullets they ride to participate in combat. Despite this, they are highly autonomous and have a long-range (going as far as bullets can fly). This allows Mista to control the battlefield and gather information from afar thanks to the Pistols being able to spy on their enemies. If need be, the Pistols can make decisions by themselves whenever the opportunity presents itself, often surprising foes as a result.



  • In Hirohiko Araki's Top Ten Favorite Characters in 2000, Mista ranked as 7th, being the fourth Part 5 character on the list behind Bucciarati, Giorno, and Diavolo.
  • Mista's tetraphobia ties into a cultural belief in much of East Asia, including Japan, that the number four is one of misfortune; this belief originates from the words for "four" and "death" being homophones in the languages of these parts of Asia. This extends even not just to his Stand power, Sex Pistols, which will encourage Mista not to shoot his gun when his cartridge only contains 4 bullets, but actually to the whole arc; as Bruno died on the fourth day of the arc, Abbacchio died when he took the fourth strawberry cake when he first met Giorno, and Narancia dying when there were 4 bullets that fell. Another thing that saved Mista from being shot by Prosciutto was he wasn't shot 4 times, but rather 3.


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