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Gum Art ...a real cool lady who leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever she goes.
~ DJ Professor K describing Gum.

Gum is a main character in the Jet Set Radio franchise who is a member of the GG’s.

She is the deuteragonist of the first Jet Set Radio game and its Gameboy remake Jet Set Radio Advance. She later appeared in the Jet Set Radio sequel, Jet Set Radio Future.

Gum is also a playable character in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, SEGA Heroes, and SEGA Superstars Tennis.

Gum is voiced (English and Japanese) by an unknown voice actress.



Nothing is known about Gum prior to the Jet Set Radio series. However, it is assumed Gun attended a high school in Japan and later dropped out and ran away from home to join the GG’s in Tokyo-To.

At some point Gum develops a talent for spray painting and art. She also must have developed roller skating skills at some point.

Jet Set Radio

In the first installment of Jet Set Radio, Gum is one of the the main characters of the series, and one of the many playable characters. She is introduced at the beginning of the game, as she helps Beat (the player) how to become a graffiti artist in the tutorial. She then proceeds to join Beat and the GG’s after you complete the instructions provided.

Gum is a playable character in most of the levels in this game, and is one of the default players alongside Beat and Tab.

Jet Set Radio Future

In Jet Set Radio Future, Gum is a reoccurring character and appears again still a member of the GG’s. However, she is not a playable character, and helps you play the game.

SEGA Superstars Tennis

In SEGA Superstars Tennis, Gum is one of the twenty playable characters in the game. She is one of the ten characters that can be unlocked in-game by completing the 12 mission in the Jet Set Radio world.

While playing as Gum, you can skate around the court, making her one of the few characters that can not fall over.

When the player plays as Gum, she can send in The Tokyo-To Police Force to take out the opposing team, only if the player hits the ball as Gum. Just like Beat, Gum’s theme music is Let Mom Sleep from the original Jet Set Radio game.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Allstar Gum

Gum going all-star in Sonic Transformed

In this game, Gum is one of the 24 main playable characters. The player can play as Gum after achieving 105 stars in World Tour and purchasing her in Moonlight Park.

Gum’s all-star move acts just like a Blowfish (a weapon in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), but, when activated, drops three broken hearts (this is a reference to Professor K’s description of her in Jet Set Radio Future).

SEGA Heroes

JSR SegaHeroes
Gum is a playable green hero in SEGA Heroes and can be earned by earring 25 green Gum shards in game. Gum can only be played in Beyondering, Arena, Survival, or specific special events.

In the game, Gum and her other allies must come together and stop the evil and oppressive ruler, Dremagen, who threatens to take over her world, along with many others. Because of this, she must team up with familiar faces, including Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi, Selvaria Bles, and even her close enemy, Captain Onishima.

Gum can be spawned by Dremagen as a clone on several occasions.


Gym is an upbeat, cocky, sarcastic and charismatic teenager who has a talent for graffiti art. She is very loyal and will treat her allies and friends with the upmost respect.

On the other hand, Gum is considered to be a fugitive criminal, due to her crimes of repetitive harassment, vandalism, destruction of both public and private property, and reckless endangerment.

On her spare time, Gum likes to hang out with her friends (the GG’s) in their secret hideout. She also enjoys upbeat music and likes to dance. She also enjoys art, vandalism, and roller skating when she gets the chance.



Gum has light brown eyes that are widened and small. For her skin, she is tan down on her upper legs and has a pale face. Her face is round with a pointed chin. Gum has yellow hair that comes out of her bicycle helmet from near her cheeks and top of her head. Gum’s eyebrows are different color than her hair, as they are brown and thin. Her lips are dark tan, and in other games, her lips are dark red. Gum is also approximately five feet, eight inches.


Gum Model

In Jet Set Radio, SEGA Heroes, and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, she wears a knee cut dress

Gum (JSRF)

with Japanese printing translating to her own name (Gum) in English. Her dress is white with a green stripe at the bottom. Underneath her dress, she wears a green striped sweater with dark and light green patterning. Gum also wears white gloves with yellow star prints in the center. She also wears a dark green bicycle helmet with two white muffs on the side with the same star pattern on her gloves. Down her helmet is a white stripe with two yellow spots on each side, left and right.

In Jet Set Radio Future, Gum’s outfit is similar to her original, but it is way more sexually explicit.

In SEGA Superstars Tennis, Gum appears to have the same attire as her original, but her Japanese print on her shirt is missing.


Professor K

Professor K has taken some deep interest in Gum, and considers her one of his favorite members for her cool skills and upbeat personality.

It is unknown what Gum thinks about Professor K.

Captain Onishima

Captain Onishima is the main antagonist of the first Jet Set Radio game, and antagonizes the GG gang and all the other gangs in Tokyo-To. This includes Gum, and if you play as Gum in any of the main levels, Onishima will attack the player and order the police force to attack and spray tear gas at her.


Gum is the first main character the player comes across (while playing as Beat) and has to complete her tutorials.

In the Sega Superstars franchise, Beat and Gum usually appear together, hinting that they have a bond friendship.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In the Sega Superstars franchise, Gum and Sonic can be seen teaming up on certain occasions, mainly noticed in Sega Superstars Tennis and Sega Heroes.


In Sega Superstars Tennis, Gum and Pudding can make a great team, considering how well their All-Stars go together.


Gum Grafitti
That was just a test, next time, I win!
~ Gum when she looses a round
Rock on!
~ Gum when she wins a round
You’re playing with the Jet Set!
~ Gum when she wins a race


  • Strange enough, SEGA never announced the American voice actress for Gum, and it remains a mystery. Other characters, including Beat and Onishima, also have unsolved voice actors.
  • There is fan speculation that Simca from the anime "Air Gear" is based off of Gum.
  • Let Mom Sleep, an in-game song in Jet Set Radio, is presumed to be Gum’s main theme. In the SEGA Superstars games, all theme songs used for Gum‘s theme are all Let Mom Sleep versions.
  • Gum is the first introduced female character (and protagonist) in the Jet Set Radio franchise. She is also the first known female GG’s member in-game.
  • In the SEGA Superstars Tennis game, Gum seems to be missing her Japanese name print on her shirt. This was confirmed an error/misprint in 2013.
  • Gum is the first playable female character in Jet Set Radio.
  • Gum was based off of the stereotypical punk/gangster in Tokyo, Japan (1990’s). This was confirmed by the writer and artist of Jet Set Radio.
  • Gum is not playable in Jet Set Radio Future.
  • Most of Gum’s lines in the SEGA Superstars games were taken from Jet Set Radio Future, not Jet Set Radio. This is ironic because Gum is in her classic outfit in all SEGA Superstars games.


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