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Gum (Sausage Party)
Gum is a supporting protagonist of the adult animated movie Sausage Party. He gives Barry the information needed to kill the "gods" and find a way back to the supermarket. Gum even joins Barry and Frank's revolution and works with Firewater to discover that they're actually cartoon characters, starting off another adventure.


In spite of everything he's gone through (being literally chewed up and spat out, only to spend 20 years stuck under a table until he found himself in the Druggie's house surrounded by half-eaten food), Gum maintained his sanity and become the most intelligent being alive and a survivor. Apparently, how Gum developed into the most intelligent of the protagonists was because he literally stuck around scientists under one of their chairs and indirectly learned many things from them as a result. Not surprisingly, through his newfound knowledge, Gum was able to make his own mechanized wheelchair and glasses, providing the heroes with the means to return to the supermarket and deal with the "Gods", and even inventing his stargate at the end of the film.

Physical appearance

Gum is literally an anthropomorphic paraplegic chewed gum who wore tiny glasses and had a tiny mechanized wheelchair.

Powers and abilities

Gum's defect from being chewed alive and surviving resulted in his body become malleable and him gaining the ability to regenerate and pull himself apart after being destroyed at one point in his past. He then used this power to greater effect by regenerating himself after being shot in the face by Darren.

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