The Current Gundam Meister ( Setsuna F.Seiei , Lockon Stratos/Lyle Dylandy , Tieria Erde, Allelujah Haptism)

Gundam Meister is the group of Gundam Pilots of Celestial Being and the main character of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series. They are chosen by Veda and Celestial Being, and piloting a mobile unit called "Gundam".Once selected and approved by Veda, a Meister is assigned to service under the tactical supervision of their coordinators.

Election the Gundam Meister

Usually, the Meisters are chosen by Veda and the Celestial Being. However, Not all Meisters joined Celestial Being by their own will, some were drafted/forced into the organization for their unique abilities. Some of them have criminal backgrounds, and also there are several non-human Meisters which called Innovades. Breaking the code of a Meister is considered a severe crime and is punishable by death. Meisters like Marlene Vlady and Fon Spaak have special explosive neck bracelets that can kill them instantly if they are deemed a necessary sacrifice.

Current Gundam Meister (Third-Fifth Generation)

Name Real-name Race Status Mobile Unit(s) Note
Setsuna F. Seiei Soran Ebrahim
  • Innovator
  • Innovator-ELS Hybrid (AwotT Epilogue)
  • Gundam Exia (Seasons 1 and 2)
  • 00 Gundam (Season 2 and AWoT)
  • 00 Qan[T] (AWoT)
A Meister who was chosen by Ribbons Almark, Setsuna was once affiliated with the KSPA, a terrorist organization that was responsible for the death of both Lockon's family. He is the world's first purebred Innovator.
Lockon Stratos II Lyle Dylandy Human Active
  • Gundam Dynames (AWoT, briefly)
  • Gundam Cherudim (Season 2)
  • Gundam Zabanya (AWoT)
A Younger twin brother of previous Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) . Formerly a agent of Katharon.
Allelujah Haptism Unknown Super-Soldier Active
  • Gundam Kyrios ( Season 1)
  • Arios Gundam (Season 2)
  • Gundam Harute (AwotT)
Formerly a failed test-subject of Super-human research institute under named Subject E-0057 . Have a murderous-persona named "Hallelujah" . He along with Marie retired become Meister in the end of season 2, but returned in AwotT
Tieria Erde - Innovade Active
  • Gundam Virtue/Gundam Nadleeh ( Season 1)
  • Seravee Gundam/Seraphim Gundam (Season 2)
  • Raphael Gundam/Seravee Gundam II (AwotT)
A Innovade who same based DNA with Regene Regetta. He was killed by Ribbons, but success transfer his mind into a Veda along with Regene.
Marie Parfacy - Super-Soldier Active
  • GN-Archer (Season 2)
  • Gundam Harute (AwotT , As co-pilot )
Initially, she is a living-weapon of HRL and A-Laws as "Soma Peries". After defected from ESF and A-Laws, she decide to help Allelujah and the other CB-member for defeat A-Laws and Innovator.(Even initially Soma has her personal goal to join the battlefield)Marie along with Allelujah retired in the end of season 2, but returned in AwotT
Leo Sieg Leonard Fiennes
  • Super-soldier (Formerly)
  • Innovator-ELS Hybrid (2314)
  • GRM Gundam E
  • Sakibure
A new meister from Mobile Suit Gundam OOP who also come from Super-human research institute like Allelujah and Soma. After defecting HRL, he along with Delphine Bedelia join Celestial Being of Fereste replacing Fon Spaak

Potential Gundam Meister

  • Lasse Aeon

Lasse was one of the candidates to be a Gundam Meister. He was the former pilot of GNR-001 GN Arms. In A.D. 2312, he briefly piloted the 0 Gundam in Second Season. He's listed as a reserve Gundam Meister. Besides this, he is still active in Celestial-Being as Ship Gunner of Ptolemaios.

  • Saji Crossroad

Initially he was a normal UNION-Japan citizen and Louise Halevy's boyfriend. 4 years later, after being saved by Setsuna and realizing that Louise sided with the A-laws, he decided to join the battle as the 0 Raiser pilot, aiding Setsuna F. Seiei. After successfully saving Louise, he left Celestial-Being to take care of her.

Previous Gundam Meister

Name Real-Name Race Status Mobile Unit(s) Note
Ribbons Almark - Innovade Defected-Killed in Action
  • 0 Gundam
  • Reborns Gundam
One of the first generation of Gundam Meister. After chose a young-boy that he save in 2301, he defect from CB to pursue his own set of interests. Later he become the leader of Innovator and start to manipulated the world to destroy Celestial Being. He killed by Setsuna in the season 2
Ruido Resonance - Human Killed in Action
  • Gundam Astraea
One of the second generation of Gundam Meister and also Feldt Grace Father. He is killed in Plutone Accident along with his wife, Marlene Vlady.
Marlene Vlady - Human Killed In Action
  • Gundam Abulhool
  • Gundam Plutone
One of the second generation of Gundam Meister , formerly a criminals and also Feldt Grace Mother.She is killed in Plutone Accident along with her husband, Ruido Resonance.
Chall Acustica - Human Inactive
  • Gundam Astraea
  • Gundam Plutone
One of the second generetaion of Gundam Meister and also the first youngest-Gundam meister before Setsuna.After the death of Marlene and Ruido, she become a commander of Celestial Being's shadow team Fereste under name Chall Virgo
Hanayo Gundam Meister 874 Innovade Defected
  • Gundam Sadalsuud
  • Gundam Artemie
Hixar Fermi - Innovade Active
  • GN-Sefer
  • Gundam Sadalsuud Type F
  • Gundam Rasiel
Formerly assisted Grave Violento. After his death, he become true Meister and Agent
Hayana Innovade 887 Innovade Active
  • GN-Sefer
A Rogue Imnovade and always follows Hixar Fermi. She is resemble Hanayo.
Fon Spaak Robart Stad.Jr Human Defected
Eco Calore - Human Active
  • Gundam Astraea type F2
Grave Violento - Innovade Killed in Action
  • Gundam Rasiel
A Meister who responsible in scouting the third generation of Gundam Meister.
Johann Trinity - Human-Innovade Hybrid Killed In Action
  • Gundam Throne Eins
A Rogue Meister and the leader of Trinity Sibling. He is genetically engineered using Ribbons genetic material. He is killed by Ali al-Saazhez
Michael Trinity - Human-Innovade Hybrid Killed in Action
  • Gundam Throne Zwei
A Rogue Meister of Trinity Sibling. He is genetically engineered using Ribbons genetic material. He is killed by Ali al-Saazhez
Lockon Stratos Neil Dylandy Human Killed In Action
  • Gundam Dynames
The original Lockon Stratos and initially a meister of third-fifth generation of Gundam Meister. He is killed by Ali al-Saachez in battle, and succeeded by his Twin Brother, Lyle Dylandy.
Nena Trinity - Human-Innovade Hybrid Killed In Action
  • Gundam Throne Drei
A Rogue Meister ofTrinity Sibling. He is genetically engineered using Ribbons genetic material. She is killed by Louise Halevy after killing Wang Liu Mei who betray her by working together with her brother killer .


  • In German, Meister is means Master
  • Most of the Meisters were once criminals, rebels, and ex-military
  • Ruido and Marlene are only known the Meisters who are married and had a daughter who is also member of Celestial Being (Feldt Grace)
    • Though Feldt's parents were Meisters, she did not become one herself
    • Ruido and Marlene also the first Meisters who become a couple, the second were Allelujah and Marie
  • The Third-Fifth generation Meisters wore a uniform and a pilot suit depend with their colour unit of their Gundams/Mobile-suits (Blue for Setsuna, green for Neil and Lyle, orange for Allelujah, purple for Tieria and red for Marie)
    • Tieria is the only Third-Fifth Generation meister whose Gundam is not his personal color. The only time this does happen is in AWoT, with the Raphael Gundam
    • Besides Marie wearing a red pilot suit, she was never shown wear her CB-Uniform, just like the other Third-Fifth Meisters do. Instead, she wore a sweater and jeans.(If you not include Neil Dylandy, who already die prior Season 2 )
  • While there are many previous Meisters who defect with their own reason and prefer to working alone, Ribbons Almark is only a meister who ended become pure-evil big bad and fallen heroes of the series
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