"Dash Dynamic!! Go-on Black!"

Gunpei Ishihara (石原 軍平 Ishihara Gunpei) is Go-on Black (ゴーオンブラック Gōon Burakku) of the Go-Ongers. Nicknamed the "Chaser," he is a former police officer with excellent marksmanship and a passion for justice who sees the Go-Ongers de-transform.



His code name as a police officer was "Handsome Detective," and he passed himself off as such until his former partner revealed that Gunpei had never been a detective. He decides he wants to help and quits the police force (because the police had considered the Gaiark out of their jurisdiction) and tells the Go-onger this but is refused. Gunpei decided that the police had lost their sense of justice. He then decides the Go-Ongers are unfit to be heroes and kidnaps BOMPER while stealing the Engines. BOMPER explains to him how the three were chosen and eventually decides to help the Go-Ongers by returning the Engine Casts to them the moment they need it most. Bomper decides to make him the fifth Go-Onger, Go-OnBlack, alongside Hant Jou who becomes the fourth Go-Onger, Go-On Green. Gunpei does not like sweets, but after he tasted a special cake Saki Rouyama had made, he found it delicious and eagerly accepted a slice. After the final battle, Gunpei returns to the police force and finally becomes a detective.

Gunpei initially belittles Sosuke Esumi, Renn Kousaka, and Saki for being "just" kids and claims that he is "a man more qualified to be a Go-onger." Though Kenji Ebisawa, the actor who portrays Gunpei, is indeed older than Rina Aizawa, who plays Saki (and is one of three cast members under the age of 20; Masahiro Usui and Yumi Sugimoto are the other two), he is, ironically, younger than both Yasuhisa Furuhara and Shinwa Kataoka, the actors who play Sosuke and Renn respectively.

After transforming into Go-on Black, Gunpei says, "Dash Dynamic!! Go-on Black" (ダッシュ豪快!!ゴーオンブラック Dasshu Gōkai!! Gōon Burakku). With the Cowl Laser (カウルレーザー Kauru Rēzā) he can perform the Laser High-beam (レーザーハイビーム Rēzā Haibīmu).

Go-On Black


  • Engine Gunpherd
    • Gunpherd Soul
    • Gunpherd Cast
  • Engine Carrigator
    • [Carrigator Soul
    • Carrigator cast


  • Shift Changer
    • Change Soul
  • Mantan Gun
  • Cowl Laser
  • Handle Blaster
    • Blaster Soul

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