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Get ready, 'cause I'm warning you. This stage is about to explode with major piggy power!
~ Gunter

Gunter is an anthropomorphic, German-accented pig and supporting character of the Illumination's seventh feature film Sing, serving as its comic relief. He also stars in "Gunter Babysits", a short included on Sing's home-media release.

He is voiced by Nick Kroll, who also created the TV show Big Mouth and voices characters Nick Birch and Maurice the Hormone Monster. In the Japanese dub from the movie, he is voiced by Tsukasa Saito.


Gunter has peach-pink skin, floppy ears, blue eyes, and three fingers on each hand. He usually wears a sparkling golden hoodie and matching pants over a sparkling red leotard, as well as black dancing shoes. During his and Rosita's performance of "Shake It Off", Gunter wears a sparkling black leotard.


Gunter is a bubbly and hyperactive performer who is not afraid to show how much he loves to sing and dance. He gives each performance his all, referring to his drive and passion as "piggy power!" Gunter also has a big heart, as demonstrated by his sympathy for fellow contestant Ash when he hears that her boyfriend, Lance, cheated on her. However, Gunter has problems conveying his enthusiasm in ways that others can understand and relate to. He is also a little air-headed, such as when he answered Buster Moon's question of concern addressed to his partner Rosita after she tripped and fell.



Gunter is introduced auditioning for Buster Moon's singing competition, and is initially rejected. However, Buster immediately changes his mind after accepting Rosita, believing that pairing Gunter with her will improve her performance. During rehearsals, Gunter advises Rosita to let the music tell her body what to do instead of following a long series of complicated dance steps. He is disappointed when she becomes discouraged and quits, and is overjoyed when she returns to the theater, having regained her confidence after spontaneously dancing to "Bamboléo" while grocery shopping.

After the destruction of the Moon Theater, Buster hosts a concert on a stage constructed in its ruins. Rosita and Gunter serve as the opening act and perform "Shake It Off". The audience laughs at its initial cheesiness, but are shocked when the two pigs don matching leotards and demonstrate excellent dancing. At the end, they receive thunderous applause, and the concert is a massive success. At the end of the film, Gunter attends the grand reopening of the Moon Theater with his fellow performers.



Ja, the two of us, together! Are you joking me? We're going to be spicy, no?
~ Gunter after Buster Moon pairs him with Rosita
Ah, don't you look so worried face! I've got one for you, too!
~ Gunter offering Rosita a dance leotard
Don't you worry, Rosita. I have glow sticks.
~ Gunter, after the Moon Theater's power goes out.
...That total super jerk dinkle-shplat!
~ Gunter insulting Lance after learning what he did to Ash
Oh yes, I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
~ Gunter answering Buster Moon's question intended for Rosita, who tripped
Yeah! All right! Piggy power!
~ Gunter after his and Rosita's performance of "Shake It Off"

"Gunter Babysits"

I insist to Rosita, I'm known as like the very best babysitter.
~ Gunter to Rosita's husband Norman

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