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Hero Overview
This stage is about to explode with major piggy power!
~ Gunter

Gunter is a pig and one of the tritagonists of the Illumination Entertainment film Sing.

He is voiced by Nick Kroll, the who one also voiced Maurice the Hormone Monster in Big Mouth.

Official Bio

Gunter is a boisterous dynamo and double threat singer and dancer who is partnered with Rosita to liven up her act. Gunter feels most of himself when rocking spandex dance leotards and encourages Rosita to loosen up and shed her inhibitions.


Gunter is a bubbly, hyperactive and passionate performer and is not afraid to show how much he loves to sing and dance, and he even enjoys sharing his passion with others, as he tried to help Rosita dance by letting the music tell her body what to do rather than follow a long series of complicated dance steps. His only problem is conveying it in a way that others can understand and relate to. He also shows sympathy for Ash when he hears that her boyfriend, Lance, cheated on her, even insulting Lance.

He gives it his all in performing, calling his drive and passion 'piggy power', but can be a little air-headed, as he answered Buster's question to Rosita of being okay after she tripped and fell.

He speaks with a thick German accent.


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