Guo Huai (Chinese: 郭淮) is a minor character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is one of the generals of Wei.


Guo Huai took care of his family while he served under his lord Cao Cao, not only one who have made Cao Cao trying to gain influence so his heart is very exaggerated. In the Battle of Chibi, when he had something to accompanied Cao Cao to fight against Liu Bei and Sun Quan, Cao Cao immediately retreated due to the failure of the battle. After the war, Guo Huai later forced to attacked Zhang Lu with his best partner Xiahou Yuan in Hanzhong. Liu Bei just ordered Huang Zhong to be sent to against Xiahou Yuan, Guo Huai felt very regretful that his depression has would be discrepancy. Guo Huai persuaded Cao Hong that does not execute Zhang He after his devastating defeated at Wakou Pass, Xiahou Yuan fights for the Mt. Dingjun in order to get rid of the passive.

Asking Huang Zhong to stay at the top and launching a rapid impact, killing Xiahou Yuan and Zhao Yong, Wei army defeated and retired to Yangping Pass. When Xiahou Yuan against Liu Bei, Guo Huai was sick and could not participate in the battle. After Xiahou Yuan dies, the Wei army lost its new coach, fearing that it would be taken by the Shu forces and the three armies would be eclipsed, which helped stabilize the Wei armies in the region. His attitude is very poor, until now it is only for them to win. After Cao Cao's death, when Cao Pi established Wei kingdom and ascended the throne, Guo Huai later served under Cao Pi as one of the his loyal vassals. However, Cao Zhen chose him as his Deputy Commander to counter the Shu invasion led by Zhuge Liang.

During the Battle of Jieting, Guo Huai led the form of the military pace as an offensive and relied on himself not to be alone, Zhuge Liang was being able to subdue Ma Su and casually sprinkle it without distinction. Although he proposed ingenious tactics, they were repeatedly defeated Zhuge Liang's armies. As a result of these defeats, Sima Yi successfully repelled the Shu invasion and Guo Huai also earned merit by defeating Wei Yan, Wang Ping, and Gao Xiang's troops. With Cao Zhen, they gave all the credit in the recovery of Nan'an, Tianshui and Anding districts. Shortly there after, Guo Huai was assigned to Chang'an's defense with Zhang He and during Zhuge Liang's second military campaign, he was repeatedly consulted by Cao Zhen and defended the city of Meicheng.

As well as the third campaign, Guo Huai was supported by Sun Li who shall escaped an ambush of Zhuge Liang and joining Cao Zhen. During the fourth invasion, he was charged with defending the districts of Longxi and tried with Sun Li, but without success and taking over the Saber Pass. Guo Huai also active in Zhuge Liang's fifth military campaign when he commanded Longxi District forces and stationed in Beiyuan, suffered a defeat to the Shu armies. After Gongsun Yuan decided to lose to Sima Yi in Liaodong, Guo Huai essentially sought to siege to the Shu troops under Cao Shuang's fraud in Mt. Xingshi. In some cases, Guo Huai intends to use Xiahou Ba as the target of Jiang Wei's attacked, Jiang Wei really wants to find a way to attack Xiahou Ba and get out of his imagination.

When Guo Huai led the armies to attack Liao Hua, Jiang Wei was rushing to save him. For the right now, Guo Huai covered his own example and rescued Xiahou Ba, Jiang Wei and his troops officially retreated. Many years later, Sima Yi was ready to launch a coup with his family and then used the plot to oppose Cao Shuang. Thus heed in the one last destiny, Cao Shuang was too contemptible to Sima Yi yet there may be such vulgarity, sort out to given death in wickedness, he and Xiahou Ba with help Chen Tai to broke the coup d’État. Guo Huai is absolutely unable to believe their threats, he rejected Jiang Wei's first invasion of Wei successfully and also active in the second when he changed the Qiang's allegiance. Ironnically, Guo Huai died in battle who being hit by several arrows by Jiang Wei.





  • He is a playable character in the Dynasty Warriors series.


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