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I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam-I-Am.
~ Guy-Am-I's iconic line throughout the book.
I do not like them Sam I am! I could not, would not on a boat! I will not will not with a goat ! I will not eat them in the rain! I will not eat them on a train! I do not like them here or there! I do not like them ANYWHERE! I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM! I DO NOT LIKE THEM, SAM-I-AM!
~ Guy Gets Mad in the episode "There"
Say! I like green eggs and ham. I like them Sam-I-Am. I would eat them in a boat and I would eat them in a goat and I will eat them in the rain and in the dark and on a train! I will eat them in a box, I will eat them with a fox, I will eat them in a house, I will eat them with a mouse, And in a car and in a tree! I will eat them here or there! Say, I will eat them anywhere!
~ Guy Gets Happy, finally trying Green Eggs and Ham
I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you. Thank you, Sam-I-am.
~ Guy-Am-I after trying Green Eggs and Ham.

Guy-Am-I, also known as "the Grouchy Guy", is a main character and the narrator in the 1960 book Green Eggs and Ham, and the deuteragonist of the 2019 Netflix series of the same name. He is an anthropomorphic Knox who doesn't like the titular green eggs and ham, the food brought by Sam-I-Am for him to persuade into eating.

In the 1973 special Dr. Seuss on the Loose, he was voiced by the late Paul Winchell, who also played Tigger in Winnie the Pooh. In the 2019 Netflix series adaptation, he is voiced by Michael Douglas.


In the book, Guy-Am-I has yellow fur and a black hat. In the 2019 series however, he instead has orange fur with pale yellow fluff of fur surrounding his neck, and his hat is brown.



Guy-Am-I first appears reading a newspaper inside a lounge when suddenly Sam-I-Am interrupts him, boasting about who he is. Guy, fed up with Sam, states that he does not like his behavior, as he finds it annoying. Sam then interrupts his monologue, asking if he would like to try "green eggs and ham" to which he refuses, stating "I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them Sam-I-Am". Sam goes to great measures to convince him to try the dish, as far as suggesting various locations (house, box, car, tree, train, dark, rain and boat) and alongside various animals (mouse, fox, and goat). Each time, Guy angrily refuses and repeats everything Sam previously suggested by saying "I do not like them here or there. I do not like them anywhere.".

Eventually, after he is seemingly trap with Sam (as well as all the other individuals Sam previously suggested he eat the dish with), Guy vainly accepts Sam's offer to try the dish, if he will "let him be" to which Sam agrees. Guy eats the dish, and to his surprise, he likes it telling Sam "I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you, thank you, Sam-I-Am".

2019 Netfix series

Guy-Am-I is a failed inventor whose inventions always explode. He presents his invention, a self-flyer, to representatives for SnerzCo so that he can win a ticket to Meepville; however, his invention malfunctions and fails, being rejected as competing inventors managed to get tickets. Dispirited, Guy decided to cease becoming an inventor and instead be a paint watcher (a job he deduced as boring, but had no option for). He stop at a diner and meets Sam-I-Am, who orders green eggs and ham. Despite voicing his distaste for the dish, Sam orders it for everyone in the diner; Guy ends up leaving, but accidentally takes Sam's identical suitcase with him.



Green Eggs and Ham (2019)


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