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Guy is a recurring character in BoJack Horseman. He is a freelance cameraman. He and Diane work together for Girl Croosh and begin dating. By the finale, he and Diane are living in Houston and are married. He is a bison.


Guy is a bison man at roughly 6 ft tall, with dark brown fur, curly hair and a long goatee, with lighter brown fur around his eyes and in his hair and goatee, and horns on top of his head and a gold piercing in his left ear. He is seen wearing a checkered red and green button-down shirt, dark blue pants, and grey work boots. He also wears an orange fur-lined coat.


Guy appears to be friendly, extremely caring, supportive, and sensitive with a laid-back personality. Guy is currently dealing with his own life issues and problems with his son Sonny. However, he is concerned about Diane's well-being and does show her his support.


  • Guy being a male bison who lives in Chicago could be a pun as he is a Chicago bull, which is the name of a basketball team from Chicago.
  • Guy and his ex-wife and son, Lady and Sonny respectively, all have gendered titles as names—Guy and Lady are literally a guy and a lady and Sonny is their son.
  • His surname is unknown.