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The wind at my back feels so good. I can't lose this. I won't.
~ Gwen

Gwen, also known as The Hallowed Seamstress, is a heroic playable champion in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

She was originally a doll created by a seamstress named Isolde, whom later married the king of Camavor, Viego. After Viego failed to revive Isolde after she died and became the Ruined King, Isolde's soul split into many fragments, with one possessing Gwen and turning her into a human. She now fights to bring hope to those in despair and stop the Black Mist.

She is the 155th champion added the game on April 15th, 2021. She is commonly played on the top lane.

She is voiced by Abby Trott, whom also voiced Windblade in Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy, Kim Wu in Killer Instinct 2, Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Annette Fantine Dominic from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Gwen was created in the long-lost kingdom of Camavor by a seamstress named Isolde, whom imbued Gwen with her heart and soul. This caused the doll to gain sentience, being able to remember the memories she had with her maker's activities. One day, Isolde was killed by an assassination meant for Viego, resulting in the ships of Camavor invading the Blessed Isles to claim the Waters of Life so that Isolde could be brought back. When the revival failed, the Ruination of the Shadow Isles occurred and Isolde's soul was split into several fragments.

While all of this was happening, the doll sank into the ocean, and one of the fragments of Isolde's soul imbued into Gwen, transforming her into a human. She regained consciousness on a beach on the newly-formed Shadow Isles, recognizing her creator's sewing tools. When she touched them, they reacted with a flash of magic, causing her to remember her past with her maker. However, the Black Mist started coming and Gwen took memories from it as well, remembering Viego's name and her hatred towards him. When Gwen picked up the scissors, she saw that Isolde was with her and wanted to fight against her husband's plans.

After slaying several wraiths born from the Black Mist, Gwen saw that they were linked to Viego, both being responsible for pain all over Runeterra. Gwen made it her mission to stop the Black Mist from bringing ruin upon Runeterra and restoring joy for those who are hurt or suffering.


Gwen is an adventurous girl with childlike curiosity, lively from being able to move after years of being an inanimate doll. She has the ability to remember memories of people by being around magic coming from them: Isolde's magical tools reminded her of the happy life she had with her owner, while Viego's Black Mist gave bad memories related to Isolde's death and Viego's desire to ruin Runeterra because of it. Gwen dislikes when others suffer and dedicates herself to bringing solace to those in suffering, but due to so many memories of suffering being associated with Viego alongside his own, she is Dreminded of when Isolde was separated and hates him most of all. Due to her cherishing her newfound life, Gwen is most afraid of dying. As she has an important role in stopping Viego, she is always aware of her mission and leaps headfirst into battle.

In-game, Gwen is shown to be empathetic towards champions whose lives have been shaped by suffering, such as Lux and Vayne. On the other hand, certain champions are teased in a passive-aggressive manner instead, such as when she insults Yasuo's clothes and mocks Seraphine's shallow character traits.



  • Gwen is intended to be a doll transformed into a human, akin to Pinocchio.
  • Gwen's initial teaser showed a needle and thread with the symbol of Camavor, being promoted as having a relationship to Viego, having tailory-based abilities with sewing puns related to her. Due to Isolde being a seamstress and having the closest connection to Viego (being his wife), it was very likely that Isolde herself was the champion being teased until it was revealed not to be the case. Rather, Gwen is an extension of Isolde's will.
  • Gwen's splash art features cameos for the unreleased Sewn Chaos skins for Amumu and Blitzcrank, which were scrapped due to not meeting creative standards.


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