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Hero Overview

Gwen, labeled The Loner, is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Owen) of Total Drama Island, a supporting character in Total Drama Action, a major character in Total Drama World Tour, a guest character in Total Drama Revenge of the Island, and the deuteragonist of Total Drama All-Stars.

She is one of the two arch-nemeses of Heather (while the other is Leshawna who is Gwen's best friend).

Gwen returned as a contestant in Total Drama All-Stars in 2013. Gwen was placed on the villainous team, called the Villainous Vultures, but this was a controversial move because although she is not a villain, she was purposely placed there by show host Chris McLean to stir things up.

She was voiced by Megan Fahlenbock (who also voiced Jen Masterson from 6Teen and Deets from Get Ed) In Total DramaRama as a child, she was voiced by Lilly Bartlam.


Gwen was originally a loner, sarcastic, aggressive, scary, and rude; she uses this personality to make sure no one would bother her and at the same time making enemies.

Despite her seemingly cold, harsh attitude and being somewhat tomboyish, Gwen is not a bitter person but is rather suspicious and very cautious about whom she lets into her life. She is a very kind, responsible, sensitive, and mature teen. She also shows sisterly instincts towards the more childish contestants such as Owen and Cody.

In I Triple Dog Dare You, Gwen is also sadistic when she gets nasty challenges, she passed down to Heather even some dares involves with Owen such as lick his armpit and later toe jam.

Gwen also suffers from claustrophobia or a fear of enclosed areas, as seen in "Phobia Factor" and "The Treasure of Dr. Mclean".

Physical Appearance

Gwen is fair skinned with turquoise hair and lips. As a teenager, hr outfit consists of a black dress with green sleeves that shows her midriff and cleavage, a black and turquoise skirt, gray tights, and black knee-high boots.


In Total Drama Island, Gwen was placed on the Screaming Gophers. In the first few episodes, she acts aggressively defensive and pessimistic. However, she started showing her true colors as the season progresses. She soon develops a crush on Trent and forms an intense rivalry with her teammate and fellow Gopher Heather. Despite the numerous physical and social obstacles in her way, Gwen is strong enough to make it to the finale alongside Owen.

In Total Drama Action, Gwen was reduced to a minor role and was placed on the Screaming Gaffers as its team captain. At the beginning of the season, her relationship with Trent quickly falls apart due to his jealousy. After confessing his actions to the Killer Grips, she intentionally gets herself eliminated to make it up to them. She was ill-received by the audience and other contestants at the following Aftermath shows.

In Total Drama World Tour, Gwen was placed on Team Amazon. During the course of the first half of the season, Gwen and Courtney developed a friendship. However, after both Gwen and Courtney brought Duncan back into the game, both she and Duncan shared a kiss in the confessional, despite the latter still dating Courtney (supposedly). Despite Tyler exposing their kiss to everyone, which infuriated Courtney and made her obsessed with eliminating Gwen as revenge, Gwen and Duncan decided to start a relationship with each other. Gwen was eliminated from the game after her eucalyptus allergy causes her to lose the tiebreaker competition to Courtney. Gwen's elimination made Courtney happy, as she successfully got her revenge.

In Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island, Gwen made a cameo appearance, where she was yet again buried alive with Sam, courtesy of Chris. Thankfully, the Toxic Rats won the challenge and got her out.

In Total Drama All-Stars, Gwen was placed on the Villainous Vultures by Chris, most likely because the latter wanted to stir controversy. Gwen was upset about being on the villains' team because she was a nice person. In the first half of the season, Gwen was focused on apologizing to Courtney for the way the Duncan situation went down, and mending their friendship. After Courtney was switched to the Vultures, she began to bond with Gwen.

After Duncan's obsession with grabbing Courtney's attention caused Gwen to dump him, she earned Courtney's trust. Their friendship was officially mended and renewed after the two admitted they missed each other in the boxing challenge. However, their friendship was ruined again when Mike's evil personality Mal revealed Courtney's elimination chart to the others, which angered Gwen, as she felt that Courtney had been using her the entire time. After Courtney apologized, however, Gwen told her she wouldn't vote for her only if she voted for herself at the elimination ceremony.

Courtney was eliminated that night, but Gwen didn't show her any sympathy. Gwen was eliminated at the final 4 by Chris for defacing his painting. Before being flushed, Gwen said she would never return to Total Drama again. In the finale, however, Zoey popped Gwens' balloon, causing her to fall down and become Zoey's helper for the final competition. After the island sank underground, Gwen was showing floating on the roof, with Zoey, Mike (who defeated Mal and he's back to his old self), and Cameron. She along with Zoey and Cameron yelled "No!" When Mike said they "should do this again sometime". 



  • Chris
  • Courtney
  • Heather (arch-nemesis)
  • Jo
  • Justin
  • Mal


  • Gwen is a part of the "Big Six", the six most prominent characters in the entire series. The others are Heather, DuncanOwen, Courtney, and Lindsay.
  • Gwen's usual outfit and hair color are based on Tibby's appearance from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants film.
  • According to Cartoon Network, Duncan and Gwen were the most popular couple in the Total Drama series.
  • Gwen has appeared in a total of 71 episodes.
  • Gwen's phobia is to be buried alive.
  • In "After Mayhem", Gwen is one of the two characters who are is interested in the second chance of the Million Dollars (beside Noah).
  • Despite all she has done (heroism, morality, protecting innocence and more) many fans think she is a bad person, while she has proved many times who she truly is.

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