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You said "Peter Parker doesn't have the guts"?!! ... You crummy, dim-witted loudmouth! He could be half the man he is... and still make up ten of you!!!
~ Gwen Stacy.
Every person on this whole stupid planet is counting on you, Peter Parker. Promise me. Do your job. Make me proud.
~ Gwen to Peter.

Gwendolyne Maxine "Gwen" Stacy is a fictional supporting character from Marvel Comics, and mainly appears as a major character in the Spider-Man franchise.

A blonde college student, Gwen was originally the first true love of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) before he developed deep feelings for her friend and rival, Mary Jane Watson. She was indirectly killed by the Green Goblin, which was a turning point in Marvel comics for New York's superhero.

Gwen Stacy was created by the late Stan Lee and the late Steve Ditko, and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #31 in December of 1965.



Gwen Stacy met Peter Parker while attending Empire State University, where she fell in love with him. Peter ignored her advances due to his problems as the superhero Spider-Man, and she insulted by his aloofness. Despite the rocky start, the two would fall in love, and begin a relationship (with her being Peter's firs true love).

Tragically the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) caused Spider-Man to accidentally kill Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man #121 (June 1973) when the Goblin had knocked her off a bridge and Spider-Man attempted to save her via a webline to her leg though the whiplash from the sudden stop snapped her neck.

Both the decision to kill Gwen and the method in which Marvel implemented it remain controversial among fans, but the death became a pivotal point in both Spider-Man's history and in American comic books in general.

Many point to Gwen's death as the end of the so-called Silver Age of comics. Spider-Man writers and fans disagree about who is the character's "one true love": Gwen or his subsequent love interest, Mary Jane. Despite this her legacy live on with her earth-65 counterpart Spider-Gwen.


Early Life

Gwendolyne "Gwen" Stacy is the daughter of NYPD officer George Stacy and Helen Stacy, and went to Standard High alongside Harry Osborn. After graduating from Standard High, she attended Empire State University alongside Harry, and the two befriended Flash Thompson.

Meeting Peter

Gwen would meet Peter Parker at the university, and became attracted to him despite Parker ignoring her advances due to his situation as the superhero Spider-Man. Her interest in Peter increased as the two go to know one another, as she seemed to appreciate his intellect in comparison to the jock Flash and the preppy Harry, but still viewed him as being "anti-social". Gwen would start to become supportive of Peter after his aunt May become ill, and later befriends Mary Jane Watson. The two girls started to compete for Peter's affection, but he still struggled with handling his secret life as a vigilante. Gwen managed to win Peter's affection, and the two began a romantic relationship.


Spider-Powers, I love you! Not only am I the most dashing hero on two legs - I'm easily the most versatile. Who else could save a falling girl from certain dea- Gwen? Hey kid - what's wrong? Don't you understand? I saved you - you can't be - NO! Oh, no, no, no - Don't be dead, Gwen - I don't want you to be dead.
~ Spider-Man upon Gwen's death.

While waiting in Peter's apartment, Gwen was attacked by Norman while in his guise as the Green Goblin, and decided to kidnap her to lure out Spider-Man. Norman placed her at the George Washington bridge, and confronted Spider-Man when he attempted to save Stacy. During the battle between the two, Gwen awoke and overheard the Goblin reveal that Peter was actually Spider-Man. She went into shock, believing that Peter had killed her father, and wanted to tell Parker to stay away when he attempted to rescue her. Norman then pushed Gwen off the building, and Peter attempted to save her by using his webbing, but it instead caused her neck to snap to being caught in mid-air. Spider-Man mourned Gwen's death, and nearly killed the Green Goblin in retaliation, but decided not to.

The Green Goblin would die by his own glider, but would survive the incident and returned while Peter believed Norman was permanently dead. Gwen's death affected the lives of those she was close to, as Mary Jane mourned the death of her best friend, and became more mature and compassionate. As a result of Gwen's death, Mary Jane became close to Peter, and the two eventually started a romantic relationship. Her death also had some negative repercussions, such as her former professor, Miles Warren, who had feelings for Gwen, becoming the villain the Jackal. Wanting to get revenge on Spider-Man, whom he believed caused Gwen's death, manipulated the Punisher into fighting the vigilante. Warren would also be manipulated by the Green Goblin into creating a clone of Gwen, who would take on the identity of Joyce Delaney.


After Gwen’s death, Harry Osborn created clones called Sarah and Gabriel Stacy from the DNA of Norman and Gwen, intending to make his father and best friend believe Norman and Gwen had twin children together.  Mary Jane Watson was hypnotized by Mysterio to believe the same. However, though Peter was devastated to think of Gwen cheating on him with Norman, in actuality this had never happened.

In other media

Live Action


Video Games

  • In The Amazing Spider-Man and Lego Marvel Superheroes she was voiced by Kari Wahlgren, who also voiced Elasti-Girl in DC Nation Shorts, Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Charmcaster, Mina Monroe, and Starfire in Injustice 2.



  • She wasn't originally suppose to die in The Amazing Spider-Man #121, as Aunt May was originally planned, but this was changed.

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