Gyaraga (Also referred to as Galaga) is the name of the protagonist ship that appears in Galaga and some of its successors. It is the ship that destroys the evil army of alien bugs and became the futuristic Earth's mechanical guardian.


In the original Galaga, the Gyaraga appears as a white star bomber. When captured, it turns red. In Gaplus, the Gyaraga keeps the same design, but arrives in three pieces. In Galaga '88, the Gyraga has a bigger fuselage. It moves faster than its predecessor, Galaxip, shooting more bullets at a time. In Namco Museum DS, the X button is a rapid fire button. Its dual form is simply two Gyaragas bolted together, while a triple fighter is a huge model of the ship, shooting three different bullets. However, Gyaraga saves its planet of Galaga and returns in victory.


Galaxip is a predecessor of Gyaraga that first appears only in Galaxian. It appears as a multi-colored white interstellar starcraft and It moves slowly, including shooting one bullet at a time. Also, it protects Galaxian (Galaga's previous variant) from alien invaders.
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