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I'm still that skinny kid from Brooklyn, now just in a big metal suit.
~ Steve Rogers to Peggy Carter.
You owe me a dance lesson.
~ Steve to Peggy.

Steven Grant Rogers, also known as Steve Rogers and HYDRA Stomper, is the deuteragonist of "What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger", the first episode of the Marvel animated anthology series What If...?. He is a variant of Steve Rogers from the main timeline, where, instead of receiving the Super Soldier Serum, he was granted a large suit of armor by Howard Stark and became Captain Carter's right-hand during World War II.

He was voiced by Josh Keaton, who also voiced XLR8 in the 2016 Ben 10 series, Anduin Wrynn in the World of Warcraft, Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Valerian Mengsk in the StarCraft series.


Steve was born on July 4, 1918 to Sarah and Joseph Rogers. Before his birth, his father was killed in the line of duty. He grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and befriended James "Bucky" Barnes. He attended school until 1936, when his mother died of tuberculosis. A year later, the United States entered World War II.

Bucky enlisted and Steve attempted, but was repeatedly rejected due to his poor health and physical stature. Rogers would try again at the Stark Expo in 1943, where he met Abraham Erskine. Erskine approved Roger's entry, seeing him as pure of heart and a prime candidate for an experimental test, Project Rebirth. Rogers went through rigorous training, and despite his poor physical displays, used his wit to impress his superior, including Agent Peggy Carter of the British military.

On the appointed date to receive the Super Soldier Serum, Agent Carter elects to stay in the room while the test is performed. This is the Nexus Event that diverged the timeline from the mainline one. The test is sabotaged by Heinz Kruger who detonates a bomb and shoots Rogers. Now unable to receive the serum, Carter makes the choice to have herself be the recipient in order not to waste the opportunity. The test is successful, and Agent Carter becomes physically and mentally enhanced to superhuman levels.

Rogers was forced to undergo physical rehabilitation to learn to walk again, but slowly recovered. He and Carter were sidelined and dismissed by Colonel John Flynn, though Rogers kept Carter's spirits up. Upon learning that Arnim Zola was moving the powerful Tesseract, Carter and Howard Stark go behind Flynn's back to retrieve it. Stark uses the Tesseract to power an experimental suit of war armor, and offers Rogers the opportunity to pilot it.

Carter goes to rescue the 107th Infantry Regiment from HYDRA captivity, Rogers joins the battle, equipped with the new armor, and is dubbed the HYDRA Stomper. Now teamed with Captain Carter, Rogers becomes her right-hand, assisting her on missions against HYDRA and the Nazi Party. One mission, the group attempts to intercept the Schnellzug EB912 train, which the Red Skull, leader of HYDRA, was on. While attempting to get a visual, Rogers discovered the train was rigged with dynamite and exploded. Rogers was lost in the debris and presumed dead.

However, Rogers was not dead, but captured by HYDRA. He was removed from the suit and the Tesseract was stolen, intended to open a portal that would unleash an extradimensional being known as "HYDRA's Champion" onto the world. When the castle was raided by Agent Carter and her soldiers, Rogers was found by Bucky and put back in the armor, given just enough power to fight, and went to aid Captain Carter. Steve helped her fight HYDRA's Champion, and then helped get his fellow soldiers to safety before the castle collapsed. Carter was forced to go through the portal to hold the Champion back, leading to a sorrowful goodbye between the two. The portal closes, and Rogers kneels next to the Tesseract.

Seventy years later, the portal is reopened by Nick Fury. Captain Carter comes through, only to learn that she is in the future, and Rogers is presumably deceased in that point in time.


Steve Rogers is determined and resourceful, utilizing any means necessary to protect others and do what he believes is his duty to his country and loved ones. He is selfless, only desiring to help others while not having a very high opinion of himself, something Peggy Carter encourages him to improve on. He will risk himself to save his teammates and partners without second thought. Despite the fact that he never received the Super Soldier Serum like he was intended to, as well as lost the fame that would have come with it, he does not mind and is just happy to see justice done, keeping himself humble and kind during his duty.


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