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I am not an Olympian! My family has made that quite clear.
~ Hades.

Hades is a major character and one of the thirteen Olympians from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, and is one of the Big Three alongside his brothers Zeus and Poseidon.

He is the Greek God and ruler of the Underworld, riches and the dead. At first Hades was thought to be a villain, but then it was revealed he hadn't stolen the Lightning Thief, and wasn't as evil as believed. He also helped the demi-gods in the end, and got his own cabin for his children in Camp Half-Blood. He is also the father of Nico di Angelo, Bianca di Angelo, and Hazel Levesque. However in the movie, he truly was a villain who only wanted to collect the master bolt from Percy.

In the first film adaption, he is portrayed by Steve Coogan, as Jonathan Raviv played the character off-Broadway.


First Titan War

Hades and his siblings were swallowed by whole by their father, the Titan Kronos out of fear of them becoming adults and overthrowing him. However, their youngest sibling, Zeus, wasn't swallowed whole and was raised somewhere else, and eventually grew up to rescue Hades and the others from their father. Hades and siblings were freed, and worked with Zeus in defeating and overthrowing the Titans, and succeeded.

Ruling the Underworld

After defeating the Titans, Hades, Zeus and Poseidon all agreed to divide their father's domain to each other. However, Hades was Kronos' firstborn son, but agreed to divide the domains, as his brother Zeus claimed the Heavens, and Poseidon seized the seas, leaving Hades with ruling the Underworld. Though Hades gained divine authority over the dead and metals and jewels, he became greatly feared by his siblings, nephews, and nieces, and wasn't accepted as an Olympian.

Over the centuries, the Olympians moved west. During World War II, Hades' demigod children were fighting against Zeus. The Oracle predicted that one of the children would either preserve Olympus or raze it to the ground. The gods swore on the River Styx to not father any more children.

However, because Hades already had two demigod children, Zeus ordered Hades to take them to Camp Half-Blood. Hades refused in fear of his son and daughter would turn against him or be killed. In retaliation, Zeus attempted to kill the di Angelo children, but Hades protected them but he could not protect his lover, Maria.

He wished to bring her back from the dead, but he was stopped by Alecto. Hades also cursed the Oracle of Delphi to be trapped forever until he and his children were respected as heroes.

Shortly after Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, and Annabeth Chase encountered the satyr Grover Underwood, Hades somehow discovered that Thalia was a demigod child of Zeus. Still extremely bitter at his brother for murdering his lover Maria, Hades sends the most terrifying monsters of the Underworld (including all three Furies) to destroy her. The quartet could have escaped from the monsters, except for the fact that a bloodthirsty Cyclops in Brooklyn stopped them, so that the monster army could catch up.

The Cyclops chained Thalia, Luke, and Grover in the air to direct the monsters in their direction, but Annabeth managed to save them by stabbing the Cyclops in the foot. Once the quartet reached Camp Half-Blood Hill, Hades' infernal army finally caught up with them. Thalia told her friends to run to safety, while she, in an act of selfless heroism, fought Hades' army on her own. Zeus took pity on his daughter, and to prevent her soul from going to Hades, Zeus transformed Thalia into a pine tree, just as Halcyon Green had predicted to her.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Heroes of Olympus

Powers and Abilities


  • Geokinesis: As the God of the Underworld, Hades has absolute control over the Earth and stones, and the walls of the Underworld, Erebos.
    • Earthquake Generation: He can generate massive earthquakes, doing so in The Lightning Thief when Percy infuriated him.
    • Subterranean Navigation: Hades is a skilled navigator, being able to navigate underneath the Earth. He was able to lead his siblings in and out of Tartarus via the Underworld's tunnels, before even becoming the Lord of the Underworld itself.
  • Ferrokinesis: Hade is the God of Wealth, and can sense, manipulate and summon any type of metals and jewels underneath the ground. He is richest Olympian of all, and is often referred to as "The Rich One".
  • Necromancy: Hades is the God of Dead, and has divine authority and absolute control over the dead and undead, and always has room for many souls (thus gaining the nickname, "The Hospital One").
    • Metamorphosis: Hades can capture or release living souls at any time, doing so when he abducted Sally Jackson.
    • Death Curses: Hades can place curses on the living, but is unable to kill before the Fates decree their time. He can, however, prevent a person's from ever leaving their body, meaning that person's body will eventually turn to dust with age, and their soul will be lost forever.
    • Death Sense: Hades can sense when a person is dying, and when their soul is being judged in the Underworld.
    • Life Sense: Hades can also sense life auras, which allows him to determine how much longer a person has left to live.
    • Power over the Undead: Hades can reanimate and summon the undead, being able to reanimate skeletons, raise zombies, silence dead souls, and physically come in contact with ghosts.
  • Umbrakinesis: As the God of the Underworld, Hades has absolute control over shadows and darkness.
    • Imperceptibility: He can use shadows to cover himself in complete darkness, becoming invisible.
    • Shadow Travel: He can also use the shadows to travel over vast distances.
    • Darkness Shields: Hades can solidify shadows into unbreakable shields.
    • Darkness Absorption and Dissipation: Hades can absorb and dissipate shadows.
  • Phobokinesis: Hades has absolute control and divine authority over the power of fear, and this ability becomes even more powerful with the Helm of Darkness.
    • Induced Terror: When wearing the Helm of Darkness, Hades can induce and radiate death and terror.
  • Dark Infernal Pyrokinesis: Hades has absolute control over black hellfire, which is more destructive than normal flames.
  • Hypnokinesis: Hades has complete mastery over sleep and the Oneiroi dream spirits, spreading the wordthat the dead need a coin to gain passage onto Charon's boat.
  • Cryokinesis: Hades as limited control over the cold, generating an aura and forming ice on rocks when meeting Hazel in The House of Hades.
  • Osteokinesis: Hades can summon and control bones via the use of telekinesis.
  • Magmakinesis: Hades has limited magmakinesis, and has some control over magma and lava due to being underground.
  • Shapeshifting: Hades is capable of changing into anything he wants, being able to transform into an eagle and a bat.
  • Transfiguration: Hades can turn others into anything he wants, and was forced turn Leuke into a poplar tree.
  • Infernal Monster Lordship: As the God of the Underworld, Hades has absolute control over the ferocious monsters native to the realm, such as Cerberus, the Hellhounds, the Furies, the Keres, the Oneiroi, and various creatures.


  • Leadership: Hades is a capable leader like his brothers, and was able to lead his armies of the undead and monsters against the Titans.
  • Intimidation: Hades is one of the most feared god by all of his siblings, nephews, and nieces, which is similar to his father, Kronos. Due to his control over the dead, and his ability induce fear and madness, have caused him to be one of the most dread deities.


  • Helm of Darkness: Created by the Elder Cyclopes, the Helm Darkness is one of Hades' symbols of power. The helm allows Hades to become invisible, melt into shadows, and pass through walls. While wearing the helm, Hades cannot be touched, seen, or heard, and radiate and induce fear so intense, that he can drive anyone insane or stop their heart. According to Grover Underwood, the helm is why most sane creatures fear the dark.
  • Staff: Hades had a double pronged spear that was his staff, being his personal weapon before the Sword of Hades was made. It was possibly made of Stygian Iron, and though described as staff, in Greek mythology, it's described as a pitchfork.
  • Sword of Hades: Hades' current main weapon, the sword contains one of the Keys of Hades, and allows him to send anyone to or from the Underworld with a touch. Crafted with Stygian Iron, the power of the sword could tip the balance of power in Hades' favor over Zeus' master bolt and Poseidon's trident.




  • Hades is the only God of the Big Three to not break the oath.
  • Hades not being accepted as an Olympian mirrors how the planet Pluto is not considered a full fledged planet, and is considered a dwarf planet.
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