Hades is the main antagonist/anti-heroine of the videogame, Valkyrie Crusade. She is the demon queen of the Infernal Realm, who desired to take over the Celestial Realm and was also a leader of Hades' Army. However, she was foiled by the protagonist of the game named Oracle and her allies, thus prompting her to decide to defeat Oracle when the day have come.

Despite being the villain, Hades sometimes served as the protagonist as she helped Oracle to defeat the other enemies that threatened the Celestial Realm before going back to her old ways.


Hades was a short girl with two pairs of brownish-black horns on both sides of her head and two red eyes. She also have a pale, orange hair and wore the black dress with a red gem on the middle of it, which also revealed her midriff. She also have two black wings and also have two bits, which were seen floating around her. She also wore two sleeve gloves and two mismatched sockings.

When in her disguises, her hair will turn from her pale orange color to reddish pink color when not in her true form.


While cold and arrogant, Hades has soft spot, particulary when something far more dangerous arise, She is also quite honorable and respectful to Oracle sometimes, Overall Hades is more a neutral alligned character than anything.

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