I'm a God. I will live forever.
~ Hades to Perseus before his defeat.

Hades is a Greek god and the Ruler of the Underworld. He is brother to Zeus and Poseidon. He also appears in Clash of the Titans 2010 remake as the main antagonist. However, he is the tertiary antagonist turned supporting protagonist in the sequel.


A long time ago, before mortals existed, the Titans ruled the cosmos. However, Kronos, King of the Titans, was warned of a prophecy where one of his six children would kill him and take control of the world from him. In response, Kronos began swallowing his children in hopes of preventing the prophecy from coming true. Hades was the first of his sibling to be devoured by his evil father and his brother Poseidon soon followed. However, Hades's mother, Rhea, saved the final child Zeus by tricking Kronos into swallowing a stone wrapped in a blanket while an eagle carried the real Zeus to safety. Poseidon and Hades grew up inside of their father's stomach while Zeus hid from Kronos. Years later, Hades was freed by Zeus when he gave Kronos a potion which made him vomit Hades and his siblings as well as the stone substituted for Zeus. After being freed, Hades went to the Underworld with Zeus and Poseidon and freed the cyclopes, who gave Hades the helmet of invisibility as a gift.

Later, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades declared a ten year war on the Titans called the Titanomachy. During the Titanomachy, Hades, created a giant monster called the Kraken to help them against the Titans. Finally, after ten years of war, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades finally defeated Kronos and banished their father and the Titans to Tartarus where they hoped they would remain imprisoned forever. Hades became God of the Underworld, Poseidon became God of the Seas, and Zeus became King of the Gods and God of the Sky. Zeus, as his first act as ruler of the world, created mortals to populate the world.

Wrath of the Titans

He forges an alliance with Zeus' traitorous son (Perseus' half-brother and Hades' nephew), Ares, in order to resurrect Kronos. In order to do so, they capture Zeus and lock him up in the Underworld, and drain his powers for such endeavor. After a prep talk with Zeus however, he realized his mistakes and shared his powers to the latter in a bid to stop their father. The brothers team up to battle the Makhai and Kronos, with Hades using up his powers. Now mortal permanently, Hades decides to live as a mortal and leaves.

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