I'm Haguro. I'm the youngest of the Myoukou-class heavy cruiser sisters. U-um... I'm sorry!

Haguro (羽黒) was the last of the four-member Myōkō class of heavy cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was named after Mount Haguro in Yamagata Prefecture. The other ships of her class were Myōkō (妙高), Nachi (那智), and Ashigara (足柄).

The ships of this class displaced 13,300 tons, were 201 m (661 ft) long, and were capable of 36 kt (67 km/h). They carried two aircraft and their main armament was ten 203 mm (8 in) guns in five twin turrets. At the time they were built, this was the heaviest armament of any cruiser class in the world.


The Myoukou-class wears a purple uniform with a black tight skirt, white pantyhose and white elbow gloves.

Haguro herself has short black hair with a peculiar hair ornament as well as brown eyes.

Her second remodel gives her a new modified uniform shared with her fellow sister ships's second remodel. She wears the vanilla version of the uniform.


She is the scaredy-cat of her class, often saying "I'm sorry". Her second remodel gives her enough self-confidence to be able to do something without apologizing and fight at her full potential.


  • Sunk in the Strait of Malacca by gunfire and torpedoes, May 16, 1945.
  • Her second remodel boasts formidable stats, surpassing Choukai and Maya's maximum firepower and having the highest evasion among heavy cruisers, are probably a reference to her reputation during the Battle of the Java Sea, where she sank the combined American, British, Dutch and Australian fleet's flagship, the Dutch light cruiser HNMS De Ruyter with a single torpedo. Her evasion stat likely stems from her survival until 16 May 1945 when she was engaged and sunk by Royal Navy Force 61 during Operation Dukedom. Operation Dukedom was arranged specifically to hunt Haguro.
  • Received her Kai Ni on 23/05/2014, together with Ryuujou.
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