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I kill anyone who makes me their enemy. Anyone who stands in my way. I don't show mercy. But I don't discriminate. I don't care if we were classmates. I won't hesitate to kill you. But don't get the wrong idea. I don't think for us as classmates, friends or comrades. I came here because I owe Shirasaki a favor. Once I'm gone, I'm gone forever.
~ Hajime to Kouki in the dub.

Hajime Nagumo, also better known by his classmates as the God Slaying Demon King and by Ehit and his servants as the Irregular, is the titular main protagonist of the Japanese web-turned-light novel, manga and anime franchise Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (From Commonplace to World's Strongest).

He is one of Ehit's former team of fake heroes who then, after discovering the truth that he was an impostor and a pawn, he then turned into the false god's latest archenemy and killer.

Although being the main protagonist, and although being mainly an anti-hero, Hajime committed various terrible and violent acts over the course of the series, as he unleashed a variety of mass murders, massacres, carnages, genocides, havocs, catastrophes, destructions, assaults, tortures and even worse things against all those who are blindly worships Ehit that dared to stand in his way, often serving as more of an outright protagonist villain rather than an anti-hero, especially in the earlier parts of the story, proving just how much ruthless and sadistic he has become, ever since he was purposely betrayed and left behind by one of his classmates, droving Hajime into anger, sadness, loneliness and hatred, bringing him to abandon nearly all of his kindness because of all the pain, the agony and the suffering he was forced to endure in order to survive: this until he meet the imprisoned Yue (who was also betrayed due to her immortality and monstrous strength), who'll actually turn out to be the very reason Hajime managed to retain what's left of his soft side and hold a large control over his anger.

He was voiced by Toshinari Fukamachi in the Japanese version of the anime and Matt Shipman in the English version.


Hajime was once a weak-willed but friendly, humble and caring all-around human. But now a murderous monster due to suffering/enduring the unfathomable torment of the inner-most depths of the Orcus Dungeon, which all started because of a failed murder attempt by Daisuke Hiyama, just out of pure jealousy.

In the beginning and before his mutation, Hajime had a miserable life in both school and Tortus, as he was bullied by Daisuke Hiyama and his gang after he got a lot of loving attention from their class’ most beautiful girl, Kaori Shirasaki. When he was left for dead and suffered due to Hiyama's betrayal, Hajime turned into a monster by devouring monsters to absorb their powers and abilities but no longer a normal human being.

After Hajime ate some of very powerful monsters and made weapons from the monsters' essences, he gained too much power and mutation-evolved strength that broke even the normal level 100 limit, meaning he became more powerful beyond anyone ever could be and became a human/monster hybrid but turned from a pure good human into a ruthless, uncaring, sadistic and genocidal mass murderer, bent on his quest to return back to his home, even if he’ll have to kill all those who get in his way, especially if they’ll dare to harm his comrades (harem).

When he learned from the Liberators of Hajime and his classmates were being used by the false god, Ehit. Hajime abandoned all respects for him and has no concerns for false god of Tortus, but disrespecting Ehit as he swears to kill them all as well if they are got in his way.

After reuniting with his weak classmates, Hajime broke all ties with them and left them behind for his quest of returning to Japan but ended up having Kaori Shirasaki join him to win his heart no matter what it took.

Hajime and his companions caused various massacres, genocides and destruction all courses on Tortus who are blindly worshiping the fake god, Ehit. With the help of Aiko and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh after Eri Nakamura's betrayal and Daisuke Hiyama's death by Hajime, he has successfully made humanity turned against Ehit and forever ruining his "chessboard of life and death" leaving Tortus as a godless world.

While still refusing to rejoice his classmates just to suit Kouki Amanogawa's delusions, Hajime gave his classmates another chance to join him and his companions to clear the remaining labyrinths to obtain the "Age of Gods" Magic and kill Ehit in order to return back home to Japan.


Hajime Pre-Mutation

In the beginning of the story, Hajime had black hair, brown eyes, and a slim body type. He also had a kind face and attitude and a very humble and selfless personality side. After falling into the abyss and eating the twin-tailed wolf monster, his body began to wither away. After he drank the ambrosia in the abyss to counter the effects of the monster meat, his body began to heal and grow stronger in the process. Due to the stress of this repeated revitalization, his hair turned white, a condition called Marie Antoinette syndrome.

His eyes also turned red and his body gained tattoo-like red veins, a sign of becoming a demonic monster. These red marks also grant Hajime the ability to use magic without needing to use chants or incantations. He also grew 10 cm in height and gained a muscular, toned figure. The huge change in his appearance (along with his personality and abilities) made it difficult for those who knew Hajime before to recognize him at first, only recognizing him because of his voice and facial features (and that's only after taking a closer look).

Shorty after falling into the abyss, Hajime lost his left arm to the Claw Bear on the first floor. He would later lose his right eye during his battle against the Hydra. After completing the Great Orcus Labyrinth and gaining Creation Magic, Hajime would replace both of them with a mechanical arm and an artifact called the Demon Eye respectively.

After he returned to Earth, Hajime's hair and eyes were reverted back to their original color due to Kaori's restoration magic. He decides, however, to keep his mechanical arm and demon eye, which are disguised to look like his original arm and eye.



Hajime was originally a weak and average human with a timid and tolerant personality but with an extremely kind and gentle heart. While mild-mannered, he has a special type of bravery and strength of heart that would allow him to sacrifice his own dignity and well-being to protect a child from harm. Kaori noted that it would be easy to be a hero to fight against evil if one were already strong, but it takes true strength to go against evil if one knows that they are weak. His strength of heart is evident by his ability to keep calm when his class faced perilous dangers from a Behemoth, while Kouki had momentarily stood paralyzed by fear until being snapped out of it by Hajime. He had a Motto of "Hobbies First" and would put his hobbies over everything else despite ridicule by his peers. He was also considered mature.


After fell into the abyss and suffered when lost his left arm due to Hiyama's betrayal, the rage, the fear of dying and despair followed by several days of starvation pushed him to his limit. All these factors mixed with his desire to survive and return to Japan, causing his gentle personality to completely change to that of a ruthless, wrathful, uncaring, bloodthirsty, sadistic, merciless, genocidal and coldblooded killer and torturer, becoming utterly ruthless and murderous toward all those who make them his enemies, making him more than ready to kill anyone and anything who stand in his path in any way, including his old classmates.

Hajime has almost completely abandoned all his kind and generous nature, replacing it with that of a very cold, cruel, cold hearted, indifferent and sadistic person.

He shown his sadistic side after he killed monsters and eaten their meat for his mutation. He doesn't care for vengeance as he viewed himself to be more powerful than his now useless classmates.

After discovering from the Liberators that Tortus was manipulated by Ehit, Hajime has no respect for the false god, but rather insults and disrespects him, as he will also kill him He also sees the apostles and demons as ´God´s puppets´, as they are weaker than he is and killed everyone, including Noint, who is known to be the most powerful. Even though reunited with his classmates (only to indebted Kaori), Hajime still doesn't care about his weak classmates (except for Kaori and Shizuku) and give them a proper warning if they get in his way, he'll kill them caused them to be terrified of Hajime even caused his former bullies to be more afraid of him than the rest.

Hajime proved he didn´t care for his former classmates as he killed Shimizu when he made a pact with the demons and attempt to kill his teacher, Aiko, even he cruelly brutalized Hiyama before throwing him to feed the monsters for conspiring with Eri in the invasion of the Heiligh Kingdom, as well as having temporarily caused Kaori´s death. Though he was willing to forgive them if they learned from their mistakes and wrongdoings.

Hajime will never let anyone who lay a single finger or harms his comrades (harem) even in such worthless challenges such as he defeat Kouki Amanogawa twice: at first a useless unarmed duel and later a pointless fight while Kouki merged with his doppelganger and he murdered the traitorous idiot Hiyama for his temporarily murder on Kaori Shirasaki. After killing Hiyama, Hajime made it a warning that if any of his former classmates got in his way, they would face the same fate as Hiyama.

Due to Ehit´s manipulation, Hajime considers Tortus a world of murder, where it´s just kill or die. Hajime also considers the Holy Church´s decree to be meaningless, as all their beliefs and efforts in the war against demons on behalf of Ehit were completely empty and false revealing they are only doing was dying in hopeless wars and sacrifice innocent lives much of Ehit's amusement.

Despite he was once human, Hajime is quite indifferent towards Tortus´ situation, where he doesn´t care about the world or its inhabitants. Since he is not loyal to kingdoms, empires, cities or towns, nor is he concerned about saving the lives of people who were blindly worship the false god, and unlike the Liberators who wanted to save them, Hajime will not hesitate to kill them if necessary as it demonstrated that he unleashed the massacre upon the supposedly worshipers, be they humans or demons.

In his sadistic side, Hajime mocked and provoked his enemies to lead them to their deaths. He has no tolerances for empty idealism, delusional prides, emotional weaknesses or cowardice. He got disgusted by Kouki's idiotic ideals. He called Hiyama and his gang worthless and weak as well exposed Hiyama's greatest fear of his responsible for Hajime's "fall" and left him for dead. He doesn't take orders from those who are inferior to himself. He refused to return to the so-called "Hero Party" to being pawns for Ehit's twisted entertainment nor will he let those who betray him into joining his party to get close to his lovers including Kaori (mainly the Bastard Four).

When abandoning his timidity, Hajime is fearless when he is not afraid of anyone or anything anymore. He is not terrified of the so-called Gods of Tortus as he viewed them to be pathetic. He is no longer being intimidated by the Bastard Four (his forrmer bullies) when the latter called them as weak and worthless causing them to be afraid of him. He is shown no concern of being called a so-called "heretic" when he will unleash a massacre against Ehit's supposedly worshipers, be they humans or demons.

After killing his lead tormentor Daisuke Hiyama for what he did in his betrayal, Hajime regained his life and no longer living in his loneliness and sadness thanks to his teacher. Aiko Hatayama as well became a bit honorable when giving his classmates a second chance and join him to kill Ehit for his sins, but retained his ruthlessness towards his enemies.

After returned to Japan, Hajime is at least a bit merciful as he will pulverize anyone who dare challenge him and left them to be humiliated as he did with the students of the Yaegashi Dojo and bullied and completely humiliated the so-called "Soul Sisters" in public who are annoyances to one of his wives, Shizuku Yaegashi

Hajime has immense love for his parents. They were responsible for Hajime to become an otaku. While almost dying, Hajime vowed that he will return back home to Japan and reunite with his parents, even if it means to abandoned his kindness and his morality to become a genocidal mass murderer and a god slaying destroyer.

Even though Hajime has a ruthless and fearless personality, Hajime still has some remnants of his former kindeness. He cares deeply for his comrades (harem), for they are the last and only remnant of his humanity that Hajime has not lost or abandoned. He is a super protective father of Myu. He allowed Kaori Shirasaki (his childhood love interest during middle school and future wife) to join him. He let Shizuku (one of his lover and future wives) to keep his created sword, Black Blade as a gift. After murdered Hiyama, Hajime gave his classmates second chances but kept his warning thanks to Suzu, Ryutarou and Shizuku's begging though initially declared he will never rejoice them again. Hajime had promised Kaori if she dies, he will revive her with a stronger body. Hajime made more adjustments for his classmates' weapons and armor after opens his work. When failed on Suzu's bracelets for enhancements, Hajime gives Suzu a pair of twin iron fans (one of his masterpieces) as a gift. Hajime also obliged to Suzu's pleas to give Eri resolves. Although he doesn't care for his classmates, Hajime was willing to bring them back to Japan.

Despite being ruthless, Hajime has a somewhat benevolent side, when he faced Cattleya, Hajime gave her a chance to withdraw for her life and despite Hiyama and Shimizu being traitors and despite the horrors they did, Hajime was still willing to spare them if they learned from their mistakes and mended themselves. Hajime was also willing to give Eri a second chance [albeit only on Suzu's pleas], even after she was a crazy, sadistic, psychopath and traitor who tried to destroy the Heiligh Kingdom, nearly killed everyone in the Hero's Party and tried to transform Kaori in Hiyama's undead sex slave.

It as also been shown that even if he doens´t care for Tortus, Hajime is even willing to help the helpless, especially if his party persuades him, as shown when he helped save Akanji after his party´s appeals.

His "Otaku" habits still remained unchanged as it grown him and his wife, Kaori Shirasaki. After returning to Japan, Hajime still getting use of watching anime and movie, reading manga and playing video games while with Kaori. Due to otaku nature, Hajime also has a several fetishes that can get him quite aroused, such as as his strong preference for female beasts, especially rabbits. Like when he caressed Shea´s ears, a habit that grew even more after he made Shea his lover.



I'll protect you and you'll protect me. we'll be unstoppable. And we're gonna defeat everything and everyone... and surpass the entire world, together!
~ Hajime to Yue of they kill anyone who gets in their way.

Hajime and Yue

Hajime met Yue within the labyrinth. He initially to leave her but reconsidered when learned she was also betrayed. Hajime decided to free her and become his most trusted companion. Hajime and Yue successfully conquer the great labyrinth. Hajime tells Yue that they do all means to ensure they will get to Earth even if it means to go up against the so-called "Gods", Demons and the Holy Church. Hajime only had eyes on Yue. When Yue was taken by Ehit, Hajime will kill his way to get Yue back.

When you're this stupid, there's no point even pointing out your stupidity. But let me say just one thing. Who do you think you are, saying Yue's name without honorifics? You bastard.
~ Hajime to Kouki about Yue.

Hajime dislikes anyone who saying Yue's name without honorifics when his ruthlessly thrashed Kouki.

After killing Ehit, Hajime and Yue created a crystal key to return back to Japan. In After Story, Yue became Hajime's first wife.

Kaori Shirasaki

Shirasaki! We leave early tomorrow morning! Don't be late.
~ Hajime official allowed Kaori to join him.

Hajime's reunion with Kaori

Hajime first met his childhood love interest who is precious to him, Kaori since middle school. After he fall, Kaori believed he is alive and always focus on Hajime's attentions. As Kaori thoughts of Hajime survival turned out to be true, she is shocked of her reunion with Hajime but sadly became a ruthless and sadistic murderer after he already discarded his morality and killed Cattleya. After killing Cattleya, Kaori chose to join Hajime in his journey to ensure to win his heart even though he is in a romance with Yue. Kaori barely keep up to Hajime's journey. Hajime offered her to return back to the Heilligh Kingdom since she couldn't take it anymore, Kaori refused this offer and always remained in Hajime's side no matter how brutal or cruel Hajime is or how harsh the journey could be. It revealed Hajime does love Kaori after freed her from the influence of an evil spirit. When Kaori was killed by Daisuke Hiyama, Hajime became wrathful by destroying all of Eri's undead slave and killed Hiyama. When reviving Kaori, Hajime made a promise to put her soul into a stronger body due to her not wanted to be bothered of her weaknesses. Hajime forced to admit that he loves her. After Story, Kaori became one of Hajime's wives.

Shea Haulia

After Hajime and Yue left the labyrinth, Hajime met Shea a pervert and incompetent rabbit beastgirl. She has flirting for Hajime. When she was unconscious due to not able to swim, Hajime do mouth-to-mouth until Shea woken up and use mouth-to-mouth to kiss him causing him to pulverize her. Hajime trained her to know how to fight and join his journey. Hajime gave Shea drucken (a hammer which is one of his masterpiece). Hajime help Shea to rescue Myu and the beastgirls who were captured and was about to be sold as slaves. Hajime declared her as his second lover. After Story, Shea became one of Hajime's wives.

Tio Klarus

Huh? Eh, she's not a bad person, just a pervert.
~ Hajime to Shea about Tio

While undone the brainwash by impale his rod on Tio, Hajime literally spared her and got disgusted by her perverted neglecting. When preparing for war against Shimizu and his 60,000 monster army, Hajime initial refused for Tio to join him but letting her to join. When dating with Shea, Hajime told her that Tio wasn't a bad person but still a pervert. When learned of her parents and people's death by Ehit's manipulation, Hajime decided to help Tio to kill Ehit to avenge her parents and people which ended up to be a success. In After Story, Tio became one of Hajime's wives.

Shizuku Yaegashi

You can have it. You've been a big help.
~ Hajime to Shizuku when gifted her his Black Blade

Hajime carrying the sleeping Shizuku

Hajime befriended Shizuku since middle school. After he fall, she followed Kaori's thought of Hajime is still alive which turned out to be truth as she surprised not only Hajime survived but became a monstrous murderer aftter murdering Cattleya. Hajime give Shizuku his Black Blade as a gift which she appreciated of it which caused Shizuku to develop her love for Hajime. However, she tried to lie that she doesn't have a feeling for Hajime. Like many of their classmates, Shizuku took Hajime's warning of murder even his classmates seriously as his prove example after he murdered the traitor, Hiyama. Unlike her stupid childhood friend, Kouki Amanogawa, Shizuku doesn't condemned Hajime even though his murder upon Hiyama as she chose to never forgive the traitor for his betrayal when he murdered Kaori. When Hajime revived Kaori, Shizuku owes an eternal debt for Hajime. When she defeated her doppelganger, Shizuku admitted to Hajime that she is in love for him when he kissed him and Hajime carried her while she is sleeping. After Kouki's ease defeat by Hajime, Shizuku told Kouki to stop his insolence as she is in love with Hajime and wanted to be together with him. After Story, Hajime began to marry Shizuku to become one of his wives until Shizuku's so-called "fans" of the "Soul Sisters" tried to stop their marriage. Due to her feelings, Shizuku refused to assist the "Soul Sisters" from getting bullied and completely humiliated them in public. After married Shizuku, Shizuku became shy seeing Hajime around. They both get annoyed by Shizuku's family dojo's students who are trying to attack Hajime only for him to beat them all over and over again without efforts every time Hajime visit.


When Hajime rescue her daughter, Myu from slavery, Remia became attractive to Hajime by calling him "Darling" (ダーリン, Dārin). When Garland's troops attempted to capture Remia and Myu to use them as hostages, Hajime protected them and killed the demon troops. In the After Story, Remia became one of Hajime's wives.


When met Myu, Hajime initial to left her off. Myu once called him as "Onii-Chan". When captured by slave dealers, Hajime kill his way to rescue Myu. After rescue her, Myu called Hajime as "Papa" despite he told her that he is only 17 years old. Hajime became a protective father for Yue. Hajime will pulverize anyone who mistreated his adoptive daughter. After returning to her mother, Hajime made a promise for Myu that he will come back and take her and her mother to his world. After story, Hajime had made an arrangement for Myu to go to school.

Liliana S. B Heiligh

After he saved her, Liliana develop a love feelings for Hajime. In After Story, Liliana became one of Hajime's wives.

Aiko Hatayama

Aiko is Hajime's Social Studies teacher. She felt sympathy of Hajime's supposedly death. But when she learned he is actually alive and seeing him, She is surprised and relieved he survived but sadly became a murderer. Hajime told the reason he is not returning to them because of the god's manipulation and one of the students attempted to kill him. She travel for a bit with him to find a missing boy and his party. Hajime refused to save Shimizu as he killed him, after confirming his suspicion. During the war on Heiligh, Aiko supported to help Hajime by assisting Tio to destroy the temple and kill the Pope and his bishops. In the After Story, Aiko became one of Hajime's wives.

Yuka Sonobe

Before his fall, Hajime save Sonobe's life. When she saw Hajime's alive but changed a lot, she felt relief. But was sadden to know he became a monstrous murderer. Before the war against the monsters, Sonobe thanked Hajime of saving her even though he thinks it was a fluke. Sonobe swore she won't waste her life and do whatever means to help him in turn, while Hajime told her to don't die. Sonobe showed no fear for Hajime when he murdered Hiyama. In the After story, Sonobe became Hajime's mistress.

Meld Loggins

Meld was Hajime's deceased mentor. Meld held his regards for unable to save him from his fall. When he found out Hajime survived but mutated into a monster, Meld thanked and apologized Hajime for not saving him. When Meld was sadly killed by Noint and turned into one of Eri's undead slaves, Hajime was outraged and destroy all the undead slaves due to Kaori's death by Hiyama. In his last moment, Meld requested to end him which Hajime coldly obliged and destroyed Meld's body with his shotgun. In the funeral, Hajime visited Meld's grave and place a flower as a token for his gratitude and remembrance.


Before his mutation in the past, Hajime has no good relationship with his classmates due to his laziness and the boys were completely jealous when he got a lot of attraction from the class idol, Kaori and bullied him. They accept his "death" due to Hiyama's lies.

After mutation, Hajime has no concern of them as he is willing to kill anyone including them if they get in his way. When they saw Hajime is alive but became a monstrous murderer, his classmates are terrified of him including his former bullies, are gutless and feared for the worst when he killed Shimizu, followed later by Cattleya and her monster army. They've taken Hajime's killing warning seriously as they don't want to die at his hands. They are terrified of Hajime even worse when he killed Hiyama, as he was willing to do the exact same thing to them. But due to Suzu, Shizuku and Ryutarou's begging, Hajime gives them chances but won't be forgiving if they cross. Hajime offer his classmates to enhance their equipment with new abilities caused them to rush over to him. After conquered the last labyrinth and killed Ehit, Hajime was willing to bring them back to Japan which made them grateful for Hajime's help. They nicknamed him as the "God Slaying Demon King".

Kouki Amanogawa

Ugh... You're like a broken record. Listen, I know you think you're mad about me killing her. But let me give you my take on, I think you're actually mad about yourself for being unable to do what needed to be done. Stop projecting your weaknesses onto me.
~ Hajime to Kouki about killing Cattleya in dubbed.

Before his mutation, Hajime also disliked Kouki and as being the only one who doesn't look up to him, even Kaori & Kouki are childhood friends as he considered him to be a masochistic idiot. Kouki considered Hajime to a bother due to his laziness and gotten a lot of attraction from Kaori.

Moron, You already lost to temptation.
~ Hajime to Kouki before defeated him

After his mutation, Hajime gotten annoyed by Kouki's ignorance habits for "justice" and told to stop projecting his weaknesses to him. Hajime told Kouki that he will kill him, even though they were once classmates. Hajime gotten further annoyed by Kouki's idiotic and empty idealism as well of his delusional pride over and over again. Kouki didn't take Hajime's warning seriously as he tried proving himself to be better than Hajime. This was until he was proven worse when Hajime easily conquered a lot of labyrinths. Kouki couldn't clear a single one at all which is why he is now no match for Hajime to both strength and willpower. When Kouki challenged Hajime into an unarmed duel to try to take his team (harem), Hajime single-handedly defeated Kouki with minimal effort by transmuting the very ground (with the tip of his foot) and drop him into a pit filled with non-lethal bombs to humiliate him for his insolence.

Due to Kouki's ignorance and delusions, Hajime still holds a resentment for Amanogawa for being an idiot when he always calling Kouki as a moron.

When Kouki furiously asked Hajime why didn't he tell him about the god's malice toward him and Eri & Hiyama's betrayal, Hajime replied that even if he tells him, he would not believe him and will get mad at him. Hajime scolded Kouki as he told him it's his stupid idealism of obliging to help and protecting each other is at fault, which enable the intelligent, Eri and the traitorous idiot, Hiyama to betray him without even noticing. When Hajime left to clear the last labyrinth, he gave him chance due to Shizuku, Suzu and Ryutarou's begging. After freeing the Haulia Tribe, Hajime told Kouki that he doesn't care about his "justice" and has no interest of arguing what was "right" and what was "wrong". Hajime scolded Kouki furthermore as he told him he only allowed to be accompanied for a while. And if he continued imposing his delusional ideals again, he will kill Kouki just like he did to Hiyama. Due to Hajime's new appearance, Kouki gotten jealous when Hajime gotten even more affection from girls, while Kouki lost all of what used to be his. When Kouki was corrupted and betrayed Nagumo in his foolishly attempted to kill his, Kouki was once again defeated so easily by Hajime with no effort as usual. Though wanted to kill Amanogawa for betraying him to his stupid ideals, Hajime spared him due to Shizuku & Kaori by separating him and killing his doppelganger as well knocking Kouki unconscious. When Kouki woke up and realized what he has done, Hajime given Kouki a final chance to maintain their alliance but warned him that is if he do something so stupid again, he will eventually kill him just like he did to Hiyama.

Suzu Taniguchi

It is unknown of their relationship, but Suzu was surprised of not only did Hajime survived but became more powerful. Suzu has no objection of letting Kaori travel with Hajime. Like most of their classmates, Suzu takes Hajime's warning seriously when he killed Cattleya and later the traitor, Hiyama. When Hajime was about to desert them and never come back to them for their assistance, Suzu was able to have Hajime give her and the others chances to clear the Labyrinths and destroy Ehit with his assistance. When Hajime failed to enhanced Suzu's bracelets with new abilities, Hajime gives his twin iron fans to Suzu as a powerful gift. After Hajime killed Ehit and returned to Japan, Suzu and the rest appreciated Hajime as a token of gratitude. She come up with the nicknames for him as "God Slayer" and "Demon King" but combined them as the "God Slaying Demon King".

Ryutarou Sakagami

Ryutarou originally look down on Hajime of not having superhuman abilities before his fall.

But when he survived and became more powerful, Ryutarou feared Hajime by showing his respect for him and his monstrous strength. Like most of his classmates, Ryutarou takes Hajime's warning seriously when he killed Cattleya. During the war in Heiligh Kingdom, Ryutarou showed fear when Hajime murdered the traitor, Hiyama. When Hajime told his classmates he will never rejoin them ever again, Ryutarou (along with Suzu and Shizuku) was able to get Hajime of giving them chance helping them clear the labyrinths and destroy Ehit with his strength. Unlike Kouki, Ryutarou has no jealously towards Hajime of his harem abilities (including Shizuku and Kaori) to be in love with him as he allowed Shizuku and Kaori to be in love with Hajime. Ryutarou valued his friends instead of prides as he doesn't condemned Hajime of murdering the traitor, Hiyama. Ryutarou will never forgive Hiyama for his betrayal. For reviving Kaori, Ryutarou gives Hajime his gratitude. Witnessing Hajime trained the Haulia Tribe how to fight, Ryutarou considered Hajime to be a pupil of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Being determined, Hajime gotten touched as he accepted to train Ryutarou, when considered of him now as a friend. After enhancing Ryutarou's twin gauntlets, his respect for Hajime has increased even more when testing his gauntlets' new powers. After Ehit's death, Ryutarou sympathized when heard how Hajime mutated to gain powers by admiring him more, as Ryutarou believed he won't be able to do the same as Hajime. After returning to Japan, Ryutarou gives his appreciation to Hajime even more as referred to be a "God Slaying Demon King".


Daisuke Hiyama

Don’t pin the blame on other people. You’re the one who decided to stoop to this level. Both here and in Japan, you’ve always been the loser. You didn’t lose to other people. You’ve lost to yourself. You never once tried to take responsibility for anything. All you ever did was sit on the sidelines and insult everyone else, when the real loser was always you.
~ Hajime to the severely wounded Hiyama about the reason of Kaori

Daisuke was Hajime's bully from the past for enable getting Kaori's attractions. But now Hajime is Hiyama's direct murderer. He tried to kill Hajime but failed so miserably only for Hajime to fall also making it even worse as Hajime transform into a monster.

When Hajime survived and became a demonic murderer, Hiyama is now terrified of Hajime's demonic powers and ruthlessness after he murdered Cattleya. Hiyama's fears worsen when Hajime easily defeat Kouki in an unarmed duel of Kouki's failure attempted to take Hajime's lovers by force. In attempt to manipulate Hajime to join his party (so that he would get closer to Kaori), Hiyama feigning his apologize for Hajime to try to get forgiveness by telling him to forget his mistreatment from the past. But for Hajime, however, called Hiyama and his gang worthless and weak as Hajime doesn't care about his mistreatment and drop the hints that he already knew that Hiyama was the one of tried to kill him which is Hiyama's greatest fear.

These revelations has caused Hiyama to suffer his own mental breakdown of becoming a completely insane lunatic. He obliged to work with Eri Nakamura of betraying their supposedly comrades only for his attempt to steal Kaori from Hajime.

After Hiyama severely wounded Kaori, the anger consumed Hajime brutalized Hiyama by using nothing but his fists and kicks as he broke almost all of Hiyama's bones and damaging his internal organs. After the fight ends, Hajime gripped Hiyama at his neck to lift him up with his prosthetic arm. The severely wounded Hiyama blamed Hajime it is his fault for enable to get Kaori's attractions but Hajime countered it by telling him to stop blaming those who get attraction from beautiful girls including idols and scolded Hiyama as the reason Kaori will never fall for him because of his lack of responsibilities as Hiyama brought nothing but his own downfall. When Hiyama persistently vowed to Hajime that he will kill him no matter what it takes, Hajime continually brutalizing Hiyama as he had quite enough of his insolence and putting out of his misery. Hajime then tossed Hiyama to the horde of monsters for them to devour the screaming Hiyama alive.

Hiyama's death has proven that will happen if anyone who still would gets in Hajime's way by harming his companions, it will be their certain death just like Hiyama did. For Hiyama's so called "friends" Shinji Nakano and Yoshiki Saitou, they kneel to apologize to Hajime this time is actual sincere as they sworn they will never get in his way or harm his companions by letting Hajime keep Kaori.

After returning to Japan following Hajime killed Hiyama and later Ehit, Hiyama's family failed of their once try to avenge him by killing Hajime and suffered by loss Hiyama when learned of his betrayal and discrimination which they were unaware.

Eri Nakamura

I don't care what drove you to this, I don't care what your motives are, and I don't have time to listen you explain them. If that's all you've got to say... then die.
~ Hajime to Eri before he would kill her.

One of Hajime's classmates who is also a traitor working for Garland as a spy.

It is unknown how Eri personally felt for him, but Eri is attempting to kill Hajime and the rest of their classmates due to him and them being in her way of making Kouki as her boyfriend. When he arrived, Hajime prevented Eri's "Soul Blind" from turning Kaori into Hiyama's undead sex slave, Eri betrayed Hiyama and cowardly asked Hajime to spare her life to make Kaori as his slave but only anger Hajime even more. When Eri send her slaves to kill Hajime, she is terrified even worse when Hajime destroyed her slaves. Eri tried to kill Hajime with dagger only for Hajime to overpowering her so easily. Hajime tormented Eri worse than the time she was suffered by her mother and stepfather. Hajime is willing to kill her regardless of what has caused her to become a traitor. She feared Hajime worse when he killed Hiyama. Hajime is willing to kill Eri but she got away with Freid. Eri has angered Hajime one last time when she captured Yue and gave her body to Ehit. Since Eri has no resolves left inside of her, he will kill her but no longer needed to when Eri committed suicide by exploding herself


I’d like to see you try, God’s Puppet!
~ Hajime to Noint in their first encounter.

Noint was sent by her master to kill Hajime. She considered Hajime as an "Irregular" that must be remove from Ehit's "chessboard". Hajime, himself, isn't impressed of her and mocked her in battle and killed her with his pile bunker as he scolded her by saying he is more that she could've handle. Hajime used Noint's lifeless body to revive Kaori.

Freid Bagwa

The foolish one is you, you big fool. When exactly did I say that I was allied with the Kingdom and these guys here? Don’t just selfishly categorize me with them. If you want a war, then go right ahead. However, if you get in my way just like now, I’ll erase everything. Ma~a, I’m not free enough to waste my time on 1 million opponents though, this time around I’ll let you off so hurry up with the remaining people and get lost. You’re the commander of the army right?
~ Hajime to Freid after killing 100,000 of Freid's troops.

Hajime is Freid's swore enemy for not only did he and his party killed Cattleya and Mikhail, but Hajime's disrespects for the false gods. Freid tried to kill Hajime by an ambush to lower his guard, however it failed, Hajime, despite of injuries, he still can fight by shooting at Freid cause him to retreat. When Freid tried to use the Heiligh knights, Hajime's classmates, Remia and Myu as hostages to force Hajime to surrender, Hajime is one step ahead of him by using his satellite laser to destroy Freid's 100,000 initial troops. Hajime called Freid a fool of his mistook thinkings as told to leave or he will destroyed him and his remaining troops. Following with no options, Freid retreat but swore revenge upon Hajime.


Hajime is Ehit's latest archenemy and killer. After summoned, Ehit belittled Hajime by blessing him non-combat abilities and without superhuman physical abilities.

After his mutation and learned about the gods, at first he originally doesn't care about them but will kill them if they get in his way as a result of his disrespects for the "gods". Hajime refused to rejoin his classmates to suit Kouki's delusions or to take part of Ehit's twisted entertainment by unleashing the massacre to kill the worshipers be they humans or demons

Ehit feared Hajime and his demonic powers when his pawns failed to kill him as Hajime has no concerns for Tortus or its people unlike the Liberators when Hajime unleashed a massacre upon humans and demon pawns. Ehit send Noint to kill Hajime but only for her to die at Hajime's hands which Ehit shown a sheer terror.

With the help of his old teacher, Aiko and Princess Liliana, Hajime has successfully made turn the human supposedly worshipers against the false god and sided with Hajime which Ehit shown in greater fears. Hajime insulted Ehit when he revived Kaori with Noint's corpse.

Ehit then send out his 500 apostles to kill Hajime, his party and the so called "heroes" and attempted for an omnicide to wipe the humanity and the Beastmen race. He fear the worse when all 500 of his apostle creations were all killed by Hajime and his party. When captured and possessed Yue's body, Hajime and Ehit fought until Yue freed herself from Ehit's manipulation allowing Hajime to kill Ehit and destroyed his "game" forever.

Heroic Side

Although being mainly an anti-hero, and although being quite uncaring towards those he doesn't care about due to his mistreatment from his classmates, Hajime proved to have a more compassionate side, one of the very few remaining traits of his former kindness, helping those in need when he can and/or as long as it is mutually beneficial.

  • Helping a boy and his grandmother (past).
  • Saving Yuka Sonobe (before his "fall").
  • Freeing Yue from her imprisonment.
  • Helping Shea to kill monsters to protect her tribe.
  • Freeing Tio from Shimizu's brainwash.
  • Saving Aiko's life.
  • Freeing Myu and the beastmen girls from slavery and destroying slave trades forever.
  • Saving the so-called "heroes" only to indebt Kaori but having her joining him.
  • Freed Aiko from captivity by the Holy Church.
  • Prevent Eri from turning Kaori into Hiyama's undead sex slave.
  • Killing Hiyama for what he did to him and Kaori.
  • Liberate the Haulia Tribe's slaves and letting them kill the empire's crown prince.
  • Saving Shizuku from getting killed by her doppelganger.
  • Separating Kouki from his doppelganger and knocking him unconscious for Shizuku and Kaori's sake.
  • Killing Ehit and ending his tyranny.

Kills List

Hajime killed many monsters, humans, demons, apostles and even Kouki's and his own doppelgängers, all pawns of the evil god-wannabe alien, Ehit, including his formerly bully Daisuke Hiyama when he unleashed multiple massacres and genocides throughout all of Tortus. He also killed the supposedly "god" Ehit himself, his retainer Alva, and his top Apostle Noint, which earned him the reputation as the God Slayer meaning he can kill any gods and immortals. After murdering Hiyama, he made this murder a lesson to his classmates, warning them that if they would cross him and his comrades (harem), he will have no problem in killing them. Hajime has killed 3 of his classmates (Yukitoshi Shimizu, Reichi Kondou and Daisuke Hiyama). Hajime has also killed women earning his reputation as a lady killer.

  • Countless Monsters.
  • Countless Humans.
  • Countless Demons.
  • Eri Nakamura's undead soldiers.
  • Cattleya.
  • Yukitoshi Shimizu.
  • Meld Loggins (zombie).
  • Daisuke Hiyama (contributed murder via monsters).
  • Reichi Kondou (zombie).
  • Hansen (anime only).
  • Nia (zombie).
  • Eliheid S. B. Heiligh (zombie).
  • Heiligh Kingdom's nobles (zombies).
  • Baius D. Hoelscher (contributed murder via Haulia Tribe).
  • Trek D. Hoelscher (contributed murder via Haulia Tribe).
  • Hoelscher Empire's nobles (contributed murder via Haulia Tribe).
  • Noint.
  • Ehit.
  • Countless of Ehit's Apostles.
  • Alva.
  • Kouki Amanogawa's doppelganger.
  • Ishtar Langbard (contributed murder via Tio).
  • Holy Church's bishops (contributed murder via Tio).

Powers and Abilities

  • Mystical Mutation: Hajime gained this mutation by devouring powerful monsters' meat and drank a liquefied mana. He has bypassing level 100's limits. The cost of his mutation is no longer considered to be a human anymore.
    • Supernatural Strength: After he devoured many powerful monsters and absorbing their powers for his mutation, Hajime get demonic strength more powerful than demons, Apostles and false gods after slaying Ehit. Hajime's strength is 12 times more powerful than the supposedly strongest, Kouki Amanogawa. His strength is even greater than strength blessed humans, beastmen, demons and Apostles such as when he killed Noint. His strength is unrivaled and has no equal meaning no one in the Hero Party and Garland's demon troops (such as the supposedly strongest, Kouki Amanogawa and the demons' general Freid) has the strength or power match his strength. His inhuman strength can easily break humans' bones and damage their internal organs even those who were blessed by physical power such as the traitor, Daisuke Hiyama, who was one of the supposedly strongest of the so-called "Hero Party". He easily defeated the supposedly strongest and the so-called "hero" Kouki Amanogawa twice in first the unarmed duel and later his second fight even merged with his doppelganger (which wasn't strong enough to defeat Hajime) without any efforts. His powers are too much for anyone to handle even a spell used by the pope and his bishops still wasn't powerful enough against Hajime when Hajime easily break free this spell and ruthlessly attacked both of the pope and his bishops. He can easily break weapons and armors with his bare hands as he crumbled Kondou's spear and break both of Meld's and Hiyama's swords as well damaged Kouki's divine armor.
    • Supernatural Mobility: Hajime has tremendous speed that not even the masochist hero Kouki Amanogawa can catch his speed and keep dodge attacks that he tried to hit Hajime. His speed is at least 12 times faster than one of his lover/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi.
    • Durability/Invulnerability/Regenerative Healing Factor: When unleashed his crimson Mana during his fight with Noint, Hajime get invulnerability, Tremendous Durability (damage resistant) and regenerative healing factor. He doesn't get a single injury or a scratch from those attacks that are weak such as Cattleya's most powerful attacks, Kouki's sword attacks and Daisuke Hiyama's fireball. His Durability is at least 12 times tougher than Ryutarou Sakagami. Not even an ambush by Freid Bagwa was enough to kill Hajime but it only injured him. When his fight against Noint, Hajime only took one slightest injury as it nicked him a little. His regenerative healing factor heals his wounds and recovering himself even if its severe.
    • Enhanced Senses: Hajime can sense through any magic attacks even sneak attacks. Along his emotionally intelligence, He can predict every moves or plans his enemies who commends only for him to foil every of their plans to ensure his enemies will all be emerged to their defeats in miserable failures.
    • Marksmanship: Like earth's military soldiers, Hajime has great accuracy of using firearms and grenades. His revolvers can penetrates high level monsters' durability and pierce through armors such as the Templar Knights and Kouki's strongest armor. While his sniper rifle is 10 times more powerful version than his revolvers. His pile bunker has the power to penetrate through defenses and pierce a powerful individual's weak points such as Noint's heart. One of his wives, Shizuku Yaegashi asked of Hajime's newly rank as a gunner which is unknown to him. He can even kill his targets/dispel their weapons or magic so easily when he is not even looking such as the camouflaged monsters from Cattleya's army, Noint's twin blades, Hiyama's fireball, the monster attacked Shizuku and finally Kouki's kneecaps.
    • Power Absorption: While in his mutation, Hajime has the ability to absorb power from many powerful monsters by eating their meat. He continually devoured the monsters to gain more and more power. The more he eats the monsters, the greater his strength will increased, even further to the point that no ordinary human, not even those who were blessed with physical power, such as Kouki Amanogawa (his idiot classmate), could ever surpass him.
    • Immunity: Due to devouring powerful monsters, Hajime has immunity to all source of conditions. He is immune from mind control. Due to drinking alcohol by his father, Hajime is immune from its intoxication.
    • Weaponry Creations: Hajime created powerful weapons with powerful ores similarities of Earth's military's firearm for war. His shield has powerful defense also reflects the attack back into his enemies. His hammer is one of his greatest masterpiece a gift to one of his lovers/wives, Shea Haulia. His black sword is one his greatest masterpiece that is light but cuts through anything and cannot be broken as it was a gift for one of his lovers/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi. His mini-gun has incredible power and hold 12000 bullets and his anti-tank rocket can caused great explosion though outnumbered but not outgunned. Hajime's orbital satellite laser can destroy countries and lands and the lives within when he demonstrated of extinguished over 100,000 demon troops under Freid Bagwa's commands. His shotgun shells doesn't contains ordinary gunpowder, but poison needles. He created powerful grenades and bullets from monsters' manas and genes. His Twin Iron Fans are powerful fans imbue the user's blood for barriers and tornadoes as it was a gift for Suzu Taniguchi to replace her failed enhanced bracelets. Though he may not be a creator of other weapons, Hajime can only enhance those weapons to strengthen them such as Ryutarou's gauntlets but cannot enhance weapons that have too much adjustments (such as Kouki's sword and armor) when only weakened the so-called "hero's" equipment.
    • Vehicle Creations: Hajime created any source of vehicles for transportation. His motorcycle similar to an american gang's bikes while carries 3 people. His truck carried at least 10 people similar to military hummer. His bus carried 20 people. His submarine is similar to a navy submarines but lava proof. His aircraft travel many place in few minutes. His speed boat is similar to a navy speed boat. Hajime not only created these vehicles for transportation, but equipped with heavy guns. Despite of him didn't get his driver licenses, he can still drive his vehicles.
    • Medical Knowledge: Hajime created elixir to heal wounds even if it's severe. But it cannot help those are beyond saving such as Yukitoshi Shimizu after shot at the heart by unknown demon assailant.
    • Spirit Magic: Hajime can revived anyone who temporarily died by using Noint's body as a vessel when he revived his lover and future wife, Kaori Shirasaki within 5 days.
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hajime never received any method for training before his mutation. With his mutation, Hajime has tremendous power of hand-to-hand combat. He can easily overpowered the supposedly strongest humans, demons, and Apostles even without using his guns. His Hand-to-Hand combat skills are considered to be too dangerous when it holds the power to effortlessly break bones and damage vital organs from humans even those who are blessed with enhanced physical power such as when he thrashed his psychotic self proclaimed love rival, Daisuke Hiyama after the latter temporarily killed Kaori Shirasaki (who is Hajime's lover since she met him in middle school). Hajime has easily thrashed the so-called "chosen hero", Kouki Amanogawa without any efforts or sustain injuries after defeated him so easily even when he used "Limit Break" and merged with his doppelganger which are still too weak to match for Hajime.
    • Training Methods: Through his mutation, Hajime has a harsh and brutal training methods of turning weak willed people into a strong assassins. According to Ryutarou Sakagami, Hajime is considered to be a pupil of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
    • Body Modifications: Hajime has tremendous body modifications. He implanted a cybernetic arm and a eye-like gem to replace his missing body parts. While revived person resided into Noint's body, he made adjustments of modification of the revived person's original body with both Noint's genes and organs through undergo and transplant surgeries to make their bodies tough and cannot die so easily as he did modifications on his lover/wife Kaori.
    • Intelligence: Despite of his average grades, Hajime is extremely emotionally intelligent even greater than one of his lovers/wives, Shizuku Yaegashi. He is fully aware that Kouki is so naive and delusional enough to not believe and get mad at him instead if he did tell him of Ehit's manipulations which is the reason he will not tell him. Hajime already know Hiyama was attempted to kill him before when he backfired Hiyama's plans towards him and his gang and will use the knowledge for Hiyama's demise when attempted to feign an apology to join Hajime's party purely to get close to Kaori Shirasaki (who is Hajime's lover since middle school). After defeated the weak and selfish Hiyama, Hajime revealed the true reason Kaori will never become Hiyama's girlfriend for his worthless life due to his lack of responsibilities which always caused Hiyama to his own failures as well as his downfall as Hajime was not expected Hiyama to survive when kicked toward the monster hordes. With the help of his teacher, Aiko Hatayama and Princess Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Hajime has successifully turned all of Ehit's human worshipers against the false god himself. Hajime also has the knowledge for strength and weaknesses. Hajime considered Noint as a weak "god's" puppet who stood no chance against him after killed her. When making Kouki suffer knowing he would betray him, Nagumo criticized the fused-yet-weak Amanogawa the reason why he kept on failing is due to his childish idealism even in their fight when Kouki foolishly merged with his doppelganger when Hajime considered Kouki to be an emotional and incompetent weakling who can never defeat him in both strength and willpower as he easily defeated him twice in an unarmed duel and later when Kouki merged with his doppelganger for a pathetic measly power up that is still too weak to defeat Hajime. Hajime knows the all Tortus worshiped the same fake god. Hajime is also one step ahead than the foolish demon general of Garland, Freid Bagwa as Hajime called him the foolish one after wiped out 100,000 demon troops. Unlike Kouki and Ryutarou who were both reckless when fighting their enemies head on without even thinking, Hajime is cautious and sharpish when considering to attack their enemies head on without thinking would lead them to an ambush.
    • Great Leadership: As the leader of the Returnees, his own party, which is not a part of the so-called "Hero Party", Hajime has a great leaderships which allowed him and his party to easily win at every battles and successfully conquered the Great Labyrinths. He has splendid commands over his companions who are completely obedience and loyal towards him due to their undying love for him. His leaderships is also helps those to become strong from the resolves (except for Kouki Amanogawa due to his weak resolve and willed of devotion to his so-called "justice"). His commands over Yue is powerful enough to destroy anyone who stood in his path effortlessly even in large numbers. His commands over Tio is more powerful enough to destroy buildings easily including the Holy Church's Temple which purposely killed the pope and all of his bishops whom failed in their attempt to interfere Hajime's battle against Noint. His leadership over the fake heroes allowed themselves to successfully complete their trials (except for Kouki who is an idiot and the only one who failed in his trial because of his weaknesses and delusions even in his effortlessly defeat by Hajime). Because of his powerful leadership, Hajime doesn't take orders from those who are weak and misguided such as Kouki due to his delusions pride and childish ideal of his useless heroisms.
    • High Pain Tolerance: Hajime has shown to be incredibly resistant to injuries and pain, being able to survive just with minor injuries against powerful attacks of enemies such as Noint or Freid Bagwa.
    • Murder and Torture Methodologies: Hajime has tremendous methods to murder, torture and harass those who are his enemies. In various occasions, Hajime harassed only two of his companions who are perverted to him such as Shea Haulia and Tio Klarus (though they always get use to it). In interrogation, Hajime tortures his enemies to give him all evidence and intellect that he needs before ending them such as Cattleya and Alva. He tortured the spirit who controls Kaori's body by using bullet that inflict pain mentally without physical harm to Kaori's body. For those who harmed his companions, Hajime tortures, abused and kill those who harmed his companions in one of his worst methods when he brutally thrashed Daisuke Hiyama and later feed his former bully to the monsters after his supposedly murder on Kaori Shirasaki (who is one of Hajime's lovers since middle school). If anyone said Yue's name without honorifics, Hajime will be brutalized those who hold no rights to say Yue's name in an even worse case because he gave her a name so casually when he easily thrashed Kouki Amanogawa (his classmate who is a self-deluded idiot).
    • Electrokinesis: After devouring two wolf-like monsters, Hajime obtained lightning affinity. He can shock his enemies with lightning attacks. With using his revolvers, he imbued his lightning abilities with full charge blast. His lightning can charge liquids including blood such as when he easily electrified the monster (that cut off and eaten his left arm).
  • Terrakinesis: After his "blessing" and summoning, Hajime became a synergist, with the ability to transmutate materials. Realizing this, he learnt to use it in order to manipulate the earth under his feet, creating defensive barriers of various dimensions, from small to enormous. It is by using this capability that he allowed his classmates to escape from the Behemoth (allowing even Hiyama to eventually betray and try to kill him).


I don't care if we used to be classmates. I won't hesitate to kill you.
~ Hajime to Kouki after he got mutated.
I definitely used to be. But not anymore.
~ Hajime replied Cattleya that he is not human anymore in the dub.
It's kill or be killed in this world. You've got to kill your enemies.
~ Hajime revealed Tortus' true nature as a world of killing.
I told you before, i don't give a crap about what happen to this world. I'm going home. That's it.
~ Hajime to Yue of dislikes of Tortus.
I don't care who comes for me. Demon or god. I'll kill them. But anyone who's just being puppeteered by that god won't be able to touch me.
~ Hajime to Cattleya before murdering her.
Listen up, Amanogawa. I don’t care about your justice, and I have no interest in arguing with you about what’s right and wrong. We’re not friends, we’re not comrades, and we definitely don’t believe in the same things, so I have absolutely no intention of doing something just because you say so. All I did was allow you to accompany me for a bit. Don't you dare make me angry. The next time you do something stupid... I’ll break your arms and legs and send you back to the kingdom.
~ Hajime after defeating Kouki for the second time.
Looks like this 'Irregular' was more than you could handle.
~ Hajime after murdering Noint.
Good luck surviving out there. Knowing you, you probably won't make it.
~ Hajime before killing Hiyama.
But don't get the wrong idea. I don't think of us as classmates or friends or comrades. I came here because I owe Shirasaki a favor. Once I'm gone, I'm gone forever.
~ Hajime to Kouki of reason he came to the Labyrinth in the dub.
Now where have I heard that before? Never thought someone who’s supposed to be me would take that shit so seriously. If that’s what the definition of human is, then yeah, I guess I’m not human anymore. Maybe I really am a monster who was born in the abyss.

A monster, huh? But— Sure, I might be rejected when I get home. I may not have anywhere to return to now. But even so, I’m going to keep moving forward.
You really think this road was such an easy one that I could have traveled this far by deceiving myself? This is how it's always been.
The opponents I’ve faced haven’t been kind enough to wait for me to solve my problems. No matter what doubts or fears I’ve had, my only choice was to turn my resolve into a weapon and push my way forward.

~ Hajime's quotes.


Hajime and his lovers in the end of Season 1



  • According to Ryutarou Sakagami, Hajime is considered to be a pupil of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman due to his harsh training methods.
  • Due to never losing to anyone during the series, Hajime is considered to be one of the strongest Isekai protagonists.
  • Hajime is one of the three only classmates of the party who are not fully humans anymore (other being Kaori Shirasaki and Eri Nakamura).
  • In the English version he has the same voice as Shay Obsidian.
  • Formerly, in his pre-mutated state, his hair was originally black and his eyes were brown. Currently, in his post-mutated state, his black hair turned into white hair and his brown eyes turned into red, this all through the Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

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