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Hakan(ハカン) is a character in the Street Fighter series.


Hakan is a fighter from Turkey. He is noticeably red skinned, has strange turquoise hair worn in circular curls that connects to his mustache. He has a wife and several young daughters. His fighting style is based on Yağlı gureş and revolves around him coating himself in oil, making his body all slippery. This allows him to slide across the ground and also launch his opponents by squeezing them through his bulging muscles.

Hailing from Turkey, Hakan is the president of the world's leading edible oil manufacturer and top contender in Turkey's national sport, Yağlı gureş. He enters the S.I.N.. tournament to show that his form of wrestling is the world's best. During his travels, he also begins searching for inspiration for a new oil recipe.

During the tournament, Hakan runs into an old friend of his, E. Honda. After a friendly reunion, their meeting quickly turns competitive when they both claim that their fighting style is the best. After the battle, Honda comes out the loser and acknowledges that it was a good fight, but claims that he will not lose next time. After his victory, Hakan realizes that Japan has a wide variety of oils, and decides to take his family to Japan to expand their business.


Hakan has a very strong belief that his own fighting style is the best in the world. He also has mixed regard depending on what fighter he has fought. Some like Ryu, Gouken, Zangief and Dhalsim he holds in high regard, but others like Rufus, El Fuerte and Adon holds with low regard, and he also responds to evil characters quite harshly. Though, he considers E. Honda a good friend, but their beliefs in their own respective fighting styles make them more like rivals than friends. Even with his love for Turkish oil wrestling, what he loves more is his family.


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