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Heroine Overview

Hakufu Sonsaku is one of the main protagonist of Ikki Tousen. She loves to fight and loves to take on stronger opponents. She was given intense martial arts training and was trained in tea ceremonies and flower arrangements.

She is voiced by Masumi Asano in the Japanese version, and by Debora Rabbai and Carrie Savage in the English version.


Hakufu is a beautiful girl with ample cleavage. She has long flowing beautiful, strawberry blonde hair, that goes down all the way to her back which also covers her ears. Her hair also has bangs as well, most of which in the middle of her forehead which covers up most of her forehead. Two strands of Hakufu's hair also stick out, on the top of her head.

Hakufu is usually seen in her Nanyo academy uniform, which consists of a red plaid skirt and a yellow sweater vest with a white collared shirt underneath, white socks and some brown loafers. In the anime series, she is usually seen with an upskirt and pink underwear.


She's a stubborn girl with full energy, mostly when she hears that there is a strong opponent that she wants to fight. She is normally kind and warmhearted (the opposite of her mother Goei) but is given to extreme fits of brattiness when she doesn't get her way. She always pulls Koukin along on some adventure, usually exposing herself to him and others in some semi or fully naughty way. However, when her friends and family are in danger, she immediately comes to their aid. While Hakufu enjoys fighting, she is against the idea of killing or using violence on her opponents. Despite her destiny to conquer all the schools, Hakufu just wants to fight. Basically speaking, she fights for the sake of fighting. As noted by her friends, family, and enemies, she is extremely stupid but makes up for her stupidity with her excellent fighting skills which continued to develop over the course of the manga and anime.


  • Hakufu's measurements are B 93 / W 56 / H 88
  • Hakufu has been known to be called Booby bombs, only for the fact that her breasts are so ample.
  • Hakufu dislikes being called "stupid" and will normally berate anyone who calls her stupid.
  • She has the ability to perfectly replicate any attack or move after only seeing it once.
  • Hakufu is a good swimmer, akin to her dragon being a water dragon.


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