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It's not a weak point — I like to think of it as more of a character flaw. People and weapons just aren't complete without a character flaw, don't you think?
~ Otacon about character flaw and his decision in adding weakpoints on Metal Gear REX
The whole reason I got into science in the first place was because I was no good with people. I was scared of them. I was scared of life. I thought that I could never understand them because they're so illogical. But I've finally learned how to like people. I'm not afraid anymore.
~ Otacon.

Doctor Hal Emmerich, known primarily by his alias "Otacon", is the tritagonist of the Metal Gear series. He is Solid Snake's best friend and Sunny Emmerich's guardian, and a co-founder/member of Philanthropy.

He is voiced by Christopher Randolph.


Otacon is one of the most beloved characters in the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise. He is a hacker and scientist who supports the hero Solid Snake throughout the games. Otacon, whose real name is Hal Emmerich, is a kind, gentle soul who is extremely intelligent and passionate about his work.

Otacon is a firm believer in the principle of disarmament and he is fiercely loyal to those he loves and cares deeply for. He often acts as a mentor or big brother figure to Snake, doling out both psychological and technical advice. His unerring optimism and stability often provide a sense of calm and stability in the midst of chaos.

Despite his intelligence and loyalty, Otacon is often easily upset and can be quite cowardly when faced with dangerous situations. He will often hesitate or try to talk his way out of situations that involve too much danger. This is one of the major differences between Otacon and the protagonist, Solid Snake.

In the end, Otacon's kind and loyal nature endear him to all who meet him, both in the game and in real life. Fans of the franchise love him for his quirky personality and his selfless devotion to his friends. Despite his cowardly nature, he always manages to pull through in times of need and provides valuable guidance and advice when his friends are in trouble.


Otacon has a slender build of medium height, with grey hair, which was later changed to brown, and blue eyes. He usually wore a lab coat with jeans and trainers, which was changed for Metal Gear Solid 4 in which he wears a white trench coat, trousers and trainers and a blue sweater.


Early Life[]

Hal Emmerich was born in 1980 to Huey Emmerich and Strangelove and was named after his father's love of the 1968 classic, 2001: A Space Odyessy. Little of Hal's youth was spent on a XOF base in Afghanistan, but he would be sent to the states when Strangelove learned of Huey's plot to place their child into the metal gear "Sahelanthropus". When Huey learned of what Strangelove did, he decided to place her into a mammal pod, causing her to die from suffocation. Hal would reunite with his father in the states, and Huey would go on to marry a woman named Julie Danzinger. During his childhood and teenage years, Hal developed a close bond with his stepsister Emma, and the two often played "house" together.

During the mid-1990s, Hal was seduced by Julie, and the two had a brief affair until Huey discovered it and committed suicide via pool drowning. As a result, Hal felt immense guilt in his father's death and for betraying Emma, as she nearly drowned since Huey dragged her when he committed suicide. He proceeded to run away from home due to his guilt, but kept in contact with Julie, who informed him of Emma's development of aquaphobia. Despite dropping out of high school, Hal was a brilliant mind who managed to be accepted into MIT by going through self-study. Earning his PhD, bachelor's and master's degree at Princeton, Emmerich was later recruited into the FBI's ERF division, but was kicked out when he was caught hacking into their database.

Afterward, Hal was hired at ArmsTech uner Kenneth Baker, where he developed several technologies that would be taken into the United States Army. He was then hired to become the lead engineer of the metal gear rex project, which was secretly a project that could use nuclear strikes. In 2005, Hal was taken hostage alongside the personel at Shadow Moses Island by FOXHOUND, a unit under the command of Liquid Snake. While being held hostage, Emmerich developed an infatuation with Sniper Wolf, but it's assumed that he was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at the time.

Metal Gear Solid[]

Hal would be confronted by Gray Fox, a FOXHOUD cybernetic ninja who wanted to know of Solid Snake's location. The confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of Snake, who battled his former ally as Emmerich hid. Hal would reveal himself to Snake, and after learning of metal gear's purpose, decided to help him. Using his stealth camouflage to move around the base, Emmerich would help Snake in his mission, even after he was hurt when Snake eliminated Sniper Wolf. Snake, alongside Meryl Silverburgh, succeeded in stopping Liquid Snake's uprising and the destruction of the base.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots[]

Hal would later reunite with Solid Snake at the request of Colonel Roy Campbell in regard to a private request from Campbell on behalf of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), of whom he now served under: Intelligence has located Liquid in the Middle East, planning an insurrection against the United Nations and the United States. Campbell wants Snake to go in and terminate Liquid as a wet work operation that can't be authorized by the Pentagon, Congress, or the POTUS, due to the backlash that was caused by the Manhattan Incident against the USA, leading to Private Military Companies (PMCs) becoming the main force for military intervention all over the world.

Hal also became the surrogate uncle for Sunny after she was rescued from the Patriots.

On the way to the Middle East, Campbell explains everything to Snake while Hal works on the Metal Gear Mk. II that would serve as a liaison for Hal while he remained on the Nomad, revealing that the five largest PMCs are run out of a dummy mother company called "Outer Heaven", led by Liquid, who is planning an insurrection against the U.N. and the U.S.A. When Snake objects to how Liquid could still be alive after he personally saw him die, Campbell reveals that Liquid lives on in Revolver Ocelot, thus turning him into Liquid Ocelot, and is using this insurrection to bring about the world that Big Boss envisioned, where soldiers will always have a place. If they fail, the outcome could be much worse than Iron Mountain's Delphi Technique.

Snake makes it into the Middle East disguised as one of the hired operators to support the militiamen fighting against the Praying Mantis PMC under Liquid currently maintaining the regime in power. After a run-in with the Gekko, NATO Allied codename "IRVING", Snake contacts Hal, who directs him to a rendezvous point to meet up with the Mk. II to receive a few extra gadgets from it, including the Solid Eye, a Colt .45 Operator pistol with attached suppressor, and a Mk. 2 tranquilizer gun. Shortly after Snake enters the militia safehouse and makes his way through to where he meets Drebin 893, he contacts Hal about Drebin and whether or not they can trust him since he makes a living off the war economy. Despite both their concerns, they agree to collaborate with Drebin for the time being, using the Mk. II to contact him whenever they need to for supplies, ammo, or new guns.

Shortly after Snake leaves the safehouse, Hal contacts him again about what Drebin said regarding the war economy and how the prices for goods fluctuates depending on the battle conditions: The worse it gets, the more expensive it gets, but the quieter it is, the better the bargains. After that, Hal has Snake proceed to the Advent Palace to meet up with Rat Patrol Team 01, aiding the militiamen whenever he can against the Praying Mantis PMC troopers.

After Snake meets up with Meryl Silverburgh, Johnny Sasaki, and the rest of their team, they're forced to work their way down and out of the Advent Palace while being attacked by Liquid's elite, all-female, Haven Troopers, or FROGs, until reaching the parking garage and Rat Patrol taking their leave from Snake, moments before Hal contacts him regarding how Rat Patrol handled the FROGs and suggests he keep going to get to the Praying Mantis forces' main camp to find Liquid. Along the way, Snake contacts Hal when he sees the militiamen brought in a Soviet/Russian-made BMP-3 to fight through the PMC forces before it is destroyed by Javelin missiles fired by the Praying Mantis troopers. From there, Snake then watches as an entire unit of militiamen, almost to the Praying Mantis main camp, are slaughtered by the Beauty and the Beast Unit to prevent them from getting any closer, to both Snake and Hal's shock.

Some time after Snake is brought back to the Nomad after being rescued by Johnny following Liquid causing Snake, the Praying Mantis PMC troopers, and even Rat Patrol to suffer emotional fits from their nanomachines going offline, Hal realizes that Naomi Hunter had been there after analyzing the syringe that she left with Snake before Johnny rescued him. Shortly thereafter, they review a video message Naomi sent them, revealing that she's in South America doing research for Liquid and asks for them to rescue her. Campbell then calls to confirm that Liquid is in the region as his Pieruve Armament PMC force is currently keeping control of the area under the new regime while dealing with rebels from the previous one. Campbell has granted Snake and Hal clearance to land at El Dorado International Airport and a 4x4 for Snake to use to get close to the PMC perimeter, with Snake under the guise of a U.N. inspector. After that, they're on their own.

Shortly after Snake reaches a village within the Pieurve Armament perimeter, he sees several of the South American rebels being herded together for execution by the PMC troopers, then sees Laughing Octopus emerge from hiding to attack some of the rebels. Only then, hearing an explosion, Snake turns to a burning house to see Vamp emerge from it. After Vamp orders Laughing Octopus to kill the rebels, but then spare one to pass on that Snake is not to be trusted by the rebels, Vamp departs on a Stryker with Laughing Octopus, escorted by two PMC troopers in power armor suits. Hal contacts Snake via the Codec, furious to see that Vamp still lives after they saw him die during the Manhattan Incident, and suspects that he could be immortal. Hal is about to say what he'll do to Vamp if he sees him again before Snake suppresses him and reminds him of their main objective to find Naomi. With that, Snake proceeds on his mission.

Some time later, after Snake rescues Naomi before she can be taken away by Vamp, and Drebin arrives in his Stryker to escort Naomi and Snake to safety, when Drebin crashes his Stryker in town, Hal arrives in the helicopter to pick up where he left off and rescue Snake and Naomi. Once they are aboard and escape the Gekko pursuing them, they fly over where they last saw Raiden fighting the Gekko, only to see he's been restrained by them as Vamp arrives to confront him. Hal keeps the chopper steady as Snake uses a DSR-1 sniper rifle to free Raiden, allowing him to fight off the Gekko and Vamp before using another Gekko to board their helicopter.

As it flees the area, Hal is still convinced that Vamp is immortal, but Naomi explains that Vamp's nanomachines accelerate his healing abilities, and that's why he recovers so quickly after taking potentially fatal wounds. After Raiden passes out from his own wounds to his Cyborg Ninja body and asks Snake to go find Big Mama, they flee South America and return to the Nomad.

With Naomi now joining them, their next stop is pursuing Liquid to Eastern Europe as he was after the body of Big Boss, having learned that the only way for him to access SOP was to acquire Big Boss' biometric data as only a 100% match would be able to unlock access to SOP as the imperfect matches with Liquid and Solid Snake's DNA did not work, and have been blacklisted by the System to ensure they can't be used to try again. During this time, Naomi is devastated to see that the Cyborg Ninja project is still running, especially after seeing Raiden reminds her of her brother, Frank Jaeger, AKA Gray Fox, the original Cyborg Ninja. She also befriends Sunny, and helps her learn how to cook her eggs better so she doesn't burn them. Later that night, Naomi joins Hal after Snake and Sunny go to sleep and learns about his hatred for Vamp when he explains that Vamp killed his sister, Emma. Soon enough, she encourages Hal to take off his glasses, and they share an intimate moment in the helicopter stored in the Nomad cargo bay.

Once in Eastern Europe, Naomi and Sunny head to Dr. Madnar to get the dialysis equipment to help Raiden, while Hal maintains contact with Snake as he begins his search to find a member of Big Mama's Paradise Lost Army and tail them to their main hideout while avoiding the Raven Sword PMC patrols around the city due to a curfew being in effect and the PMCs ordered to arrest anyone violating the curfew. Snake manages to tail a Paradise Lost member and protect them from being captured by the Raven Sword troopers until he can disguise himself as one of them to blend in, maintaining the disguise all the way to the hideout where Snake reunites with Big Mama, his surrogate mother from the Les Enfants Terrible project. Once there, Hal contacts Snake over the Codec to tell him that Naomi left the Nomad shortly after getting back from Dr. Madnar. Suspecting she went back to Liquid to help finish his plans for his insurrection, they barely have time to contemplate it before it is discovered that Big Mama and the "children" have been compromised by Dwarf Gekko/Scarabs, and Hal calls in to report that the Raven Sword PMCs are closing in with Gekko. With no other option left to them, Big Mama decides to have the "children" split up with taking some decoy vans containing Big Boss' pyx to lure some of the PMCs away while she, Snake, and some of the "children" take the real van and escape via the canal route. Hal monitors their escape as they make their way to the rendezvous point, but while the escort motorcycles all crash and the "children" killed, Snake and Big Mama manage to escape with the one driving the van, but soon are separated when Raging Raven arrives to engage them herself along with FROGs and Sliders. Hal warns Snake and Big Mama of losing the van, and how all the decoys have been intercepted and destroyed, so now all enemy forces will be converging on them. Despite the numbers, they are able to escape and regroup with the van, but one of Raging Raven's Sliders fires a missile that crashes the van, killing the driver, and causes Big Mama and Snake to crash, badly injuring Big Mama in the process. Snake leaves Big Mama to guard the van with the driver's FN FAL while he heads up to face Raven and her Sliders.

After beating Raven and acquiring her Milkor MGL-140 grenade launcher, Snake regroups with Big Mama, learns the van they had been protecting was a decoy as well, and the pyx is safe with the "children" on their getaway boat on the Volta River. As Snake helps Big Mama to a nearby manhole to head down to the sewer to follow it to the river to rendezvous with the pyx and escape Eastern Europe, neither are aware they've been noticed and watched by a Scarab as they climb down the ladder, resulting in where when they reach the river, Liquid Ocelot is waiting for them, with the Paradise Lost boat overturned and a flaming wreck, much to Big Mama's despair, meaning Liquid has the pyx now. Worse, Naomi is with him, waiting on Liquid's gunboat with Vamp and several FROGs. After Liquid overpowers Snake, reveals his plan, and then attempts to escape, he's intercepted by Rat Patrol Team 01 and a large force of United States Army soldiers and Marines to take him in. Before any of them can fire on his boat, he activates his takeover of SOP, disabling their weapons, before then incapacitating the American troops, leaving them helpless as his FROGs tear them to ribbons with their FN P90 submachine guns. Afterwards, he shoots Rat Patrol's gunboat with his boat's cannons, before pulling alongside to give them the pyx back before shooting it in the head, destroying it, and leaving Big Mama and Snake severely burned from the flames. Despite his pain, Snake shouts for Hal, and Hal is able to get the Metal Gear Mk. II onto Liquid's boat before it departs, cloaking it to eavesdrop on Liquid, Vamp, and Naomi.

While the Mk. II eavesdrops on Liquid, Vamp, and Naomi, they discuss how to take out the core Patriot AI in JD, using a non-ID nuclear warhead from the Shadow Moses facility in Alaska. As they talk, Hal moves the Mk. II behind Naomi, but as a result, when she steps backwards, she hits the Mk. II, causing it to decloak, and thus be spotted by Liquid and Vamp, with Vamp seeing to its demise personally. Despite losing the Mk. II, Hal had already built its successor, the Metal Gear Mk. III, and that becomes his means of communicating with Snake after that as they head for Shadow Moses, especially after being contacted by Campbell and Mei Ling regarding the situation around the world with the shutdown of SOP and Shadow Moses, and a moment where Raiden, having somewhat recovered thanks to his dialysis machine, wants to help, but Snake tries to convince him not to, especially with Sunny wanting to protect Raiden until he's fully healed.

Once at Shadow Moses, Hal drops Snake off with the Mk. III via a smaller helicopter in a snowfield a short distance from the heliport. As Snake and Hal reminisce about when they first met and what Shadow Moses was like back then, it is clear now that Liquid already had the facility guarded by automated forces from the Werewolf PMC under his command, including Gekko and Scarabs.

As Snake makes his way back through the derelict facility while avoiding the Scarabs and Gekko now prowling the area, Hal is able to restore power to allow Snake to travel back down to Hal's old office in order to boot it back up and provide power to the heavy blast door leading to the snowfield, reminiscing on their original meeting along with the events with Gray Fox nine years earlier. While there, Hal accesses the security cameras further ahead, and sees that Vamp and Naomi are already on their way to REX's hangar, meaning they have to hurry. However, as Snake heads back to the elevator, a Gekko suddenly smashes through the ceiling and blocks the way. Thinking fast, Snake has the Mk. III slip past the Gekko while it isn't looking and reengage the electrified floor, causing the Gekko to be painfully electrocuted to death, blowing it up and clearing the way. Back topside, while Hal has the Mk. III unlock the door, it hears the elevator whirring as something is coming back up in it. It turns out to be another Gekko. With the Mk. III unable to engage stealth mode while it is unlocking the door, Snake has to think fast again to keep the Gekko from seeing the little robot. Once the Gekko is destroyed, the door cracks shortly thereafter, allowing Snake to reach the snowfield where he fought Sniper Wolf, only to be engaged by Crying Wolf and her FROG escort, who were waiting for him. Once Snake defeats Crying Wolf, Hal moves to unlock the door to the next area leading to REX's hangar, but pauses when the wolf hounds that live on Shadow Moses arrive to carry Crying Beauty off into the woods, then returns to opening the door.

Later, upon reaching the door to REX's hangar, it is found that the door is hard-locked, possibly by Vamp and Naomi. With no way to bypass it, Snake is forced to use the underground casting facilities as a detour to reach a lift back to REX's hangar. When they arrive, Hal sees that REX's railgun is already gone, meaning they are too late, and Vamp and Naomi are waiting for them. As Vamp jumps down to face Snake himself, Hal angrily orders Snake to defeat Vamp and avenge Emma along with getting Naomi back from him. When Snake finally renders Vamp mortal, Gekko arrive, some armed with nuclear demo charges to destroy REX and the facility. Luckily, Raiden arrives, fully healed, and offers to fight Vamp himself while Snake deals with the Gekko using Crying Wolf's railgun and Hal uses the Mk. III to power up REX.

After some time, Raiden finally defeats Vamp, and he falls from REX, mortally wounded. Naomi then arrives to confess about how Vamp recovered from fatal wounds so much previously, before offering Hal a syringe full of suppressor nanomachines to end Vamp's suffering, asking to do it not for revenge, but to end Vamp's misery of still being alive. Before Hal can make up his mind, Vamp takes the syringe and injects himself, leaving Hal to watch as the man responsible for his sister's murder is able to finally succumb to his wounds and die, as Naomi weeps and asks Vamp to forgive her after he expires. Hal is unmoved, and asks why. Naomi confesses and then asks Snake, Raiden, and Hal to stop Liquid and make sure to help atone for her and the world's past mistakes. As the hangar rumbles as Gekko attempt to break in again after REX sealed the doors with debris from its anti-tank missiles, having retrieved the syringe from Vamp, Naomi injects herself with the suppressors while the others are not looking. When they discover what she did, she confesses that, like Vamp, she shouldn't be alive right now, as she has terminal cancer. Her own nanomachines were keeping the malignant tumors at bay, but they've done all they can, and she wants to die to help atone for her own sins. Despite Hal's frantic, even heartbreaking pleas, Naomi injects herself again, and again, to finally commit suicide. Sharing one last moment with Hal via the Mk. III as he breaks down in mournful sobbing, Naomi shoves the Mk. III away, telling them to get out of there while they still can.

As Snake moves to grab the Mk. III, Hal uses its taser to keep him back, still too consumed in grief to want to have them escape, as flashbacks of Emma, Sniper Wolf, and Naomi play out, before Raiden warns Snake the Gekko have broken through, and they grab the Mk. III and flee for REX. Once aboard, Hal finally recovers, admits he's done crying as he has no more tears left to shed, powers up REX, and helps Snake and Raiden pilot it out of the hangar and to safety, as Naomi, in her last moments of life, whispers to them to promise her they will carry on her will before she finally dies, joining her brother Gray Fox in the same place he died nine years earlier.

Though Raiden bails halfway out to hold off the Gekko, Snake and Hal pilot REX out to the dockside just in time before the Suicide Gekko self-destruct, though Raiden is pinned by falling debris before he can join them. Then, Liquid Ocelot appears, piloting the Metal Gear RAY, to have his ultimate faceoff with Snake in REX. Despite RAY being the later model and REX being handicapped without its railgun or radome, Hal is able to ensure REX can fight RAY on even terms thanks to a street fighter program he installed on REX when he was working on it in the past. Thanks to Hal's secret addition that he never told his bosses on Shadow Moses about, REX is able to defeat RAY, but at the cost of exhausting itself in the process and shutting down for good. Snake is violently thrashed about in the cockpit when REX collapses as it powers down, dislocating his shoulder and cutting his forehead open, blood oozing out from under his bandanna acting as a makeshift gauze bandage. When Hal inquires about Liquid, Ocelot stumbles out of RAY before faking being killed by FOXDIE, startling Snake, before getting back to his feet and running for the end of the dock as Snake struggles out of REX and Hal has the Mk. III drop Snake's M4 Custom for him to use as he staggers and limps after Liquid.

However, it is then that Liquid's personal Arsenal Gear, Outer Haven, surfaces in the distance. As Liquid is lifted aboard by a crane, Snake futilely fires at him with his M4, but his dislocated shoulder throws off his accuracy, and he soon collapses, and apparently goes catatonic as Liquid has Outer Haven reorient itself to ram into the dock and crush Snake. Raiden, after intentionally dislocating his own shoulder to reach his sword, asks Sunny to forgive him as he then amputates his own pinned arm so he can save Snake. Snake is still unresponsive until he senses that Outer Haven has stopped closing in on him and looks up to see Raiden holding it back with his own Cyborg Ninja strength. As Raiden shouts for Snake to hurry and get out of here, Snake fully regains cognitive awareness of his situation and drags himself away from the brink just in time, as Raiden's strength finally gives out, and Outer Haven crushes him. Thankfully, the USS Missouri arrives and forces Outer Haven into retreat with its main 16-inch guns, before Hal arrives in his smaller helicopter to pick up Snake and take him back to the American battleship.

Once aboard the Missouri, the ship sets off in pursuit of Outer Haven, knowing they have to intercept it when it tries to shoot down JD at perigee in the Bering Strait to allow GW to take over. During a private moment between them, Hal tries to reason with Snake, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. When Snake has to inject himself again following another seizure, Hal calmly takes the syringe away afterwards and scolds Snake for what he's doing to himself, but again, despite Hal's best interests in Snake's well-being, Snake blows him off, including when Snake tries to smoke again, and Hal takes away the cigarette and snuffs it in an ashtray after Snake has another coughing fit.

Once they catch up and Haven surfaces to prepare REX's railgun, Hal offers Snake some final words before he launches onto Haven, making it clear if Liquid succeeds in his plan, then they have to bear the onus of the burden in the process. Once Snake is aboard Haven, Hal keeps in contact with him from the bridge of the Missouri through the Mk. III. After Snake deals with Screaming Mantis, the leader and last member of the Beauty and the Beast Unit, and leaves Meryl and Johnny to cover his back, he reaches the final hallway before the microwave corridor leading to GW, but suffers another seizure. As Hal checks to see if he's okay, FROGs appear ahead, and seeing that Snake can't fight back, they forgo using their P90s and Five-Sevens and choose to use their machetes instead. As they start to advance, Hal pleads for Snake to get back up and defend himself, but Snake can't. Luckily, Raiden arrives to assist, now missing both arms and clenching his sword in his teeth, and offers to head to GW himself due to his Cyborg Ninja body handling the microwave corridor better. However, Snake tells him to stay back and fight the FROGs while he does it, considering it atonement for what happened to Raiden. Seeing there's no talking Snake out of it, Raiden agrees to give the FROGs hell, while Hal pleads for Snake to hang on until they can upload the virus into GW. With that, Raiden stays behind, and Snake has Hal lock the door to ensure no one can follow him. As Snake then makes his way into the microwave corridor, Hal encourages him to get through as fast as he can, growing more and more concerned as Snake struggles through the corridor, first staggering, then crawling, and finally dragging his body to the end. In the end, they reach the door to GW, and Hal has the Mk. III open it before Snake staggers inside, throws up, and collapses with a pained, exhausted wheeze. As he recovers and sees GW's server room for himself, Snake asks Hal if he can take care of uploading the virus, and as Hal directs the Mk. III to GW's core to begin the upload, Snake follows, but then senses they are not alone in the room. Indeed, as Hal begins uploading the virus, Scarabs attack in a desperate last attempt to stop the upload. Snake fights them off as best he can, but the numbers game begins to work in the advantage of the Scarabs and they begin to overwhelm Snake. Just as they overtake and bury him, zapping him repeatedly with their tasers, Hal manages to finish uploading the virus, causing the Scarabs, Gekko, and unmanned Metal Gear RAYs to shut down en masse, while the FROGs collapse into emotional fits as their nanomachines shut down and their suppressed emotions come back full force, overwhelming them.

However, despite shutting down GW, Hal discovers that the virus is going further and taking out not just GW, but JD and the other Patriot AIs in TJ, TR, and AL as well. Once GW shuts down, a video of Naomi is triggered, startling Hal at seeing her again as Naomi's video explains that, having learned of Zero and the Patriot AIs planning to enslave the civilian population, she would have none of it, obligating herself to stop it at all costs, with a little help from Sunny. The virus, codenamed "FOXALIVE", is essentially killing the brain while leaving the brainstem intact, saving modern civilization while severing any hold the Patriots still had over it. As the video continues and nears its end, Hal begins to break down in tears, before hugging his laptop as if he was hugging Naomi one more time as he sobs over how Naomi still was able to save the world after her death. Once he recovers, he tries to reach Snake, but gets no response, as Snake had apparently stopped breathing in the GW server room.

Luckily, Hal is able to reach him and get him topside on the sail of Outer Haven, telling him to wait there while he went to get medical assistance. However, when Hal returns later on a chopper to pick up Snake, it was just after Snake had defeated Liquid Ocelot in one-on-one combat, causing Revolver Ocelot to resurface before dying in front of Snake's eyes as himself. As Hal takes Snake back to the Missouri, he can only think of how Naomi was able to ensure humanity's survival in the post-Patriot world, along with what they gained and what they lost in the process to earn it.

Some time later, Hal is attending the wedding of Meryl and Johnny, with Ed serving as minister and Jonathan as Johnny's best man, joined by Sunny, Mei Ling, Roy Campbell, and arriving late to the ceremony with gifts for the newlyweds, Drebin. After Meryl and Johnny are married, and Little Gray screws Mei Ling out of the bouquet throw, Mei Ling asks about Snake, who isn't there with them. No one says a thing, knowing that Snake is taking care of his own problems alone.

During the reception, Drebin and Hal speak to each other, where Drebin reveals that he was a Patriot agent himself, having become a war orphan after his family were killed, and was ordered to help Hal and Snake the whole time. Hal is initially angered by this, until Drebin also reveals that Meryl and Rat Patrol were Patriot agents as well, and they never knew it, revealing that their anagram, RAT PT 01, respelled "PATR10T", to Hal's disbelief and shock. As Drebin continues, Hal inquires as to if he's out of a job now with the Patriots gone, but Drebin reveals that he and his fellow Drebin gun launderers are in business for themselves now with their new business, "DREBINS". He then begins waxing philosophical about how the USA will have lost the interest in unilateralism, and the U.N. will be back at the forefront with multilateralism, especially with all the countries that have gone bankrupt from relying on PMCs the whole time and will need countries like the USA to bail them out. Throughout all that, Hal can only smile, realizing that Drebin's talk is due to being drunk, since his nanomachines could no longer regulate his alcohol intake after being shut off.

Shortly thereafter, Sunny asks Hal is she can give the Mk. III to a young boy her age that she just befriended. Hal agrees, before telling Sunny she doesn't have to stay in the Nomad anymore and can go outside to meet some real friends. Despite that, Sunny wants to stay with her Uncle Hal. It is then that Sunny asks about Snake. Hal, knowing that Snake went to commit suicide to prevent FOXDIE from becoming a pathological threat, tries to sugarcoat the truth to Sunny.

Sunny: Uncle Hal? When is Snake coming back?
Hal: Snake... is sick. So he went on a trip to help him get better.
Sunny: We're not going with him?
Hal: No. He needs to be alone.
Sunny: I wonder if I'll ever see him again.
(voice breaking) Snake... had a hard life. He needs some time to rest. (sniffling)
Sunny: Are you... crying, Uncle Hal?
Hal: No... I'm not crying.
~ Hal and Sunny on if Snake will ever be seen again

Nevertheless, some time later, thanks to a surprise visit from a still-living Big Boss to reveal that the FOXDIE in him won't become an epidemic, Snake regroups with Hal and agrees to allow Hal and Sunny to join him in his final years to ensure his legacy will live on, especially after Hal wisecracks about if Snake will let him suffer through Sunny's eggs alone.

Other Media[]

Super Smash Bros.[]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[]

Hal Emmerich appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in one of the codec conversations, he also appears as a sticker thar increases the resistance to any characters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hal Emmerich returns as a novice-ranked support spirit that equip the user a beam sword. His spirit battle is against Dr. Mario and giant metal R.O.B. on prism tower where the said Dr. Mario tends to avoid conflict, only Dr. Mario needs to be defeated to win.



  • Otacon's voice actor, Christopher Randolph, also voiced Huey Emmerich in the series.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Raiden | Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov | Kevin Washington | Courtney Collins | Maverick Security Consulting, Inc. | Blade Wolf | Sunny Emmerich | George | Jetstream Sam | Wilhelm Voigt

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Ground Zeroes
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