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Hal the Boomerang Bird (also known as Hal or Green Bird) is a main character in Angry Birds and a playable character.

Hal debuted in Level 6 of Angry Birds known as Danger Above where he was captured but then was eventually freed.


Hal is a green skinned toucan with a very large and long beak colored orange. He also had three sets of head hairs on his forehead. In Angry Birds Toons and Go! he resembles a real Toucanet now have yellow eyebags. In the movies, it is a fusion of his game and tv show appearance where he now has arms and legs.


Hal has a short temper when it comes to egg theft and smuggled birds and, like most of the Flock, becomes easily enraged when eggs are discovered missing and rare birds caged up. Little is known about his personality and demeanor at this time. Even though he doesn't appear in as many of the Animated Shorts as some of the other Angry Birds do, (he only appears in the Summer Pignic Short Movie) he is shown in the video as a very cheerful but clumsy bird. This is shown during the entirety of the Animated Short which displays Hal trying to enlist on the Angry Birds Army, in order to help defeat the Bad Piggies. However, Hal is denied enlistment in the Army after he accidentally knocks over the slingshot, causing the White Bird to be launched in the wrong direction. After this, he hops away sadly. After he leaves, the other birds fail the level, and Hal finds the Red and Blue birds near-unconscious upon his return. He eyes the slingshot and launches himself. He sails high over the Bad Piggies fort, much to the King Pig's amusement. As he nearly hits the ground- and two Bad Piggies- he opens his beak and flies back, retrieving the eggs and defeating the King Pig.


Hal is first seen in Angry Birds on Level 6 as an update known as Danger Above where he made his first playable level in 6-4. He also appears in Angry Birds Season where he made a special appearance on Summer Pignic attempting to defeat the Pigs. He also doesn't assist their space adventure in Angry Birds Space for unknown reasons.



In the Summer Picnic Animation, Red extraordinarily dislikes Hal at the beginning, now not trusting him sufficient to use the Slingshot. They forget him, thinking he's going to best be a burden. Red pushes him away after he messes up Matilda's shot. but, after Hal saves the eggs, Red is extraordinarily thankful and accepts him as part of the flock. For the duration of the Angry Birds Mini-Comics, Red and Hal are proven to be correct pals and Hal is cheery and positive towards Red.

The Blues

The Blues like Hal, and experience being with him. They use him in a couple of ways, inclusive of a canoe, an umbrella, and many others. They opt for being with him over Red, which causes Red to be careworn and jealous.



  • He, Terence, Bubbles and Ice Bird are the only birds who first appeared kidnapped by the pigs, although Orange Bird was unintentionally kidnapped.
  • He and Chuck share the same injured corpse sound effects.
  • He, Blu and Jewel are also the only birds to rotate when fired from the slingshot.
  • Hal has a different launch voice on Angry Birds Seasons as of the Ham'o'ween update. However, the PC and Mac version of Angry Birds Classic also has the alternative voice of the bird. The phone version of the original Angry Birds has the original select and launch voice.
  • Hal and the Ice Bird are the only Birds that are shown in the level before is played in as an unplayable item.
  • On Chrome level 6-4 his corpse sprite disappears and is invisible, but when you unlock him, his corpse sprite will be the Angry Birds Rio sprite and he keeps the Yellow Bird pain noises but the feathers change from yellow ones to white ones.
  • Boomerang Birds end their beaks with red in the old design, but in the game he has orangish yellow at the end of his beak.
  • In Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Facebook, Angry Birds (Google Chrome), Angry Birds Vuela Tazos, Angry Birds Fuji TV, Angry Birds Telepizza, and Angry Birds in The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio, Al has a new design.
  • Even though his full beak is all orange, in the Summer Pignic Animated Short, the top part of his beak is yellow while the bottom section is orange just like in his old design.
  • Except in the comics, this is the only bird that talked in the promotional videos (In Summer Pignic, he says "ba-bye!"). However, in the Ham'oween short, while trick-or-treating at Mighty's cave, the Blue Birds do say a word that sounds like "trick or treat!", but not the actual words.
  • As shown in the Summer Pignic short, he is accident prone. This is only in the Summer Pignic short, as seen in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola short, he is an excellent swimmer, and can even boomerang back in the water.
  • Whenever Boomerang Bird blinks, his eyebrows disappear. This only happens for his old design.
  • In Piglantis, Hal's ability doesn't work when he is underwater. The corpse will appear when the ability is activated.
  • In the Angry Birds Heikki promonanal art on Angry Birds Facebook page, Al looks exactly like it's design in Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, except the yellow ring on his beak is removed.
  • Hal is the only bird who got rescued twice.
  • Terence and Hal are the only 2 birds used for The Big Setup.
  • Even though Hal has green feathers, yellow ones appear when he disintegrates after becoming a corpse. In Angry Birds Chrome, Angry Birds Facebook and the 2012 updated version of the original game, green feathers appear (an earlier version of the Chrome version had white feathers).
  • Strangely, in the Angry Birds Coca-Cola short, he can boomerang back in the water, but in Piglantis, when he is underwater, his power becomes useless.


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