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Halle Lidner Death Note

Halle Lidner, as she appears in the anime.

Halle Lidner is one of the characters of Death Note.

She was voiced by Akeno Watanabe in the Japanese anime, and Lisa Ann Beley in the English dub.

Halle is one of the members of the SPK and a former Secret Service agent and CIA agent. She works alongside Near as part of the SPK. She joined the force to avenge one of her deceased relatives, who was killed by Kyosuke Higuchi when he was acting as Kira. She is neither on Mello nor Near's side in their competition to catch Kira, and even leaks information to Mello during the investigation.

She was chosen over Stephen Gevanni to infiltrate Kyomi Takada's bodyguard unit, with the purpose to get information about Kira. She also acted out as her role as a diligent handler to gain Takada's trust, all the while trying to uncover Takada's connection with Kira. Her position as a bodyguard made her a popular figure, alongside her beauty.

Halle sometimes care for Mello, even though she was working with Near. She appeared to share more information with Mello than Near thought she was. She felt sympathy for Mello when he had died inside the burning vehicle, right after Takada killed him, before she herself was killed by Light Yagami.

Halle Lidner's real name was revealed to be Halle Bullook, when Teru Mikami attempts to murder her with a Death Note, along side her fellow members of the SPK. The murder attempt failed when it turns out that Mikami was using the fake notebook.

In the one-shot chapter of the manga set after Light's downfall and death, it was revealed that she, alongside Anthony Rester, were continuing working with Near.


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