Hamato Yoshi
He who lives without honor...will end without honor!
~ Hamato's last words before the Shredder kills him.

Hamato Yoshi was a martial artist teacher of Splinter in the TMNT franchise.

Hamato was an orphan on the streets of Japan until he and his friend Yukio Mashimi were taken in by an old man for his honesty. The elderly man taught them ninjistu when they lived with him. Mashimi and Yoshi both fell in love with Tang Shen who was also taken in by the elderly man. Both of them compete each other though it was clear Tang Shen loved Hamato Yoshi more. Mashimi and Yoshi once saw a man being attack by four ninjas and came to save him. In the struggle, the man they saved was revealed to be an Utrom after his robotic arm cut off. He offered the two become guardian which they both accept.

Yoshi was promoted as a guardian a number of times while Mashimi never got a promotion. Angered that Yoshi was besting him in everything, Yukio Mashimi murdered Tang Shen and betrayed the Utroms to the Shredder. Yoshi was angered by Yukio's actions and breaks into the Foot Headquarters to fight his former friend. Yoshi killed Mashimi and left to New York with the Utroms.

Sometime after, the Shredder track him down and interogated him. When he refuse to tell him about the Utroms, the Shredder killed him.