Hamtaro is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series of the same name.

He is voiced by Kurumi Mamiya in the Japanese version and Chiara Zanni in the English version who also voices Fiona Munson, Daring Do, Hakudoshi and The Infant.


He is a small and adorable orange and white hamster with whiskers, pink paws, a tiny, pink tail, a little, pink-colored, button nose, and beady, black (sometimes gray) eyes. There is a distinctive orange patch of fur located near his bottom.


Hamtaro is a lively, curious, caring, adventurous, courageous, helpful, happy-go-lucky little ham-ham who's always willing to help his friends and go on big and perilous adventures in order to help others in need.

Hamtaro makes the most of his life as a small hamster and lives each day in happiness hoping to make more friends and to have fun. He is always there for his friends.




  • Hamtaro is presumably a Syrian hamster (8.6 cm).
  • Hamtaro usually ends his sentences with "noda" (のだ) or "nanoda" (なのだ), a phrase often used by playful characters in the Japanese version. This is changed to, "Hamha!", "Heke", "Packa-packa", and "kush-kush" in the English version.
  • He bears a fairly close resemblance to the hamster housemaid Ebichu. Some people get Hamtaro and Ebichu confused with each other


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