Hamton J. Pig is the tritagonist of Tiny Toon Adventures. He is an anthropomorphic young pig with blue overalls. His mentor is Porky Pig and is even modeled by him.

He was voiced by the late Don Messick and by Billy West in the video games.


Hamton is a good-natured, mild-mannered, gullible and naively optimistic pig who has a huge appetite. He is shown as a straight-man to his friends who are usually wacky and zany, especially Plucky Duck. He is also a neatfreak who has an obsession with cleanliness. He is also best friends with Plucky, despite being constantly taken advantage of as Plucky can talk him into just about anything. He is also friends with Buster and Babs who usually defend him from Plucky's schemes. Fifi La Fume is his love interest and she has also shown to take a liking to him.


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