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Heroine Overview

I'm good at everything, except the things I can't do.
~ Han Mi-nyeo's catchphrase.
Jang Deok-su, you asshole. I said I'd kill you if you betrayed me.
~ Mi-nyeo to Deok-su.
You're such an idiot. Did you believe I'd really die so you could go on?
~ Mi-nyeo to Deok-su.

Han Mi-nyeo (Korean: 한미녀) is a main character in the first season of the South Korean Netflix drama show Squid Game. Mi-nyeo is a manipulative woman who joined the Squid Game to win the prize money to solve her financial issues. Initially allied with Jang Deok-su and his team, she is betrayed and swears revenge on the gangster. This also causes her to join Seong Gi-hun and Cho Sang-woo's team.

She was portrayed by Kim Joo-ryoung.



Not much is known about her life before the 2020 Squid Game, but she claims to have a newborn child who she had still not named before the first game. She also claims that she never studied in her life but is smart and was accused of fraud five times.

Like the other participants of the games, Mi-nyeo has severe financial problems to deal with. At some point, she was offered the chance to be a contestant in the 33rd Squid Game.

Squid Game

After surviving the first game (Red Light, Green Light) and witnessing the deaths so many people die, Mi-nyeo cries and begs the guards to let her go with others. She tells them she has a child that she did not even register the birth because she did not name him yet. Cho Sang-woo reminds about the third clause of the games and the masked staff accept to have the players voting to terminate the Squid Game. However, before the vote, the staff announces they will show the amount of the prize money that was accumulated from the first game.

Upon seeing 25.5 billion of money accumulated in the piggy bank, Mi-nyeo is impressed and asks the staff what will be the final prize, and a manager says that it will be ₩45.6. billion. However, if they quit the games, all the money will go to the families of the deceased players, and living players will be left with nothing. Because of this, she changes her mind and decides to vote no to stop the games. Another player accuses her of being crazy, but she says that life is already hell outside, so nothing changes if they die there. Despite this, the majority votes to stop the games. Mi-nyeo and group of players protest against this result and request the guards that those who still want to continue should be allowed to play. The masked staff deny their request and say that the games are terminated, unless the majority later decides to play again.

Eventually, when the majority of the contestants decide to return to the Squid Game, Mi-nyeo tries to approach the gangster Jang Deok-su, saying she is very interested in him and asks to join his team. However, Deok-su refuses and makes a dirty joke, the other players in his team mock her, causing her to be disgusted with them.

Later on, Mi-nyeo is inside the players' dormitory and calls the guards outside their door, demanding to go to the bathroom. She asks a soldier to speak with a manager. However, the manager appears in front of the door and refuses to let her leave the dormitory past the curfew. Mi-nyeo is frustrated by this and makes a fuss about it, threating to piss on the floor. With this, the soldier outside agrees and opens the door, telling her to follow him to the bathroom. Kang Sae-byeok approaches and asks to go with her. Mi-nyeo gets annoyed by this, because Sae-byeok is taking advantage of the situation after she had to make a scandal to get her permission. Sae-byeok ignores her and Mi-nyeo thinks the girl is being rude.

In the bathroom, Mi-nyeo pulls out from inside her body a small container with a lighter and cigarettes that she managed to hide, so that the guards would not confiscate them from her when she arrived at the location of the games. While she smokes, she is startled when Sae-byeok opens the door of her toilet holding a switchblade, which she also managed hid from the guards and uses it to open the air ducts. Sae-byeok says she is going to investigate the air ducts and asks Mi-nyeo to distract the guards. Sae-byeok promises to tell Mi-nyeo if she finds out something. Mi-nyeo agrees and helps her enter the ducts.

While Sae-byeok is inside the air ducts, Mi-nyeo screams and pretends to be constipated, so that the masked soldier will not enter the bathroom. The soldier thinks the two women are taking too long and eventually enters and opens the toilet, only to find Mi-nyeo with her pants down and Sae-byeok seemly standing beside her to help. Mi-nyeo pretends to be offended by the soldier's disregard on her privacity and accuses him of sexual harassment before leaving the bathroom. Returning to the dormitory, Mi-nyeo asks Sae-byeok what she saw. Sae-byeok says she'll tell her tomorrow. Upon being questioned in the following morning, Sae-byeok tells Mi-nyeo that the masked men were melting something that smelled like sugar in large pots. Not completely satisfied with this answer, Mi-nyeo threats the girl and says not to hide anything from her, but she lets it go and leaves to eat breakfast.

Mi-nyeo soon finds out the meaning of what Sae-byeok saw during the second game. No knowing what the game is, Mi-nyeo choses the star when asked to pick a shape for the game. She becomes frustrated when they announce that the game is Sugar Honeycombs, because she chose the second hardest shape to extract. However, without the guards noticing, Mi-nyeo pulls out her lighter and uses it to heat her needle and is able to easily cut out her shape. She then approaches a soldier and smiles as she shows her star, before the announcer says that she passed this game. As she exits the area of the game, she surprises Deok-su by leaving her lighter for him to use.

Helping Deok-su during the second game makes him accept her in his team, and they are seen together as the masked manager announces the prize money accumulated from the Sugar Honeycombs game. Later, the guards serve each player only an egg and a soda for lunch, leaving Deok-su irritated, but Mi-nyeo suggests him that their group should get in the line again to get more food. After a few of the players didn't get any food because Mi-nyeo, Deok-su and his group had eaten twice, a contestant confronts Deok-su, but is beaten to death by him. This causes everyone to discover that there is no punishment for killing players in between games, as they simply announce the dead contestant elimination and the guards remove the body as usual. Knowing this, Deok-su plans a riot after the lights are out to eliminate the competition. Later, in this same day, Player 111, whose name is Byeong-gi, approaches and asks to join the team. Byeong-gi tells them he is a doctor, but Mi-nyeo and the others are skeptical about letting him join. Byeong-gi ultimately does join after confiding to Deok-su that he has information about the future games.

During the riot after the lights out, Mi-nyeo is seen hiding behind Deok-su and his group alongside Byeong-gi, when their group is confronting Sang-woo and Seong Gi-hun's team. After the riot, Mi-nyeo counts that they were able to eliminate 27 players, before inviting Deok-su to have intercourse in the bathroom. While doing it, they exchange names and she tells him he will stay with her until the end and promises to kill him if he betrays her.

In the following day, the announcer says that players should form teams of 10 for the third game. While teams are being formed Mi-nyeo is seen friendly chatting with Player 040 and Player 303. Despite promising not to betray Mi-nyeo, Deok-su knows that the next game is Tug-of-War thanks to the information given by the doctor, so as the teams are being formed in the next day, he dismisses her to have a group composed only with strong men. Mi-nyeo begs him to let her stay in his team, reminding him that he promised they would be together, but Deok-su pushes her off him, knocking her on the ground and saying that she too clingy. Infuriated, Mi-nyeo reminds him about her promise to kill him. Deok-su is unfazed by her threat and wishes her "good-luck" in the game before leaving with his team.

Abandoned by Deok-su, Mi-nyeo approaches Sang-woo and Gi-hun's team, which still is missing a player to complete 10 members for the game. She is reluctantly accepted by them as they are out of time to look for other people. During the Tug-of-War game, Mi-nyeo is alarmed when their team with a variety of people is sorted to play with a group composed only by men. However, Oh Il-nam tells them about a strategy to win even with a weaker team. The strategy temporarily works but the other team eventually manages to pull them and slowly drags them to fall to their deaths, causing Mi-nyeo to become terrified. Sang-woo quickly comes up with another plan and tells everyone to take three steps foward, which Mi-nyeo thinks it is absurd and won't work. She does it anyway, and they manage to win by knocking down the other team before dragging them to fall on the edge.

As Mi-nyeo and her team leaves the arena of the third game, Deok-su and his group are surprised to see that they survived. Discussing with the team, Mi-nyeo says she was impressed by Il-nam's strategy and compliments Sang-woo for his last minute plan, saying he was so cool. Ali Abdul remembers that she cried and did not believe Sang-woo's plan would work. Offended by this, she points out that Ali is an illegal immigrant and they need to restructure the team. She asks Sang-woo if he is the captain for him to solve this complaint, but he tells her that there is no leader in their team. She compares them to Deok-su's team, saying that her new team is better since the gangster wants to control everyone as if he was a king. Sang-woo notices that they abandoned her for strong men before the game was revealed as if they knew that the game was Tug-of-War, making Mi-nyeo reflect about it. Later, Sang-woo and Gi-hun suggest to Mi-nyeo and others of their team that they should take turns to set up a barricade and keep a watch to prevent members of their group from being killed in their sleep in case there is another riot.

In the next day, the doctor and the masked men that were conspiring with him are all killed and exposed for the players to see the punishment for those who break the rules. Mi-nyeo approaches Deok-su and provokes him for losing his source of information. It is announced that the players should find a partner for the fourth game. Mi-nyeo pleads Sang-woo and Gi-hun to accept her, but they both refuse. Sae-byeok tells her to stop humiliating herself because the contestants won't risk their lives playing with a woman or with Il-nam who is an old man. As the time to find a partner runs out, she continues to beg others to accept her, asking even people that are already paired up with someone. She approaches Player 278, who paired with Deok-su, and tells him about the conspiration with the doctor. Player 278 pushes her off him, making her fall on the ground as everybody walks to the location of the next game. Alone and without a partner, Mi-nyeo screams as she is dragged by the masked soldiers.

After returning from the fourth game, all the players, especially Deok-su, are surprised when they find Mi-nyeo sleeping in the dormitory. Mi-nyeo laughs at Deok-su's shock and explains that the soldiers said she is the "weakest link" for being left without a pair. The soldiers politely brought her to the bedroom because of a rule used by children that does not allow the weakest kid to be excluded from playing. As he hoped not to see Mi-nyeo ever again, Deok-su is very irritated to see her alive. While eating, he furiously stares at her, causing Mi-nyeo to show him her middle finger.

During the next game, the announcer asks the players to choose one of the mannequins numbered from 1 to 16, and Mi-nyeo quickly picks number 11. The game is revealed to be Glass Stepping Stones, with Mi-nyeo crossing the glass bridge close to Deok-su's number, as he chose number 9. After all the players in front of Deok-su choose the wrong tile and fall to their deaths, the gangster refuses to move on and tries make the others jump in his place, or else they will all die with him when the time to cross the bridge runs out. Mi-nyeo pushes the player in front of her off the bridge and faces Deok-su. She tells him that he is a coward and she is ashamed of having sex with him. Mi-nyeo says that she will jump first, not wanting for a coward like him to cause her death when their time runs out. Deok-su lets her move to his tile, however, when they are together, Mi-nyeo grabs Deok-su by the waist. She calls him an idiot for believing she would jump and sacrifice herself so he could go on. Mi-nyeo once again tells him they promised to stick together until the end and that she would kill him if he betrayed her. Deok-su becomes terrified and begs her to let him go. Mi-nyeo despises his cowardice and tells him how small his genital organ is, before throwing herself from the bridge, taking Deok-su with her. This action kills both her and Deok-su.

Mi-nyeo sacrificing herself to kill the gangster allows the five remaining players (Sang-woo, Gi-hun, Sae-byeok, Player 017, and Player 360) to resume the game without Deok-su's threat, and also allows them to figure out the next glass to step on, because Mi-nyeo and Deok-su broke one of the regular glass tiles during their fall.

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