Han Solo Bird from Angry Birds Star Wars

Han Solo is a hero in Angry Birds Star Wars.


Chuck is Han Solo in the Star Wars game. His ability is to shoot a red laser 3 times from his blaster based on Han Solo's. He is turned to carbonite in Cloud City. Name comes from the Angry Birds Online Shop.

In the Moon of Endor update, Princess Stella melted the carbonite Chuck was frozen into. Chuck was given an upgrade to make him shoot more powerful blue lasers.

According to the Angry Birds Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, his in-book's name is "Chuck "Ham" Solo". He is a junk food smuggler and accociates with criminals. However, Chuck is considered a hero who helps the bird rebels. He is very good at gambling and won the Mighty Falcon (his spaceship) in a game of cards with Lando Classarian. (see below)  He is confident and thinks he is cool, but others do not think the same. Some times he even has no idea whatsoever of what he is doing at all.

This cocky smuggler is very good with using a blaster and makes missing a target almost impossible. Solo only does what he wants, so he gets aggravated when Princess Stella will order him around. It is said that he is confused that he has a love interest on her. His home planet is Corellia and has the skill of dodging obstacles. Among him and Terebacca there is a firm friendship.



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