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Hana is the main protagonist of the 2012 Japanese anime film, Wolf Children:Ame and Yuki. She is the mother of Yuki and Ame, and was the Wolf Man's lover/wife. She became a widow after his death.

She was voiced by Aoi Miyazaki in the Japanese version and Colleen Clinkenbeard in the English version.


Hana is a young women with black chin length hair, brown eyes, and often wears casual clothing. From the beginning of the film, she wears a shirt with a pink hoodie and jeans. In her dream sequence, she wears a blue sundress.


Hana is a kind, polite, studious, and cheerful women. She genuinely loves her husband, the wolfman and her children, even if they may cause trouble to to her and people around them. She's shown to be very studious and determined when facing learning curves, like learning to raise her wolf children or when gardening. She is kind and respectful to everyone around her, even if they're mean to her.


She is a 19 year old college student with a scholarship and part-time job at Hokushin Dry Cleaner. During the summer, in class, she notices a young man without a textbook but is diligently taking notes. After class, She chases after the young man for not filling in a slip and asked if she could share her textbook with him. As they spend time together, they become closer and fallen in love that the young man reveals to her that he is a wolf. Despite her shock, she accepted him for what he is, eventually married him and soon gave birth to their daughter, Yuki and one year later, their son, Ame.

Sadly, the wolfman died while hunting, leaving Hana and their wolf-children alone. Despite her grief, Hana vowed to raise their wolf-children. She puts a hold on college and work to raise her children but due to the stress of raising her children and fear of keeping their wolf identity a secret from people in a populated city, lead her to move to the countryside.