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Hana Stoppable is Ron's ethnically Japanese adopted baby sister. Her name is Japanese for "flower". She apparently is from the Yamanouchi Clan as it was Sensei who brokered the adoption, and later Yori claimed Hana was "like a sister". At first Ron was resentful of her and how his parents sprung her on him as a surprise, referring to her as "the intruder", before discovering she was a prophesied weapon called The Han. Eventually Ron warms up to her, fully accepting his role as her big brother. Her mystical and martial arts skills grow until finally defeating Yono the Destroyer in "Oh No, Yono". As an adopted member of the family, she is most likely raised Jewish. She was voiced by Grey DeLisle who also voiced Daphne Blake, Frankie Foster, Sam Manson and Frida Suárez.


She is Ron's adorable adopted baby sister. Hana made her first appearance in the Season 4 episode "Big Bother". When the Stoppables adopted Hana, they had moved Ron up into the attic and Hana into Ron's old bedroom–after they turned it into a nursery–without Ron's prior consent, input or even awareness, all in one day while Ron was still at school, leading Ron to view her as "the intruder" at first. By the episode's end, Ron came to fully accept Hana as his sister. He connects with her better than he does with his own parents and thus Ron became a very devoted big brother to Hana. Later, in "Oh No! Yono!", Ron was able to turn the tables on his parents by informing them–very belatedly–that Hana is a ninja child.

Little was known about Hana's heritage at first–except that she is linked to the mythology of the Yamanouchi Ninja School and that she has a great destiny ahead which is tied to both the school and to Ron. She appears to be ethnically Japanese like Yori and Master Sensei. Her name is Korean for "one" and Japanese for "flower." It was shown that she has incredible power, as she was able to pick up and throw Monkey Fist with only one hand, and later shows incredible agility and is able to run up walls and ceilings. Perhaps, like her new brother, Hana has mystical monkey powers. It was implied in the episode "Oh No Yono" that Yori may be Hana's biological sister and/or was the one who looked after her before Hana's adoption by the Stoppables. Ron's family was given her as Sensei decided that Ron should be the one to train and guard her. During "Oh, No Yono!", Hana defeats Monkey Fist by dancing to a song she loved because of Ron which caused her to bounce all over the place and eventually knock him out, defeating Yono as Monkey Fist summoned him, effectively saving the world.


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