Hanako-San is a yokai found in legends around Japan. She is a little girl who livess inside the third bathroom of the schools.


Hanako's personality vary depending of the person who is telling, However she is be known to be mostly either a benevolent spirit or rather playful, Furthermore in Japanese media, Hanako is depicted mostly as a tragic but ultimately innocent figure.


Hanako has a red and white uniform who was used frequently in the 50's, She sport a bob haircut and has red beautiful eyes.


Hanako is mostly see around the third toilet in any institute of japan, If some touch the door three times and ask "Are you there, Hanako", She will respond with "Yes, I am here", Variations of the story said that, She will appear as a little girl, or otherwise if you are a good student she just will disappear.


In Media

Yo-Kai Watch

Toiletta is based around Hanako herself, She was found by Nate Adams and Whisper.

GeGeGe no Kitaro

Hanako appears along with Yōsuke-kun in the tenth episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Vanishing! The Seven School Mysteries.

When Mana calls Neko-Musume for help because of strange occurrences happening to her, Neko-Musume speculates that it could be one the yōkai haunting her school. Which Mana lists her school's seven mysteries, among them is Hanako-san who can found on the third floor's girl's bathroom. Neko-Musume mentions that she is a friend of hers, and decides to ask her about this. When they reach her stall however she isn't there. She appears in person at the hotsprings where Kitarō and Medama-Oyajiare, who take note of her presence and asks what she is doing far away from her stall. She explains to them that she was being stalked by Yōsuke-kun, because he got the wrong idea of her being nice to him. After he was defeated by Neko-Musume, she returns to her stall.

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