Hanazuki is the titular main protagonist of the web-series Hanazuki Full of Treasures. Hanazuki is a moonflower who lives in her own moon, and her mission is to protect it from evil dark forces threatening to destroy it. Whenever her moods change, she will also change colors as well, which are the key to great power that could save the galaxy.


Hanazuki resembles a female human child, but with a little white flower growing from the top of her head. Her hair is a black or brownish-black (depending on the lighting of the show) with a few white areas inside and at the end of her strands. Her face sports a few freckles on her cheek. She wears a white bracelet on her right hand and a sleeveless two-piece skirt set that exposes an inch of her bare midriff. The top is completely dark and the skirt cuts a little above the knees, with white trimmings by it. She also never wears shoes. The white areas of her clothes and body glow different colors depending on which mood she is feeling intensely (ex. Red-Anger, Yellow-Happy, etc.).

Mood/Emotion Colour
Feistiness/Anger Red
Silliness, Comicality Orange
Joy Yellow
Fear Lime Colour
Mallow Emotion, Lazy Green
Cuteness Olive Colour
Confidence Cyan
Jealousy Teal/Emerald Colour
Sadness Blue
Bravery Purple
Shyness Lavender Colour
Care Pink
Hope Raspberry
Excitement Rainbow
Despair, Extreme Exhaustion, Stroke Black


Hanazuki is a kind-hearted, friendly and energetic girl who is willing to help anyone and solve problems. However, when things don't go as it seems, she will change her mood and try to fix it.

Personal Data

  • Race: Moonflower
  • Age: Child
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Personality: Carefree, Adaptive
  • Homeworld: Hanazuki's Moon
  • Family: Unknown
  • Friends: Kiazuki, The Sleepy Unicorn, Maroshi, Kiyoshi, Miyumi, The Hemkas, The Little Dreamer
  • Enemies: The Twisted Unicorn, Kiazuki (formerly), The Big Bad (archnemesis)


  • Hanazuki's name is derived from hanazuki (花月), which literally means "(another name of) March" in Japanese. It was also a name used for an Akizuki-class destroyer by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. The word can also mean "flower lover", referring to Hanazuki's personality.
  • Hanazuki is the first character in the show to be a moonflower, with another being Kiazuki.
  • A prototype version of Hanazuki can be seen in early promotional material of Hanazuki Full of Treasures. She looks very different from her current design in the sense that she:
    • Looks much younger (baby-toddler).
    • Has bigger and droopier hair.
    • Wears black clothes, sometimes red.
    • Does not have white in her hair or clothes.
  • Unlike most Moonflowers, Hanazuki does not seem to have the external ear flaps that other Moonflowers have. Miyumi also has this trait.
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