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Shut your fat cocksucking mouth. Your mustache looks like two Puerto Rican cat turds fucking like Puerto Ricans and yes, they call me HandiCop.
~ HandiCop

HandiCop is a minor hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is a handicapped police officer, who was part of Kevin Crawford's short-lived, task force. His only picadillo is that he makes constant racist remarks about Scotts. However, he stupidly calls them "Puerto Ricans" by mistake. Ironically, he is later revealed to be Scottish, himself.

He is voiced by Microsoft Sam.


  • In "Police Academy", HandiCop trained as a police officer at Diamond City Police Academy, along with Randall Crawford, Prop Cop, and The Siamese Twin Cops. During training, HandiCop's job was to handle a girl who was speeding. HandiCop went up to her and started hitting on her instead. This managed to help him pass the test as Dean Hancock described this as the way people actually deal with speeders. HandiCop passed the class and Randall allowed him and the other cops to join Paradise P.D. and be part of Kevin's task force.
  • In "Task Force", HandiCop chased an argyle meth distributor in a very slow-speed chase and eventually caught him. He later went in disguise as a circus freak so that Kevin could infiltrate the circus. However, Fitz had him fired from a cannon, which eventually killed him.