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Haneru Tobitatsu is the star of Sunrise and BN Pictures' dance genre anime, Tribe Cool Crew. He loves to dance. But sometimes they way he goes about it may prove weak at times.

His childhood friend is Kanon. Though, as time progresses he gets more better. Sometimes gaining the attention of Tribal Soul. A group whom he later becomes a part of, together with Kanon.

Later on, from his initial dance name he forms Cool Crew with Kanon. Eventually gaining the stage name, which happens to be the title of the anime; Tribe Cool Crew and later on, Tri-Cool.

He's also often look down among the members of Machine Guns. A three-member dance group.


He comes off as an enthusiastic dancer. And at other times seems to be closed off to outsiders, even has a fractured relation against Tribal Soul.

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