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Hangelg Ewin is the leader of the League Militaire and one of the main heroes of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He is the real leader of the League Militaire, under the alias Jinn Geneham, employing a decoy leader as cover for his identity. He is also the father of Uso Ewin.

He is voiced by Kenyuu Horiuchi.


When the Zanscare Empire invaded Earth in U.C. 0149, Hangelg Ewin was one of the first to take action against the Zanscare's oppression and founded the League Militaire with several others with backing from Anaheim Electronics, serving as its leader under the alias of "Jinn Geneham". To conceal his identity, Hangelg had a decoy leader act as Jinn Geneham while he gave orders and directed the League Militaire's military strategy in secret.

Because of his important role as leader of the League Militaire, Hangelg remained distant from his son Uso for a long portion of the Zanscare War. The two would eventually reunite when the League Militaire went out into space to destroy the Zanscare's Angel Halo superweapon though by this point Uso felt meeting his father was like meeting a stranger.

Hangelg later commanded the League Militaire forces that engaged the Zanscare fleet to stop them from wiping out all life on Earth with the Angel Halo. He is not seen after the battle.


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