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Hanna Shawski

Hanna Shawski is a heroine of Mitsumete Knight.

Personality (Original)

Dolphan High School of female students. In good physical and mental health, bright personality owner of. And not like sports, it is in Linda and rival relationship with respect to sports. There are sister of unreliable character. Carroll cousin. I have a part-time job in a flower shop in the summer vacation and winter holidays. After graduation I will sport study in Su~izurando.

Personality (R)

Energetic, bright, lively personality of the girl. It is good at sport, but the road to professional for injuries suffered in the past has been closed. Weapon boomerang. Making the javelin also. Attack power is high, the entire recovery magic remember. When the case is high her favorability rating in the second and subsequent lap play not taken her to the adventure, it would defeat by proactively most of the boss. It is with Linda "rival", although is not bad relationship in the true sense, the game system basis has become the impression of the "worst". The other has good compatibility with almost all of the girls, recommend a girl to a friend in Sophia same first play. Upon relationship cousin and Carroll to work in a restaurant, it's yearning called "Caroling sister".


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