I may have broken a law or two, but I got the info you need. Isn't that more important... you know, catching bad guys?
~ Hannah Choi
Hannah - -3

Hannah Choi (Krn: 최 한나) is a character from Season 2 of the Facebook game Criminal Case. She is the Tech Expert of the Pacific Bay Police Department.


A tech expert of Korean heritage, Hannah, 26 years of age, sports ash-brown hair, a button-up summer green police coat which consists of black buttons, two breast pockets and two police badges on each side. She is also wearing a binary shirt beneath her coat. She wears an army green track bottom with a mid-gray belt. In her right pocket of her bottoms, she carries an MP3 player, and holds a tablet as well as a pen-drive and tamagotchi with her left hand. For accessories, she has lipstick on and she wears a necklace with the Korean word "무사" (musa, roughly translating to "warrior") on it as well as a police badge. It is known that Hannah's favorite animal is the rat and her favorite dish is Mac 'N' Cheese. She is known to be snarky and rebellious, but hard-working. Hannah is also known to be a smoker. Given her bountiful tech background, Hannah owns a Pearpad (the in-game iPad clone) and has no qualms about using technology to advance the police force's agenda. She is also a lesbian and has a girlfriend. 


Hannah was born and raised in Inner City. Her parents struggled with the Pacific Bay Immigration office for citizenship after migrating from North Korea, being blessed of Hannah being an American-born baby, but her parents didn't become citizens until Hannah turned twenty-one.

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