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Hansel & Gretel are the main characters of the 2021 English-language Russian computer-animated movie, Secret Magic Control Agency. Gretel is an agent at the Secret Magic Control Agency, while her brother, Hansel, is a  famous fraudster who pretends to be a wizard.

Gretel was voiced by Sylvana Joyce as an adult and by Courtney Shaw as a child, while Hansel was voiced by Nicholas Corda as an adult and by Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld as a child.



Gretel has a cold demeanor, especially toward her disowned sibling, at least initially. She is dedicated to her job as the operational agent of the Secret Magic Control Agency. Gretel is quite charismatic who also has a strong dedication. Additionally, she is knowledgeable yet ambitious, a civil employee who rose to acclaimed levels through education from a government scholarship.


Hansel has a very shady personality. He takes a fake persona as a wizard to scam people and arranges colorful shows for everyone. Despite that, however, during the rescue mission with his sister, Hansel ultimately means well.


When the King has been kidnapped by the evil witch, Ilvira's goons, the Secret Magic Control Agency is immediately activated, a body dedicated to the control and stability of magic to ensure that it is used only for a good and honest way. The agency's lead spy is Gretel, who, along with other agents, faithfully monitor any illegal black magic. Every wand and potion is registered with the department, and if any black magician tries to outwit the Agency, Gretel would always be there to save and restore balance to society.

The solitary Agent Gretel is appointed as the head of the operation to find the King, but she cannot find any leads on her own. Her supervisor Agent Stepmother thus decides to entrust her with an extra agency partner to help her in the enterprise, someone who can identify with the modus operandi of the kidnappers: the swindler brother Hansel, who uses false magic and tricks to make fun of people and get rich. The duo was chosen to avoid the suspicion of mass mobilization of the spy agency.

Making the best of a bad situation, the two begrudgingly collaborate traveling throughout the kingdom and meeting friends and enemies of various kinds. Their breadcrumb trail of clues lead them all the up to the secret flying Gingerbread House ruled by the witch Ilvira. The agent sees their King who vanished into thin air. He is alive and held hostage at the center of the Gingerbread House. The confectionery realm is run by sabotage cupcakes and cookies. The children realize the kidnapping was engineered by Ilvira, the King's former personal cook who was banished from the kingdom for using dark magic. Her intent was to make the sovereign and the whole kingdom fall in love with magic to become queen and thus have the magical power imbued in the noble title itself.

A battle for the fate of the government is unleashed at the Gingerbread House. Gretel activates S.M.C.A electrolaser. The advanced weapon has scalar frozen energy that is like a kryptonite to the advancing gingerbread soldiers. This adventure will not only bring order to the kingdom again but will make Hansel and Gretel realize that their brotherly love was only lost due to a misunderstanding. Now they are ready for a new mission. Agent Stepmother gestures towards Gretel as she celebrates her trophy for "Best Agent" at the Secret Magic Control Agency headquarters. Gretel notices her and sees a notepad. Agent Stepmother states they have spotted Little Red Riding Hood at the forest. The agency appoints renowned authors Brothers Grimm to write a cover story about two siblings who challenge a culinary pastry Witch without mentioning the kidnapping of a King, whatsoever.