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'"Heart-Pounding Delight!! Go-on Green!"

Hant Jou (城 範人 Jō Hanto) is Go-On Green (ゴーオングリーン Gōon Gurīn) of the Go-Ongers. Nicknamed the "Vagabond," he's a light-hearted, almost childish pizza boy from Doki Doki (heart-pounding) Pizzeria who saw the Go-Ongers unmorph until Gunpei Ishihara's actions cost him his job.



Soon after, he follows Gunpei Ishihara after he kidnaps BOMPER and learns about the Go-Onger technology. Seeing the Go-Ongers in trouble, he helps Gunpei return the Engine Casts he stole to the Go-Ongers and is given a Henshin Brace Shift Changer. With this he was able to morph into Go-On Green, joining Gunpei who then became Go-On Black.

Hant has since been fired from his pizza job but is very excited at the prospect of being a Go-Onger. After a couple of missions, he and Gunpei learn that their Engines have arrived on Earth. While he was able to find the Engine Birca, its split into Engine Soul and Engine Cast threw the cast up in the air and landed in the hands of Water Pollution Minister Kegalesia. He was later able to retrieve it and Birca acknowledged him as his partner. Enthusiastic, kindhearted, but immature, Hant seems to always have a part-time job of some sort; one of these was at a crepe stand so that he could talk with girls his age (he lied to his teammates, telling them that he was working to supplement their food budget so they could buy barbecue meat). Hant's love of amusement parks prevents him from getting nauseous when Birca uses his Bircutter. After the final battle, Hant is a fretter once again, and again working for the Doki Doki Pizzeria.

After transforming into Go-on Green, Hant says, "Heart-Pounding Delight!! Go-On Green" (ドキドキ愉快!!ゴーオングリーン Dokidoki Yukai!! Gōon Gurīn). One of his attacks is his Cycle Punch. With the Bridge Axe (ブリッジアックス Burijji Akkusu) he can perform the Axe Touring (アックスツーリング Akkusu Tsūringu).

Go-On Green


  • Engine Birca
    • Birca Soul
    • Birca Cast
  • Engine Carrigator
    • Carrigator soul
    • Carrigator Cast


  • Shift Changer
    • Change Soul
  • Mantan Gun
  • Bridge Axe
  • Handle Blaster
    • Blaster Soul

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