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Hanzo is one of the characters in Predators, played by Louis Ozawa Changchien. He was a deadly enforcer for the Yakuza before being taken to the Predator game reserve to be hunted. He's the most silent member of the human band, having only about three lines in the entire movie. When asked of the reason for his silentness, he only replies that he "talks too much" and shows his left hand that misses fingers due to having performed yubitsume.

Hanzo is the second last to die. When he, Royce, Isabelle and Edwin run towards the Super Predators' camp, he suddenly stops, indicates for the others to continue on without him and readies himself to face any coming Super Predators with a katana he had taken from Noland's hideout. The Falconer Predator decloaks itself and engages him in a blade fight. The fight ends with both of the opponents dying from their wounds.


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