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Happierre (Japanese: ホノボーノ Honobōno) is a Rank C Restoration-attribute Yo-kai of the Heartful tribe.

He is husband of Dismarelda.


Happierre has a yellow, gaseous-looking body, with diminutive arms. He sports squinty eyes, a wide mouth, and a green mustache, vaguely resembling a Dali style. His hair is green and styled to resemble a normal haircut, and has a daisy on the top.


Happierre shows a cheerful disposition, which is evidenced by his constant smile. He is calm, gentle and most of the time, he tries to solve problems in a peaceful manner, for it is the main reason of his summoning by Nathan.

He always ends his statements with "-bono" (Japanese version only.) In the U.S. translated dub, he is characterized with a French accent, ending some phrases with "hohoho."


Happierre makes his debut in the first episode of the anime, when Whisper brings him to Nathan's house in order to make amends with Dismarelda and thus, preventing Nathan's parents to break their marriage due to her aura. Dismarelda quickly makes peace with Happierre, and the resulting combination of their auras eases the atmosphere and causes Nathan's parents to do the same. Sometime after leaving, he and Dismarelda give Nate their Yo-Kai Medals.


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