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Hardcore Eddie is a supporting character from 2011 film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. is one of Epps's former NEST teammates. Despite having previously been a member of NEST, he feels he didn't sign up to be shot at by aliens.

He is portrayed by Lester Speight.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

On their way to Chicago, Epps and Sam Witwicky stopped by Eddie's house to pick him up. When they arrived on the outskirts of Chicago and saw the devastation caused by the Decepticons, Eddie announced he wasn't going in there. Moments later they were attacked by a Decepticon fighter, only for the newly-arrived Autobots to shoot it down. While Sam and Bumblebee took the fighter, Epps's team headed into the city with the Autobots. They encountered Sam and Bumblebee again after the pair rescued Sam's girlfriend Carly, and the team covered Epps and the two civilians as they communicated over a downed military drone.

With the Autobots' help, Epps and his men entered a skyscraper so they could attempt to get a shot off at the control Pillar on a downtown building. While Hooch loaded the rocket launcher and Eddie was lining up the shot, Decepticons began shooting at the skyscraper they were in, making it unstable. Though Eddie considered the whole endeavor a bad idea, Sam talked him into trying to take the shot. He didn't get the chance, as the skyscraper started going over. After a Decepticon jumped into the building, Eddie threw a chair out as a distraction, and they all jumped out of other side of the building and slid down the windows. They managed to get to a lower floor, but were still trapped as the Driller attacked the building, and Eddie implored Jesus to let him get out of it alive. Evidently his prayers were heard as the team made it out to the next building safely.

As they ran through Chicago, Sam and Carly became separated from the rest of the team. Epps's team ducked into a ruined church, where Epps noticed the pair were missing and yelled at Eddie. Eddie protested he hadn't signed up for being shot at by aliens. They went out to find Sam and Carly, only to discover that the two civilians had found Colonel Lennox. Crossing a bridge so they could get a better shot, they ran into Shockwave and fired at him from the relative safety of a building until Optimus Prime arrived to finish the Decepticon off. Following the defeat of the Decepticons, Epps and Eddie bumped their fists together while Optimus gave a speech.



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