Hare Menjou is a supporting protagonist in the anime series Guilty Crown. She is a student at Tennozu High School, a member of the Motion Picture Research Club and a classmate of Shu Ouma, whom she's known since middle school and has a crush on.

She is voiced by Yu Shimamura in the Japanese version and Tia Ballard in the English version.


Hare has brown hair that is kept in two red bows and brown eyes. She is the same height as Inori and has rather large breasts. She usually wears her school uniform, though she wears other outfits on occasion too..


Hare has a very kind and carefree personality. Because of this, her Void takes the form of bandages that have the ability to repair and heal anything. However, she can also be firm at times; she often worries about Shu's social status and often scolds him for being insensitive, telling him that he's too dense.

Although she appears innocent, Hare also has a rather perverted side; she is disappointed when she sees Shu accidentally grope Kanon when he had intended to extract Hare's Void, even saying that if Shu wanted to grope her, she would have gladly let him do it. She also shows off her body when the group are at the beach as a way of getting Shu's attention and even presses her breasts against him.

Hare also has feelings for Shu, resulting in her becoming a love rival for Inori, something the latter never seems to notice. She is shown to be rather jealous of Inori, saying that if Shu has feelings for her, she wouldn't have a chance of being with him. Despite this, she gets angry when Shu attempts to kiss her out of grief, as she could tell he was just using her as a replacement for Inori, who he had been separated from. Like Inori, she always remains loyal to Shu even when everyone else has turned on him, and always has faith in him.

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